How to make Cannabis Tinctures with the Magical Butter MB2

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July 10, 2014 By Steve

*NOTE* – Before proceeding please be advised that the following instructional will create a medicinal cannabis tincture that is exceedingly potent. Self titration of dose should start at 1 mL (dropperful) and move up by 1 mL increments until desired effects are achieved. Many patients feel they have a huge tolerance so they “go big or go home.” Oftentimes these folks get WAAAY more than they have bargained for. Nearly every patient I have met finds the sweet spot for medicating with a mL number they can count on a single hand. Please remember that Cannabis has never killed anyone but an overdose can be quite unpleasant, so take ‘er easy dude.
*MEDICAL USE DISCLAIMER* – Also note that this recipe is intended for medical marijuana patients who have permission to use cannabis for their ailments as per state law. I myself am a Medical Marijuana patient in the state of Connecticut and do not approve of this recipe being used by anyone without a medical cannabis card.
*SAFETY HAZARD* – This recipe also calls for using Ethanol and heat – which can be a fire hazard if caution is not used. Please do not use any open flames or smoke when you are making tincture. Ensure you do this in a well ventilated area.

First thing’s first

It is very important that one first reads and/or attempts my previous blog post The Ultimate Cannabis Tincture Pictorial – Bringing Tincture Back prior to moving forward with this recipe. My previous tincture post covers some basic history, dosage information and other critical info about this stuff. This post on bulk tinctures explains how to leverage the Magical Butter MB2 to facilitate the tincture making process when using more meds.

If you have not read the previous post, please do so now.

Video Summary:

Master Wu Executive Summary – Magical Butter Method


1 ounce (28 grams) of high quality medicinal cannabis

2 cups (16 ounces) of 95% Grain Alcohol (look for Everclear or Grave’s Grain brands in the U.S.A.)

1. Decarb whole buds in oven @325 degrees for 5 minutes

2. Measure out 2 cups of ethanol (grain alcohol)

3. Add 1 oz of cannabis to 2 cups of ethanol in the Magical Butter

4. Set temp to 160 degrees and press 4 hour tincture button

5. Filter and funnel into bottles

Please note this tincture if left as 2 cups is half strength without reducing the end volume to 1 cup. Depending on your tolerance this may be beneficial or you may wish to reduce the 2 cups to 1 cup of tincture. You can do so via a double boiler – or folks report good results using a rice cooker to evaporate off half the ethanol. Please note in the below dosage we are assuming your top shelf cannabis is between 15-20% THC. Also note, there are many variables in cannabis potency and preparation methods. Ultimately tinctures will vary batch by batch and should be subject to self titration, please start slowly and work your way up.

The dosage for the recipe as is:

1 dropperful = .05 grams of cannabis = 7.5-10 mg THC.

The dosage for this recipe when the 2 cups of end product are reduced to 1 cup:

1 dropperful = .1 grams of cannabis = 15-20 mg THC.

The metabolism of THC differs significantly when digested than it does when smoked/vaporized. Even experienced users may find themselves surprised at how high they are when first consuming cannabis. In fact, most negative experiences have stemmed from mass overconsumption of cannabis edibles. In gut metabolism or PO administration (oral), substances can have a much longer duration of effect than when smoked/vaporized. As per my previous tincture post, .1 grams of cannabis ingested usually lasts around 5 hours while .2 can last around 8 hours. When the user goes up further, cannabis can last the better part of a day and there are reports of feeling high even the next day!

As always, take ‘er easy and start slow. As a side note, in Colorado edibles are limited to 10 mg of THC content per serving. Also, the chemotherapy Marinol (Dronabinol) or synthetic THC comes in 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg. 10 mg is the largest dose with a maximum recommended dose of 20 mg/day. Granted, Marinol does not have CBD which is a cannabinoid which can mitigate some of the negative side effects of THC… At any rate, would a new user of cannabis smoke a whole joint of high grade cannabis to the head? Probably not, which is why people tend to have negative experiences with edible cannabis as they tend to consume MUCH larger doses than they should. I could go on and on and on about this subject but the bottom line is to start slow. Physicians often recommend that the best dose is the lowest possible dose in which symptoms can be controlled – this is to mitigate side effects of the medication.

