Jennifer Lopez – s abs inspire fans to join no-carb, no-sugar diet

diet challenge 2015

Jennifer Lopez posts photo of her perfect abs, and fans clamor to join diet challenge

As if we weren’t already envious of Jennifer Lopez’s body, the 49-year-old dropped a photo on social media that had us all running to the nearest gym.

The artist posted a photo of herself in a blue sports bra and leggings and showed off her ab definition. She captioned the post: “Day 4 & feeling. a lil better 🙂 Who’s with me?”

Lopez is crediting her toned physique to a nutritional challenge she’s doing with beau Alex Rodriguez. Earlier this week, Rodriguez shared that he and Lopez were embarking on a 10-day challenge that involved no carbs and no sugar.

Lopez’s post garnered responses from followersin awe of her body or deciding to take on the challenge.

“I’m on this plan too. don’t look like J Lo though,” commented one Instagram user underneath her picture.

“I for sure need to start working out SOON,” wrote someone else.

Others weren’t so sure they could be themselves without the influence of carbs and sugar.

“No carbs, no sugar= Homicidal tendencies toward even the people I actually like,” wrote one person on Instagram.

Lopez and Rodriguez seemed to be getting a little lonely during this 10-day challenge so they called out on some of their friends to join them as well. Victims included Leah Remini and Michael Strahan.

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