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The Best Cities For Runners In The USA

The Best Cities For Runners In The USA

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the country, with an impressive 55.9 million Americans running yearly. The primary reason for so many people who are getting motivated to pick up their running shoes is in order to stay active and lose weight. And with only 5 miles of running per week needed in order to start reaping all the health benefits, it has never been easier to chase that runner’s high. Luckily, there are so many various cities spread across the country that offer up beautiful runs, and a supportive running culture with ample park runs and races throughout the year.

Seaside Running Locations

If you need a serving of motivation for your next run, look no further than a beautiful seaside route. Because almost 80% of Americans do not exercise as much as they should, it’s absolutely essential to pick a task you not only enjoy, but one that will be something you look forward to daily. Running in a beautiful location near the sea and beaches, such as in Miami, Florida, will motivate you to continue on longer than normal because of the amazing views and sights in the area. Miami also holds many runs throughout the year that appeal to traveling runners, such as the BK Beach Run, Halloween Half Marathon, Turkey Trot, and the Miami Half and Full Marathon.

Mountain Ranges

One of the best ways to intensify a run is undoubtedly to add hill inclines.Choosing to run in a mountainous range may be more difficult, but it certainly can be more rewarding. Ensuring that you have the right shoes for support for the difference in pressure on your joints is imperative, so it is recommended you consult a professional to assist. Once prepared for a run in the mountains,selecting a destination becomes the exciting part. Denver, Colorado is ranked nationally in the top 10 cities to run in, and it’s with great reason. The city itself has over 300 sunny days a year, and has multiple parks, walkways, and adventurous trails that cater specifically to runners. Try iconic routes such as the Cherry Creek Path, and the Mile High Loop.

City Destinations

Because of the great community and culture that running promotes, many cities prioritize their accessibility for runners to flock to their streets. Improving running paths, promoting races, and a complementary and conducive climate for running all help certain cities emerge as great options for a city run. San Diego, California, is renowned for being a fantastic hub for running because of their accessible parkland which is 23% of the city, and an overwhelming 158 races held per year in the area. Dallas, Texas, is also an ideal option for city running because of their warm climate, 12.5% of parklands in the city, and 113 organized races throughout the year. And without a doubt, Boston is ranked as being a popular location for runners due to its beautiful historic sights, supportive running culture, and the world famous Boston Marathon.

When looking for the perfect location for a run, there are many appealing options in the USA. Whether you’re a beginner, or a trained marathoner looking for the next race, finding a city and location that best suits your needs is certainly easily done, and you can hit the ground running.

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The Ideal Skin Care Routine For Runners

80% of runners incur injuries every year, 50% of which could be avoided if athletes took better care of their bodies pre and post races, according to USAF Marathon statistics. Besides warming up and a good pre-marathon diet, runners need to care for their skin, and crucially, their feet. This requires that they are equipped with a good pair of lasting, well cushioned, comfortable running shoes and maintain a skin care regimen fit for them. If you are considering running a race in the near future, here are some pointers to prevent chafing, blisters, dry skin, windburn and sunburn, as well as to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Foot Care

Many runners have injuries from previous races or training that need to be cared for. Callused feet, for example, need to be well exfoliated by using a simple foot scrub made by mixing equal parts coconut oil and brown sugar. One of the main reasons why you are encouraged to incorporate coconut oil into your skincare routine is because of its microbial properties as well as its hydrating effects. Blisters need to be delicately dealt with. Ensure that you do not remove the roof of the blister, which protects you from infection-causing fungus and bacteria. In order to properly care for blisters, use a sterilized pin or needle rubbed with alcohol, and with a single pinprick, press gently on the blister to release the fluids inside. Wipe the wound using an antibiotic ointment, put a band-aid on it, and change this daily for three to four days until it is fully healed.

Always wash, disinfect and air-dry your footgear, and never use the same pair on a daily basis. From time to time, air your feet to prevent athlete’s foot and festering infections. Ensure that you have well-fitting socks and shoes to prevent discolored toes that result from ill-fitting footwear. Socks ought to be high-performance, well-chosen socks that have a mesh venting system and fit you properly, especially around the heel and under the arch of your foot. Once your skin is healed, get in the habit of washing your feet daily, especially between your toes where sweat glands are very active, drying them properly, and then moisturizing them.

Body Skin Care

Your body shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, especially during the summer. Put on darker shades of clothing, even if the brighter ones feel cooler, since they offer better protection from ultra-violet rays. You should not run without a shirt on or wear only a sports bra under the direct sun in the summer. Apply sunscreen on all exposed parts of your body, especially your shoulders, which are exposed the most for the longest period of time. When choosing running outfits, ditch cotton fabrics that many believe to be ideal. Cotton becomes heavy when you sweat, and produces friction with the skin, leaving you chafed and with irritated skin. Buy clothes made of stretchy materials containing polyester, Coolmax nylon or Lycra instead, as they are easy to clean and dry. During cold seasons, use waxelene to protect you from wind burn, and invest in a good anti-chafing stick.

Facial Skin Care

Deep cleansing the face should only be done once or twice a week to prevent irritation and dryness. Due to exposure to the sun, wind and sweat, facial skin is prone to irritation. Therefore, choose a mild hydrating cleanser. Replace lost water by ensuring that you take plenty of water and avoid running in the harsh hot sun between 11 am and 4 pm when ultraviolet rays are strongest. Always put on chap-stick to protect your lips from drying up and cracking due to the wind. Remember that sweating isn’t harmful to your skin; therefore, the urge to wipe it dry often should be avoided, as it irritates the skin. Instead, have a moistened cloth which you will use to slightly pat your face with while on the run if sweating is too much. Protection from the sun and wind should be primary for every runner, so having an SPF cream in your gym bag is non-negotiable.

Although you need long hours of sleep, maintaining an active lifestyle is key to getting youthful looking skin and facilitating healing processes. Additionally, Vitamin D from foods like fish, oysters, and tofu or supplements should always feature in your diet. The sunshine vitamin is great for your skin, and has been scientifically proven to prevent eczema, excessive sweating, wrinkles, and acne. Taking up a face to feet skin-care regimen, along with making regular visits to your dermatologist for any inquiries regarding suitable skin care products, are without a doubt, the secrets to having healthy, supple skin as a runner.

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