Enough with the negative talk about folks biting off more than they can chew with edibles. Unfortunately if folks aren’t warned then they will often go apeshit with dose and regret it. The fact of the matter is, is that no one has ever died from an overdose of cannabis. Cannabis is one of the safest medicines known to man and have been used for thousands of years. The positive healing effects of medicinal cannabis are perhaps best felt when ingested. Many folks who try tincture often fall in love with the long-lasting relief it provides and the unbeatable body high.

Tincture is a very underrated way to ingest cannabis, which is quite hard for me to fathom. This method is extremely efficient compared to smoking and is discreet. The patient is able to be medicated for hours on end without having to inhale any harsh smoke. Please share this with other MMJ patients and I’d love to hear your experience or comments below in the comments section – thanks!

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About Steve

My name is Steve Steele and I am passionate about optimal human health, technology, medicinal cannabis and Jiu Jitsu. I hold a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology – which is the psychology of work and human performance.

Can the tincture be made with less herb? Like 1/4 ounce? If so, how much everclear is needed?

The tincture could be made with less herb, however the Magical Butter requires alcohol be filled up to the ‘min’ line. This takes around 2 1/2 cups of liquid. My recommendation if using this machine is to use the same amount of grain alcohol and less herb (In your case 4 droppers would equal 1 dropper according to this recipe) Then simply reduce the alcohol afterwards to 8 oz or less if you want super potent. Once it is reduced it will have the same or better potency this recipe calls for. I.E. You should be pretty good starting with 1 dropper.

Hope I could help here ShoSho 🙂

I just made my first tincture with the magical butter machine before seeing your site, I used the Hightimes recipe, but instead of using 10 grams I used 20 grams and 750mL of Bacardi 151. Did the magical butter machine burn the alcohol off or do I need to do this with a double boiler? Can I leave it the way it is and follow your instructions starting with 1mL? I want to make hard candy with it, would you happen to have a recipe for this? YouTube has recipes, but they don’t say how much tincture to use. Believe me I have had cannabis hangovers in the past and they are not pleasant! Any advise would sure be helpful. Thank you.

20 grams and 750 mL is good. Assuming your cannabis is top shelf @

20 grams / 750 = .026 grams per mL

.026 * 20 (% THC by weight) =

5 mg of THC per mL. This is a solid starter dose and IMHO a good amount per treat. If you want to double the potency, simply evaporate half of your remaining tincture with a double boiler as per my previous post.

If I was you and wanting to make hard candy… I’d just individually add 1-2 mL per candy if I was you. Here is a solid link for you to take a look at:

Chris Barry says

You mention reducing the tincture by half. I intend to use this sublingually rather than swallowing it immediately and I have heard that the tincture from everclear can have a burning sensation under the tongue. I have found another recipe that calls for reducing the original tincture by half (say to 1 cup), then adding an equal portion of honey (1 cup), and then reducing that by half again so that the result is a sweet-tasting tincture that is also potent. Does this make sense to you? Any advice would be appreciated.

That does make perfect sense. 95% Grain is real tough on the mouth and GI. It would certainly burn under the tongue and may tear up that sensitive area… It sounds like your method would yield quite potent results. Maybe you should just try reducing to 1 cup and adding 1 cup of honey.

I’m not too sure how fast the honey will evap compared to the alcohol. Either way, cutting with honey is going to reduce the burn and make it more palatable. I’d love to hear your results as sublingual administration will speed up the onset – but could also reduce the duration.

Chris Barry says

Thank you. I think I will go ahead and just cut with honey then sample the result before deciding whether to reduce again. I will post my results afterwards, but it won’t be until after I get my MB2, which is currently backordered until late October. I will spend the intervening time continuing my online research. Thanks again.

Sounds like a plan boss. Best of luck with the MB2 and please keep us posted. Your experiments should be fun!

any experience with VG or PG and the magical butter? i plan on making a tincture once mine comes in at the end of the week. but dont have a whole ounce to play. can i add water or something and reduce it like you can with the grain alcohol?

