Master Cleanse Benefits, Lemonade Diet

master cleanse benefits,lemonade diet

Master Cleanse Benefits

Why should you do the lemonade diet? The master cleanse diet is essentially a mix between a juice fast and a water fast. So the master cleanse benefits are very similar to going through a regular fast. On a juice fast, your body gets more nutrients. On this type of fast, your body really gets a chance to rest as it is not digesting anything (but still does get cleansing nutrients from the lemonade recipe). It rests and cleanses only.

Many people experience these positive effects as a result of going through the lemonade diet:

  • Normalize appetite
  • Energy levels will increase
  • Cleanse and detox entire body
  • Pounds of built up waste will be expelled
  • Reduces inflammation, easing painful joints and muscles
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Restores body to a normal healthy state

In this writings, Stanley Burroughs states the purpose and master cleanse benefits are:

  • Eliminates toxins and congestion that have been accumulated within the body
  • Purifies glands and cells in the body
  • Builds a healthy blood stream
  • Promotes youth and elasticity
  • Relives irritation in muscles, nerves and joints
  • Cleanses the entire digestive system and kidneys
  • Eliminates hardened waste in joints

The lemonade recipe has special properties that creates a cleansing and loosening action within the body.

The potassium strengthens the heart, and stimulates the kidneys and adrenal glands. Oxygen and carbon build life and act as a stimulant. Hydrogen activates the nervous system. Magnesium alkalizes blood, the sodium encourages cell building, silicon aids the thyroid, phosphorus heals bones, and stimulates the brain for clear thinking. Iron, copper and calcium, carbon and hydrogen helps in building and elimination.

The reason why we need to cleanse

Our bodies are sick and polluted, similar to a car that isn’t tuned and hasn’t had an oil change. Even if you eat a good diet now, have you always? If not, its very likely that many of those pollutants are still built up within your body.

Many of us live in and around polluted environments. Houses and furniture off gas, factory towers spew chemicals into the air….I don’t have to list it all here. You know how bad our air and food can be. This all builds up inside of us and over time, reaks havoc on our bodies.

Stanley Burroughs believed, as well as many other naturopath physicians, that a toxic body that is not eliminating properly is the root of all illness. The only way to heal this and turn your health around is to cleanse it. There are many ways to cleanse, from juice fasting, to raw food detoxes to water fasting. The Master Cleanse is one great option that have worked successfully for many people.

There’s no magic to the master cleanse. It simply flushes out internal waste that puts a burden on your organs in your body. Once you cleanse, your body can efficiently work in the way it was made to, without being sluggish and toxified by pollution and gunk.

When your body becomes so polluted, it will slowly begin to poison itself from the inside out.

That’s why you do the master cleanse. It rids your body of internal waste that cakes up on the intestinal walls of the colon. The master cleanse benefits will make your body eliminate pounds of waste, in a weeks time!

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