How We Work – Painting Practice

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Our ethos is one of originality, creativity & support. We love to accompany a project from start to finish, working creatively across an entire production from its early conception right through the completion of the final VFX shots. We are able to provide multiple services during all stages of the production process. We work with directors and producers to create a unique look for their ideas. We specialise in delivering concept art packages at pitch stage. We create previs and matte painting for clients directly or for VFX houses at post-production stage, as an out-source vendor.

Our company’s core >here and we will send more examples.

Every project starts with a good sketch – so we like to develop doodles and layout sketches early in the process.

Whether it be a scamp, a storyboard, or an idea for a key frame, we believe that a good foundation in drawing can ease the creative process.

It is a quick way to explore the different directions a project could take, and can lead to great ideas!

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