I have not experimented with VG or PG and the MB2. This tincture I make with grain is for eating – not for e-cigs/vapes. Although I’m sure if dropped on bud and dried it could supercharge a bowl… Perhaps you can just add more VG or PG and then reduce accordingly to your desired potency. I don’t know the process for VG or PG but googling “VG PG Magical Butter” reveals some interesting results worth reading.

Best of luck Chris.

Ok. That’s my concern will I be able to “reduce” the vg. Someone told me the MB. Will pressurize and bind everything together making it impossible to reduce anything that comes out of there. I don’t think that is true because ice seen a video of someone adding water to their butter and when it cools it separates itself.

Thanks for the help

Thanks. I did make some tincture. I used about 10 grams of bud and 4 oz of everclear. I went with the cold method, using everclear with ground bud in mason jar. Everything was kept in freezer prior to starting so all items were very cold. Shook it occasionally while in freezer for about 4 hours. Strained and then added another 3 oz everclear to the wet bud and did a second extraction. combined the two results and then reduced in double boiler until I had about 1 oz of tincture left. I then removed it from heat added stirred in about 1 oz of honey and a half oz of VG with a few drops of liquid soy lecithin. It takes about 1 tsp to achieve a very strong result which lasts about 5 hours. If I do it again I will addless honey so that it is more potent and less thick. As it is, I don’t use dropper because honey is too thick. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions!

Also: the sublingual absorpsion did not work well at all. No significant results were felt until the product was absorbed in GI tract.

Good to know, I was always skeptical about sublingual onset times for the tinctures. Good ol’ GI to the rescue Chris!

Hey Chris…I do the same exact thing! Golden Dragon Tincture. Love the effect..very potent and no nasty green chlorophyl taste. I was considering doing the frozen method and then letting the MB2 reduce the liquid. What do you think?

has anyone here actually made 4 hour tincture in the MB2 with everclear, i did and i have some questions and would like to compare note with someone who has
here’s the deal, i used i bottle 750ml (25 oz) which is about 3 cups to one oz of herb
did the 8 hr tincture, but i was noticing what looked like puffs of smoke coming out of the machine
after about 4+ hours i pulled off the cover to see what was going on
reason, there was a light tan dust all over the counter and the side of the machine
looked like hot steamy water had left dried herb residue all over the counter and side of the machine.
the tincture smelled fine and is potent, i also got very little residue to strain, about 1/4 of what i get when i make butter. has anyone experienced this ? if i had gone the full 8 there would have been nothing to strain
another question why when making oil (using alcohol) do you only need to process 1 hour but when you make tincture (alcohol) basically the same way do you need to brew 4-8 hours, same ingredients same, process. does one process (when the alcohol is burned off) yield a better, different or more or less potent result. anyone have any insight. if i make edibles with oil from a 1 hr or 4 hr whats the difference ?

I know the MB2 has a built in decarb cycle which should be accounted for in the 4 hour or 8 hour. I think a 4 hour duration would allow for a super-homogenous mix as the blades are spinning at various intervals.

With 1 oz and 2 1/4 cups of ethanol sometimes there is some slight spillage from the top of the machine, but a good amount of dried herb. The dried herb doesn’t look like a whole lot however as it is ground sooo finely from the blades.

I wouldn’t worry about it bro, perhaps try a bit less alcohol as recommended 2 1/4 cups to 1 oz of buds as maybe you are getting more spillage with the added EtOH. Take care broski and good vibes 🙂

If the MB2 has a built in decarb cycle, why do the instructions that come with it still indicated decarbing in the oven as a required step? I just got my MB in the mail, read the instruction book (I don’t see a built in decarb option), haven’t tried it yet… can you clarify?

Decarbing will make the tincture stronger but as I understand take away some anti-inflammatory properties in exchange for more psychoactive effects.

Hope you don’t mind if I chime in.. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and have tried decarbing and not decarbing using the MB2.
By far the more potent product comes with proper decarbing!

Of course Peter, no problem. Yes indeed decarbing is going to get you the most bang for your buck with psychoactive effects.

How do you like your tinctures Peter? Any good specialties on deck? I love me some strong indicas.

