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Jared Leto says two things have kept him shredded for 20 years

Getting in shape is one thing, but staying in shape is another.

One man who doesn’t seem to have that problem is Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto.

The man, who set to play The Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, has rarely been out of shape for the past two decades.

In fact it’s safe to say he’s never really lost his abs in more than 20 years since his film debut in the mid 90s – with the exception of putting on 70lbs eating bucket loads of ice cream, olive oil and soy sauce to play John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman in the film Chapter 27.

He famously dropped down to a painful 116lbs to play a transsexual woman battling AIDS in the film Dallas Buyers Club by fasting for a whole month. The role earned him a Best Supporting Actor gong at the Oscars.

His physique has certainly bounced back from the drastic weight cut and he has featured on the front of this month’s Rolling Stone magazine.

Leto is 44 but doesn’t look anything like the forty-somethings you’ll see down the pub and he’s still in the same shape he was when he was in his twenties.

These pictures of him over his acting career from this Instagram fan account of his band 30 Seconds to Mars testify to his incredible physical continuity over the years.

How does he do it? Leto put it down to two main factors in his interview with Rolling Stone.

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