Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle patterns

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Mediterranean Diet

Original Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle

Mediterranean Diet

Posted by Alberto Roycor updated on March 31 2018
Updated on March 3 , 2018

Mediterranean Diet. Sixty years later.

Is the Mediterranean Diet expensive?

There is something you should consider. The Mediterranean Diet is free, with no supplements or packs. There is not economic interests behind it. The only money you will spend is the one you invest in fresh food, fruits and vegetables.

What it can do for you?

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The original Mediterranean Diet characteristics are:

  1. High consumption of virgin olive oil.
  2. High intake of vegetables and fruits and legumes.
  3. Use of non-refined carbohydrates (portions to be adjusted to physical activity).
  4. Consumption of fish, especially oily (or “bluish” one) three or four times a week
  5. Consumption of milk, cheese and yogurt. The original cheese was fresh goat cheese). Keep an eye on the saturated fats of the dairy products.
  6. Three or four eggs per week.
  7. Moderate consumption of meat and saturated fats (natural, not artificially hydrogenated!).
  8. One or two small glasses of wine a day, at the main meals. White wine and beer are alternatives.
  9. Nuts as snacks. In “special occasions” Mediterranean Diet traditional desserts.
  10. Do physical exercise!

If you want to reduce your weight, you will have to choose the less caloric nutrients. Or just do the opposite to increase it.

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