I do an awful lot of balms for aches and pains!! Tinctures I do both alcohol and glycerine based, as well as just adding honey to an infused coconut oil. Great in tea or a fantastic additive to a coconut macaroon!!
I’m a grower and have also cross bred some of my own strains. One of my favorites is an Oregon Diesel ( NYC Diesel x Blueberry) with a Green Crack . But I’ve run Sunset Sherbet, Bubba Kush, Bubbas Gift, Durban Poison, J1, Obama Kush, and a fantastic DJ Short Blueberry!

I was looking at running Bubba’s Gift, looked like a nice strain. The Bubba Kush, Bubbas Gift and DJ Short original Blueberry sound fantastic bud. Keep doing what you do, you out of Oregon?

I had this exact same problem – 2.5 ounces of bud, the recommended amount of liquid and uber dry stuff. What’s the trick here?

I’ve generally been using super dry trim these days. Are you in a high elevation area? Are you using 160 degrees and the 4 hour tincture setting? If so, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you still are having problems you may want to work on your decarb method so the MB2 can fully digest the bud. Pull out all big sticks and stems so the MB2 can easily do it’s work. Once the process is complete the bud should be cut extremely fine and you can clump the stuff together like hash and toss it in the trash.

Good luck! A picture would help to show us what is happening.

sheila danzig says

Does the 8 hour setting result in a stronger tincture?

I would think 4 hours would be adequate and probably 8 would just extract more chlorophyl. You are welcome to give it a whirl. If anything it will extract more of the plant in general – so it’s not going to hurt anything.

What kind of ventilation do you have in the room that you run the MBM in? I have a few ventilation fans in my basement, but none of them is at ground level. It’s too cold where I live to open a window. I have read that alcohol fumes are heavier than air, so I am worried that the fumes could build up (and ignite, and start a house fire…). Are there any other precautions you take while evaporating the Everclear?

I wouldn’t worry about it that much bro, I just wouldn’t have an open flame around volatile solvents. There isn’t much evaporation in the first place 🙂 I just throw my MB2 in the Garage as it is super loud.

Best of luck Doggie!

Hi Steve,
Nice informative video. I have quite a bit of experience in this area and also have a MB2 machine. Here’s my thought first. I make Master Woo’s Green Dragon tinctures I always hated the nasty green chlorophyl taste it has, so I usually put several drops in a tasty IPA ( I live in Microbrew land) and I’m feeling great. But then I had an idea…Why not decarb and then freeze the bud…I also put my Everclear bottle in the freezer for 24 hours. I then combine the decarbed frozen bud with the freezing temp Everclear into a large mason jar and shake the living daylights out of it as long and fast as I can ( five minutes tops) then place the jar in the freezer for another two hours…Remove, shake hard and fast again then strain. You end up with Golden dragon as the freezing temps lock in the water soluable materials and all you do is strip of the tricombs.
What do you think of doing this process and then putting it in the MB2 on the tincture cycle to reduce the alcohol?
Also to your comment above about adding honey..I do it all the time, but what works best is reducing the tincture in a non stick pan (after completeing the tincture cycle) on low heat until its MBoil or MBO..This is much better to add to your honey.

Firstly that is awesome you live in Microbrew land. Oregon or Colorado comes to my mind and there is plenty of good greens in those big states 🙂

I have heard of freezing before and am not surprised you end up with an awesome product. As a medical patient, growers will often give us trim for cheap/nothing and we can make bubble hash with a lot of ice and water keeping everything cold. A lot of folks freeze their nugs prior to the process to allow the trichs to easily break off and separate.

I actually enjoy the taste of this hot tincture product and find it more of an acquired taste. From my experience I believe decarbing makes it a bit more potent but also makes it more brown and have a stronger taste. If one were to do the freezing process first you might be really maximizing your extraction – but again you’d still deal with the taste. I’ve heard from another guy that freezing makes it twice as potent but I remain a bit skeptical to that claim… At any rate, I love the attention this video has brought to tincture folks and the discussion we can all have.

Currently for me, I am satisfied with a 5 minute oven decarb and the tincture cycle of the MB2. When I use 1 oz of high quality meds and 2 1/4 – 2 cups of alcohol (depends on evaporation). I fill 4, 4 oz tincture bottles and that makes nearly 500 individual doses of tincture for me. The ROI for the machine and alcohol is certainly worth it. The taste is acceptable and like you I’ll throw it in a microbrew, some chamomile tea or just down the ol’ hatch.

