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I’ve been sitting on these keto pancakes for a little while now, not quite willing to share. Why would I be so stingy? Because I was waiting until I could announce the release of Easy Keto Breakfasts. It’s not even out yet, and it’s already a number one new release!

Yes, people, the crazy keto cookbook lady has been up to her shenanigans again. And I am not the least bit sorry. But I am tired. Boy am I tired. After this one, I have one more cookbook I am working on and that will be it for a while. Then I am going to take a big old, well deserved break.

But this recipe for almond flour pancakes is near and dear to my heart. Because for Easy Keto Breakfasts, I was absolutely determined to come up with the ultimate keto pancakes recipe, one that was light and fluffy and lived up to all those perfect morning expectations.

I also wanted to create a versatile recipe that could be used for easy keto waffles too. I won’t lie, it took a little playing and experimenting to get it right. I tested this recipe several times at home and then sent it off to my trusty recipe testers to see what happened.

Everyone loved it. One person even said that they beat out all the other keto pancake recipes she’d ever tried.

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The Secret to Perfect Almond Flour Pancakes

I’ve had trouble with almond flour pancakes in the past. They always had a thick gritty texture and they were dense and heavy. So I usually stuck with my very popular Coconut Flour Pancakes.

But I really needed a pancake recipe for Easy Keto Breakfasts and so many people object to coconut flour, I wanted to work with just almond flour.

So I turned to one of my favourite keto kitchen appliances: my blender. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my blender for making keto batters? Keep in mind, I do have a good one (a Blendtec) and it’s a workhorse. But you should be able to use any blender or food processor to whip up this batter.

One recipe tester said her blender was on the fritz so she whipped up the batter in her stand mixer on high.

Why is a blender so great for almond flour pancakes? For one thing, it seems to make the batter more coherent and eliminate any of that almond flour grittiness. It also tends to whip it up a bit, making it lighter and fluffier.

I only wish I discovered this earlier in my keto cooking career!

Other Tips for Keto Blender Pancakes

Finely ground blanched almond flour: You still need to use good quality fine almond flour for these. Using coarse almond meal is going to result in gritty, heavy pancakes, no matter how well you blend it.

Use a liquid oil: I find that melted butter or coconut oil tends to thicken batters like this, which makes it hard to get all the good stuff out of your blender. Avocado oil is perfect and it makes these delicious pancakes dairy free. Unless you top them with butter, which I always do!

Let the batter rest: It’s pretty liquid-y after you first blend it all so you need to let it rest for a few minutes before cooking. It will thicken up but will still be scoopable.

Keep them small! As always with keto pancakes, you want them to be no more than about 4 inches in diameter. Otherwise they are too fragile and hard to flip.

Look for the bubbles: Make sure the first side is cooked by looking for dry edges and bubbles that appear on the top and in the center. That’s when you know you can flip them over.

Flip carefully: I like to wiggle a thin spatula underneath and flip quickly to avoid breakage.

I really am delighted with this almond flour pancake recipe and I think you will be too. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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