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Jared Leto’s coming to Delhi

Jared Leto will be coming to Delhi next week, along with his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, and he plans to spend his New Year’s Eve in India, Leto spoke exclusively to DT from Los Angeles, before he left for India.

Interestingly, a few days back, Jared and his band set the Guinness World Record for the Longest Concert Tour By A Rock Band. Jared told us, “It’s been hectic but, at the same time, it was exciting to have travelled to so many countries in three years. We travelled across the world, starting from China, to Lebanon, to South Africa but somehow we’ve always missed the opportunity to perform in India. I’m very excited about visiting the country for the first time. We’ve heard India’s a magical country that’s rich in culture. Hence, we plan to explore Jaipur, Benaras, and other places where not too many tourists go, so that we can reach the heart of India.”

Ask about his birthday plans (he turns 40 tomorrow), and he shares, “I really wanted to celebrate my birthday here in India, with my friends in Delhi. But I shall make it up to them and am looking forward to hosting a special party for my friends in India. I will be visiting Delhi next week and shall not miss out on meeting my close friends, Talia and Sian Bentson, whom I’ve known for a decade now.”

“I’m bringing my band members along with me and am exploring the possibility of doing a show in India. I wish to record some songs there and also hope to absorb some creative ideas for my book which I intend to publish soon,” he adds. “I have been following Indian music. It’s incredible to listen to the melodious compositions of Indian musicians.” So, does he plan to sing for Bollywood movies in the future? “Why not! that would be wonderful. Bollywood movies have a huge global audience. It’s great to see international artistes taking interest in Bollywood projects. So if something interesting happens, why not? I’m ready to accept it,” he says.

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