Thank you for your insightful comments and please feel free to explore optimizing the extraction with freezing techniques. I am all ears to hearing as to ways to improve efficiency. I like efficiency but also simplicity. If the juice is worth the squeeze the freezing avenue could allow us to get the most juice from our meds. Moving forward with more states becoming medical states and legalizing, I believe herbs will drop significantly in price. Here in CT one will pay $400 an oz for top notch quality at a dispensary. In OR I hear anything >$200 is absurd. Then again CT is super expensive to begin with…

Have a nice day and thanks for your contribution!

Hey Steve,
Thanks for the reply. You guessed right, I’m in the great state of Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge. You are also correct on our bud costs, I’ve not seen anything over $220 an oz! I grow very high quality outdoor, three of my strains are currently in dispensaries, all three tested between 19-22% THC content with no measurable molds. (I live east of Portland, so it’s dry) and they are offered at $200 oz. However, I give away to friends more than I offer to the dispensaries! I’ve been growing for decades and the more I learn about this fantastic plant the more I’m amazed how our government was able to demonize it!! It’s all about money isn’t it.

Excellent to hear Peter. Sounds like you have some mastery in growing Cannabis – which is great. I bet you live in a beautiful place growing beautiful buds. I have been to Washington state but never Oregon. I will definitely be visiting sometime, my buddies say the mountain biking is great and Crater lake is something else…

Oregon has about the same population as CT but is probably 5-10 times as big. I’m sure it is a very nice state to live.

Keep on keeping on brother and do what you do! It makes me smile to hear about folks with passion producing quality for the fellow man – no matter what industry/vertical they are in.

20% THC, no mold, dispensary quality outdoor sounds wonderful. Grown on God’s green earth for the win!

Tracy dalke says

Can you please contact me? I am getting ready to begin the journey of growing my own and could really use some advice. If you are on Facebook my name is Tracy RobinsonDalke please message me!
Thank you
Charlo, Mt

Check your email Tracy :).

I’m currently waiting on my mb2 to arrive & can’t wait to try ur master wu method, I think to make it reach the min line I will add honey instead of more everclrear (which may actualy help with my concerns). I’ve been reading that a lot of people have had trouble with this method, because all of their everclrear evaporates leaving nothing but sludge. I think they experiaced this because they live in high altitudes wich i dont (so hopefully I don’t run into this problem). Have you experienced any problems with evaporation?? I ask because I was going to do an 8hr run for more of a cannabis flavor, but after reading others bad experiences, it has me scared to even try the 4hr run because the ingredients are not exactly cheap…anyways any info would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance!!

Everclear (95% ethanol) is a solvent and will evaporate rather quickly if left open. You will have no problems with this recipe. Simply add 2 1/4 cups of Everclear and 1 ounce of meds to the MB2 and hit the 4 hours tincture button. After the cycle is done, add to the bottles and you are good to go bro. With no open heated vessels there are no worries bruh.

Don’t forget to sample your first mL when the tincture is still warm, that is tradition! 😉

Thanks for such a quick response! Was curious because I read about people haveing this problem with useing the mb2 on their facebook user united page, in other words people claims they were having this problem with the mb2 which is not an open heated vessel…but there are a lot of idiots out there that just simply can’t follow simple directions, & I have read both ur blogs on it with mb2 & without, plus many many more methods online, & like u said, I am confident that I won’t have any problems!! Do u think adding honey to reach the fill line instead of extra everclrear will help with the harshness of dropping right under ur tongue?

Hey Jay, no problem. Don’t add honey while using the MB2, if you’d like to do that, mix it afterward. The reason is that we want as strong a solvent as possible aka 95% ethanol to extract the goodies in our medicine. After you can mix the tincture with honey to make something for sublingual administration.

In all honesty tho, this stuff doesn’t taste that bad and if you don’t decarb with the oven first it is quite mild. Do it the regular way, then mess around with honey if you’d like.

Good luck man and tell us how it works out for you.

