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beck diet solution pdf


Cancer Therapy – A New Direction – Overview of a new approach December 2012

No-One Needs to Die of Cancer – an introduction to the Cancer Therapy article

The Holistic Cancer Solution – Read this for a new understanding of the cause and cure of cancer

The Holistic Cancer Solution – the 56 KB PDF file of the article in Nexus Magazine

Why Cancer Surgery is not a Good Choice – Introduction to Proof that Cancer Surgery increases Mortality

Cansema User’s Guide (Skin Cancer Treatment System)

Bicarbonate Maple Cancer Treatment International Medical Veritas Association

Scientific Cancer Treatment? Read first if you contemplate using conventional therapies

The New Medicine of Dr Hamer The emotional shock cause and cure of cancer

Total Cancer Remission Abridged from a paper by Dr Robert Beck

(This program has not been fully updated. For the latest version see OVERCOMING CANCER )


The Truth about Diabetes is different than you have been told by your doctor


Antioxidants for Haemochromatosis From International Clinical Nutrition Review


Kidney Disease a holistic therapy


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