Low-Down on Phos Series #1: Go Fresh! Kidney RD

low potassium diet handout

Low-Down on Phos Series #1: Go Fresh!

Education piece 1 of 5 for low phos education. I use this piece to teach patients about using fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks (as opposed to cookies, crackers, cheese, etc…). For a quick comparison, ten Ritz crackers have 36 mg phos. One medium apple has 20 mg. Five baby carrots has 18 mg phos. It doesn’t seem like a lot, except that the phos in the crackers is easily absorbed. Phosphorus from whole plant foods isn’t as biologically available, so not absorbed It is so easy to snack your way to a high phos level. A few crackers here, a cookie there, a bite of sandwich, etc…

This piece is also great to emphasize the importance of finding simple scratch recipes to cook at home (to avoid phos additives), taking binders with snacks if not a fresh fruit or vegetable, and draw attention to some foods with sneaky phos additives (aka Nutrigrain bars, Bisquik Shake n’ Pour). Oh, and the picture of the grilled chicken under “Great Choices!” has a specific purpose. That is intentionally included to provide the opportunity to talk about phosphate additives in “fresh chicken.” For super compliant patients with high phos, this reminds me to ask them about their chicken.

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