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Alternate Ideal Protein Product List/Finder

Alternative products for Ideal Protein are listed below. This being the most requested by many of you for the alternates for different reasons, the main being to cut down the cost, did not like the taste, not an IP member or not satisfied with the IP Coach etc. Here I consolidated list of Alternates for each of Ideal Protein product. Some of them are a 100% match and some may not be, but tried best to find a close one. The tastes maybe different brand-to-brand and some maybe exactly same if they re-brand from same source. I have come across some of the Ideal Protein products that are re-branded and matching 100% with their alternates. Here is an easy list for each category of IP product, you can also select IP Category from below to view the list or simply scroll down the page.

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How to Find Ideal Protein Alternate Product?

Reasons for Ideal Protein alternates may be many(cost cut, variety of taste, wants to start 2nd time, without joining IP, maintenance etc). There are many protein products available from various brands most are available online and some are available even at your local stores but it’s difficult to identify without applying some factors/conditions. Here I used these guidelines to find appropriate alternate products. Below table should help you to identify Ideal Protein alternative product (IP friendly productS).

For your convenience here I listed close alternate product(s) found for each ideal protein product. I also listed important nutritional facts along with each product for easy decision. If you find any mismatch/product changes etc, let me know so that I can update it to help others. You can also send me if you find any other alternate products you come across.

NOTE : Ideal Protein treats any product >= 9g Carbs OR any product with 30% or more Fat Calories as restricted.

Hint : Most alternate IP products has 15g protein per serving, whereas IP products has 18g of protein, So you can match protein by adding additional 3g

5g protein if calorie count permits (Ex: you can eat 1/4 pkt of Quest Chips to get 5g protein or 4.5g of Quest Chips to get 3g of additional protein)

FYI : I found many products are made by the same manufacturer, but they re-brand in multiple brand names, their nutritional facts also match the same. Below alternate product links might point to multiple brands of same product. Example: like the following brands
• Proti-Thin, Proti-Kind, Proti-Wise and Bariatric Choice all these brands have same products.
• HealthSmart, Nutriwise, Bariwise, Bariatric-Pal etc are same.
• Weight Loss Systems, Wonder Slim, Doctors Weight Loss etc are same.

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Note: Please use the below product links for your shopping, I may get small commission on purchase, which helps me to maintain this site and find more and more recipes & products to help every one.

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