Juicy Baked Chicken Breast Recipe: The Best Way To Bake Chicken

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Juicy Baked Chicken Breast Recipe: The Best Way To Bake Chicken

Simply the BEST way to bake chicken breast in the oven! This juicy baked chicken breast recipe at 450 degrees is fast, easy, and will be the most delicious chicken you’ve ever had. Naturally low carb, paleo and gluten-free.

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What if I could tell you about the best way bake chicken breast at 450 degrees – and still end up with a delicious, richly flavorful, juicy baked chicken breast? You would have to know how, obviously. After all, when you cook chicken breast in the oven, it often ends up dry and bland. Not anymore! This baked chicken breast recipe is the best way to cook chicken and you are going to love dinner from here on out.

So what is the best way to bake chicken? The first step actually comes before you cook the chicken breast in the oven. Setting it up properly is essential to getting a juicy baked chicken breast on your dinner plate. And trust me, that’s exactly where you’re going to want this yummy baked Italian chicken to end up!

After you’ve brined and prepped it, then you bake the chicken breast at 450 degrees. Why? Well, we’ll get to that in a minute! But first, let’s talk about what to do before you even get to the oven.

The Best Baked Chicken Breast Recipe and Seasoning

Now some people think that a baked chicken breast recipe is bound to be bland. They would be wrong. You can make amazing keto chicken recipes with white meat that isn’t dry.

The best way to bake chicken is brushing it with fat to trap the moisture. This works so well!

The only thing that will give you a more perfect baked chicken is brine. But we’ll get to that in just a bit.

Now that you know how to get a juicy baked chicken breast, it’s time to talk about how to get a delicious one.

Juicy Baked Chicken Breast Nutrition

Even though chicken breast is naturally lean, it doesn’t have to be dry. This is a delicious recipe that the whole family will love and is healthy at the same time.

Chicken breast is a low-fat, low carb, high-protein meal choice that makes it versatile and nutritious. The exact chicken breast nutrition facts vary depending on the size. As an estimate, 4 ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast has:

  • 110 calories
  • 3g fat
  • 24g protein
  • 0g carbohydrates

This baked chicken breast recipe is slightly higher because we brush it with fat before baking, but trust me when I say it’s well worth it. And, it’s perfect if you’re following the whole30, eating keto, a Trim Healthy Mama, or on the prowl for paleo chicken recipes.

Comprised of a simple chicken brine, simple seasoning, and tiny bit of healthy fat, this is hands down the best way to cook chicken breast in the oven.

How Long To Bake Chicken Breast At 450

You might be wondering why this recipe has you bake chicken breast at 450 degrees when most recipes call for 350-375 degrees. The answer is simple: if you want your final result to be juicy baked chicken breast instead of a dried out one, it needs to not hang out in the oven too long.

The ideal time is to bake chicken breast at 450 for approximately 16 minutes. Each oven is a little different, so anywhere from 15-18 minutes is what you’re looking for.

To be certain you’ve cooked it all the way through, use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of your baked chicken breast.

Keep in mind that the temperature rises a few degrees when resting, so I usually consider it ready when it’s a few degrees lower than I want it. The official recommended temperature is 165 degrees Fahrenheit, but I take it out around 160 and let it rest.

Baked Chicken Breast Cooking Times and Best Temperatures

  • 450 degrees – 15-18 minutes
  • 425 degrees – 18-22 minutes
  • 400 degrees – 20-25 minutes
  • 375 degrees – 25-30 minutes
  • 350 degrees – 30-35 minutes

These times are approximate, as a thicker breast will take longer to cook through than a thinner one. Also, these times are for how to bake boneless, skinless chicken breasts. If you’re using bone-in meat, you’ll need to adjust your cooking times accordingly as that takes longer.

And if you are baking chicken thighs, use this recipe for crispy chicken thighs instead.

How To Cook Chicken Breast In The Oven

There are four easy steps to making your baked chicken breast the juiciest ever:

1. Brine The Chicken

If you do only one thing to your meat, this is it. Brining chicken is the absolute best way to guarantee a juicy baked chicken breast. All you need is a simple chicken brine of salt water. Soaking the chicken in salt water allows it to absorb a ton of moisture and stay juicy.

Brined baked chicken is so versatile that you can even make it ahead and reheat it, without losing too much moisture. In fact, you can bake it then freeze, then thaw it and it will still be good! Of course, that isn’t the preferred method. Fresh is still best.

You can even use the microwave without sacrificing too much moisture, although the flavor is much better to reheat it in the oven whenever possible.

2. Top The Chicken With A Healthy Fat

Adding a healthy fat gives the chicken more flavor, so this is a must! Even better, it helps seal in the moisture imparted from the first step.

Any fat will work, but I’m going to suggest light olive oil because of its high smoke point and amazing flavor. Another great choice is avocado oil. Don’t use extra virgin oil, though, because it will burn.

Other options are ghee or coconut oil. Both of those will work for cooking chicken breast in the oven, too, if you prefer one of them. Butter isn’t recommended, also due to its low smoke point.

However, baked chicken with olive oil is a winner every time!

3. Season The Chicken Breast Liberally

Plain baked chicken is a thing of the past. Now you can eat a simple baked chicken dinner that is also full of flavor. An Italian seasoning blend, along with salt and pepper, is a fabulous combination for this juicy baked chicken breast (and it’s what you’ll find recommended in this particular baked chicken breast recipe).

You can totally get creative here, though. Try this homemade gluten-free taco seasoning to mix it up and give it a fiesta flair. Various seasonings can totally transform the chicken, so feel free to get creative and add whatever your little heart desires.

Another delicious baked chicken breast recipe is creamy cilantro lime chicken. It comes out moist and flavorful because it uses the same building blocks as this super-simple formula. Which really is the best way to bake chicken, friends.

You’re going to love it!

4. Bake Chicken Under High Heat

To cook a juicy chicken breast in the oven, you already know that you brine it. But you also need to remember to bake the chicken at 450.

There are many temperatures you can choose, and each baked chicken breast recipe will likely have its own selected. However, the best way to bake chicken in my experience is under high heat.

Baking at high heat means the cooking time is shorter, and I do find that it contributes to the moisture in the chicken, too. I bake my chicken for about 16 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect amount of time in my oven, but it will be a little different for everyone. The exact time depends on the thickness of the chicken pieces and a little bit on oven variations. You can bake it for longer at 350 or 400 degrees instead if you prefer; you’ll want to do that if you choose to use an oil with a lower smoke point, like extra virgin olive oil.

The Best Way To Bake Chicken Breast

There you have it – the best way to bake chicken breast. No complicated directions or crazy ingredients. Simple, healthy, keto baked chicken breasts in just a few simple steps. Enjoy, my friends, enjoy!

And, be sure to check out these low carb side dishes to compliment the best baked chicken breast you’ve ever made to have the perfect keto dinner that the whole family will enjoy.

I feel like there should be more steps to this juicy baked chicken breast recipe. it’s just so good! But, it’s actually that simple. That just means there is no excuse not to try it, no matter how busy you are!

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