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One Tray of Wheatgrass In One Teaspoon!

  • Highly Concentrated Juice Powder
  • No Maltodextrin or Sugar
  • 1000 mg of Potassium Per Serving
  • Tastes Delicious


Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Get All Your Nutrients in ONE Teaspoon!

  • Juice Powder(Highly Concentrated)
  • Trace Mineral Enhanced
  • Bioactive Dehydration
  • Amazing Energy-Smooth Taste


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Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism.

I want to share some vital information revealing why you’ve been having a rough time losing your belly. I’m the author of the #1 Amazon.com Best Seller, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning and the NEW Body Type Guide.

The most common error in weight loss is INCORRECT SEQUENCE. It’s not ‘lose weight to get healthy,’ it’s ‘get healthy to lose weight!’ This is because your weight “fat” is dependent on getting healthy.

It’s about looking and feeling healthy, youthful AS you lose weight and age. And do this we use a program called Healthy Ketosis™ and Intermittent Fasting. My goal is to put you in control over your body and your future longevity!

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the ketogenic diet plan, intermittent fasting, and other low carb diet tips that make following the keto diet easy and adaptable to any lifestyle.

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