P.S. – Stoners can be dumb, weed effects short term memory so people following recipes might forget stuff if they are constantly bathing their brain in cannabinoids. My two cents is for folks to attempt new recipes when sober, especially when using high value meds!

LoLz true dat…anyways thanks soooo mouch for your time & knowledge. I’ll most def let you guys know how it goes

Oh yeah, 1 last question & I’ll let u get back to helping others I promise

I guess it cut off the rest of my message…my question was that for some recipes mb2 recommends 2 tablespoons of sunflower lecithin to help as a binding agent. When making a tincture. I assume the everclrear will take care of all that for me, but still wanted to ask if u thought the sunflower lecithin would help extracting more of the good stuff for my tincture?

Yeah man, I don’t bother with lecithin when using ethanol. Ethanol seems to strip the goodies pretty dang well. It is a solid solvent after all… Everclear>errrythang son.

Sup Steve, my mb2e should be here in a few hrs & I had a few more questions for u 😉

I’ve read online where someone said “151 works better in tinctures, because sugar based alcohols are absorbed faster into the bloodstream than grain alcohols” & I’ve seen some recipes that actualy call for a 60/40 mix with the 60% being the everclrear.

I figured that if anyone had some solid information on these facts, that u would lol…it’s just that on the blogs I got this info from it’s 50/50 weather the info is true. Sometimes I know for sure if it’s true or not, & this info has me on a thin line between calling bs or not…anyways any input on your end will be greatly appreciated!!

I call equine excrement! AKA HORSESHIT!l

The more pure the solvent – the better the extraction, simple as that. Ethanol is ethanol regardless of if it is distilled from grain or sugar cane. Maybe cannabinoids are absorbed slightly faster with some sucrose, that could make sense to me.

Do yourself a favor, use the 95% grain alcohol. If you want to experiment to see if sucrose aids speed of absorption, drop your tincture in some sprite, orange juice or another sugary drink. I think this is overthinking the whole matter, I’ve had tincture by itself, in water, in beer, in juice etc. Always seems to be pretty predictable as to onset time. The primary variable tends to be if you have food in the gut or not. A full meal will slow the rate of onset but I prefer cannabis with a full belly or to eat when I get the munchies – makes it more pleasurable IMHO.

I think generally in life, I prefer a full belly unless i’m working out, hehehe. Good luck bro and tell us how it goes.

Daaaaang, knowledge just got dropped son lolz

Thanks again man, I’m with u 100% & that’s what I expected to hear. while I was waiting to hear back from u, I found a co called Alchemical Soulutions. They make several diff types of alcohol & the co was founded strictly for herbalists 😉 they have a 190 proof sugar cane alcohol. I was thinking of trying, so I just wantd to be sure that as long as it’s that proof or stronger, I should be good right?

Yeah 190 proof sugar cane alcohol is fine. Everclear or Grave’s Grain brands are probably cheaper if they sell those in your area.

Now enough thinking about this – smoke weed and make tincture dawg!

U recipe, slightly tweaked…loving it 8)

Is the powdered residue that’s left over from the mb2e any good in capsules?

Instead of filling mb to the min line, I covered it in ever clear. Then I added my oz of decarbed botanicals, & ran mb for 4hrs. When done the min line was still covered, so I ran it for 1 more 4hr run. This time it was right up to the min line. After filtering, I yeilded 3 & 1/2 of the 4oz bottles…

Cool man, you didn’t need to do a second 4 hour run, that probably made some more of your tincture evaporate. At any rate I’m sure you have a top notch tincture and plenty of it. Did you like the effects?

For sure man, The effect is very plesent!, & the reason I did the second run was to evaporate enough to make it fill in my container…

Powdered residue is the leftover cannabis after extraction. I doubt it has much if any goodies left in it bro. We are talking about a 4 hours heated cycle with 95% ethanol, I think nearly all the goodies would be in the grain at that point.

