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dr.wallach diet

Dr.wallach diet

At the end of 1994, after two major surgeries and 6 months of chemo, John’s oncologist stated that he had only a 25% chance of survival. Out of desperation, Helen and John developed this program with the help of a nutritionist. It consists of a few fundamental ideas that have proven to be successful. One of the first things they learned is that you do have options, but it will take sacrifices. Remember, you are what you eat!
• Maintain an aggressive nutritional program, practicing a four-day rotation diet.
• Exercise forty-five minutes to an hour, three times every week.
• Make it a habit to get an extra hour or two of sleep every night.
• Document everything you eat!

The general idea of a four-day rotation diet is that no one food is repeated within those four days. This effectively eliminates food allergies. After the surgeries and chemo, John realized he had not been getting enough protein. He encourages everyone to eat protein with your vegetables and fruits.

Here are some specific tips and ideas to help with a stricter diet:
• Keep raw nuts refrigerated
• Eat dark green leafy vegetables a few days a week
• Drink Essentia bottled water or regular tap water
• Eat raw fruit first thing in the morning, without other foods, and allow it to digest for at least 30-45 minutes before eating anything else
• Add ¼ cup of Hydrogen Peroxide to a large bowl of water, and use this to clean all of your fresh fruits and vegetables
• Eat as many organic foods as possible
• Check all of the ingredients before buying anything. Stay away from all artificial preservatives, chemicals, dyes, colors, and flavorings
• Eat only organically grown, grain cereals with the lowest sugar content you can find (under 6 grams)
• You can find chicken, beef, turkey, and fish that were raised completely off organic foods, at local health food stores, and even some larger supermarkets.
• Drink a 16oz glass of organic carrot juice w/1oz ginger and celery once every day
• One day every month, consume only carrot juice. Drink an 8-10oz glass every hour, on the hour, and you will not get hungry (we made this discovery by trial and error)

Work to maintain a PH of 6.5. Check it both when you get up in the morning, and just before you retireat night. Put a couple of drops of urine on Litmus Paper, and record the number every day for future reference. It is very important to take charge of the disease for yourself. Ask for a copy of every blood test taken to keep for your records, and study for deficiencies (so you can find needed supplements). Do listen to your doctor’s opinion, but remember it is your body, take the initiative, you know how you feel better than anyone else.

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