Hurstwic: Viking History Table of Contents

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Viking-Age History: Table of Contents

At Hurstwic, we are eager to share what we have learned about the Viking age, and unlike Mнmir and Урin, we don’t ask that you give up an eye to drink from our well of knowledge. We are pleased to include here links to factual articles about the Viking age that we have written. The articles are updated regularly, and we plan to add more articles on a regular basis.

A list of some of the references used to create these articles is here.

In addition, we have created a short reading list of introductory texts on Viking age topics, for both children and adults.

Daily Living in the Viking Age

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Society in the Viking Age

  • Classes of Society
  • Women in Norse Society
  • Laws and Legal Procedures
  • Honor, Dueling, and Drengskapr
  • Viking Raids
  • Norse Lands in the Viking Age
  • The Settlement of Iceland in the Viking Age
  • L’Anse aux Meadows: North American Exploration
  • Speculation and Wishful Thinking: other Norse artifacts in North America
  • What Happened to the Vikings?

Martial Arts, Shipbuilding, and other Manufacturing in the Viking Age

Language, Literature, and the Arts in the Viking Age

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