Jennifer Lopez Diet: No Sugar, No Carbs 10-Day Challenge, The Feast

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Turns Out Even Jennifer Lopez Is “Really Hungry All The Time” From Cutting Out Sugar and Carbs

Even for uber-disciplined Jennifer Lopez, extreme dieting poses its challenges.

She may be superhuman-seeming multihyphenate Jennifer Lopez. but she’s still apparently a mere mortal when it comes to dieting.

The fitness guru took to her Instagram Stories to share the new program she’s trying: a 10-day challenge without sugar or carbs: “So, 24 hours in: no sugar no carbs. Learning a lot about what sugar does to your body and just need to stay away from it.” To regular folks, that might sound hard — even impossible. But to J-Lo? Oh, wait — actually, it turns out such an extreme diet approach is hard even for her!

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Sharing a clip during her workout, J-Lo opened up with followers that she was finding her experience “harder than I thought.” She confessed, ” So it turns out when you don’t have sugar and you don’t have carbs you’re really, really hungry all the time.”
She noted that she and romantic/fitness partner Alex Rodriguez were just trying to “figure out a lot of really good snacks” to bridge the huger gaps between meals. She shared a picture of the ones she’s been turning to: sugar-free Jello, protein-packed canned tuna, and raw vegetables.

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