Jennifer Lopez – s 10 Day Challenge

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Jennifer Lopez’s 10 Day Challenge — No Carbs, No Sugar

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Leah Groth

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At 49, Jennifer Lopez is living her best life all around — and has never looked better. In fact, she and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez are pretty much the reigning king and queen of the wellness world, using their celebrity platform to keep us inspired as well as motivated with all their diet and fitness tips and tricks.

Last week the superstar, along with the former New York Yankee pitcher, presented fans with a super intense health challenge: no carbs, no sugar for 10 days. No, we aren’t talking about eliminating processed carbohydrates or refined sugars, but J.Lo and A.Rod are staying away from ALL carbs and sugar. Insane, right?

The couple announced their challenge with a professional quality Instagram video of them working out together in a gym. “Join me and Jennifer for a 10-day challenge. No carbs, no sugar. Who’s in?” Rodriguez captioned the video, jokingly adding “Someone hide the cookie dough.” In addition to clips of the duo shredding calories on the elliptical, doing mean-looking reverse crunches, pulling cable weights and pumping iron — in perfect form, obviously — the video also featured Lopez and Rodriguez busting out a few dance moves.

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