I’ve played around quite a bit with the residual herb left from making tinctures. I laid out the slightly wet herb (alcohol evaporates fast) and when it dried I powdered the residue in the spice grinder and used it to bake with. I added a tablespoon or 2 to recipes for some crackers and cakes. I wasn’t expecting much as I thought all the good stuff would be in my tincture but a couple tablespoons of innocuous powder wouldn’t hurt my recipe. I was very surprised to find my baked goods were actually pretty strong edibles. I wanted to be able to eat edibles and have 2 if I wanted so wanted a weak edible. Sometimes they were so strong I could only eat a few or risk too high of a dose. Since then I save all the leftovers from making tincture but I use very little in baking. I use a ratio of 28 grams of herb to 1 cup liquid. Still haven’t tried reducing the tinctures but want to develop a distiller to recapture the alcohol as it’s very expensive in California.

Very interesting Laura. I am quite surprised the leftover material still has some magic in it. Just as you mentioned however dosing could be unpredictable – depending on variables in the extraction. Nobody likes a super-strong edible, they can be quite intense. Thank you very much for sharing though Laura, I appreciate it.

Hey steve was want to know how you reduce the tincture down to get rid of the alcohol taste doesn’t alcohol evaporator 170 degrees would you lose any of the potency that you have in your tincture already also when maken oil it says to use sunflower lecithin can that be in a powder form or does it have to be a liquid form would really like your input back on this

This tincture is made with 95% ethanol aka Grain Alcohol. This does a much better job than Glycerin at extracting the goodies from our meds. If you don’t like the alcohol taste, just put it in some water or a beverage. A dose is slightly less than 1 mL which is nothing in terms of volume. A shot of alcohol is 44 mL so you can see 1 mL is hardly anything.

No sunflower lecithin needed in this recipe with 95% alcohol – forget about it the alcohol does a fine job by itself.

If you are making the oil – from what I understand you are still working with Grain alcohol and just further reducing the tincture. Again – no soy lecithin needed bruh.

Stay medicated and let me know how your batch comes up dude 🙂

I ran my 1st batch in my mb2 & I ran it a lil longer to try evap more EC off, & did just a lil more than had planned to, anyways my yield was three & a half 4oz bottles. After a few trials, I’ve found a good dose for me is where I take a standard shot glas, pour 2/3 full of orange soda, then add 10 full drops from the dropper. Would you consider that to be it odd to use such a high amount, or do u think this is because it’s not fully condensed down to 2oz?

Two questions for you.

When you say drops from the dropper I take it you mean actual drops? You should be using a whole dropperful, which is around 1 mL. Are you doing this, because otherwise 10 drops is only like half a mL.

I take it you used a full ounce of Medicinal Cannabis (28 grams) to 2 cups of grain alcohol. Was this high quality bud as in 15%+ THC?

Thanks for the feedback we will get ya straight. 10 drops is NOT a lot at all for this recipe, if your bud is 15-20% THC you should use 1-3 mL (read full droperfulls) for approximately 10-30 mg THC. Start off at 1 full dropperful then go from there, it can be some potent stuff with no tincture tolerance 🙂

I used 10 dropperfuls not one full dropper then tryin to get 10 out of 1 lol but I didn’t condense it down to two bottles just three and a half

Used full zip of decent chemdawg with somwhere between 2 1/2-3 cups of 95% alcohol (just enough to completely cover the min line) which I cooked at 160 in the mb2 until I had three & a half 4oz bottles

I just felt like that it was a lot to have to take & it shouldn’t have to take so much, but I was happy with the results & it lasted a long time, which reminds me of another question. Ever notice when ur coming down & it’s going away, if u eat somthing like a slice of pizza or somthing, that when u start to digest the pizza, the buzz can come back?

As per my instructional, use 1 mL and go from there, should be about 10 mg THC if you used the ounce of 20% potency of cannabis I recommended and 2 cups of alcohol. If you want to make it super potent then simply further reduce it. IE. If you want 20 mg THC, reduce the 16 oz, to 8 oz. If you want 40 mg THC/mL then reduce from 16 oz to 4 oz.

That is pretty freaking potent though. I feel a single dose should generally be 5 or 10 mg THC, unless someone has a big oral tolerance. Start slow and work your way up. Sometimes edibles can come in in ‘waves’ to to speak when they peak. Again everyone will be different especially medical users with a high tolerance. Like the docs say, start slow and go from there 🙂

I just purchased a MB2 to aid me with my medical issues. I,like you have Ulcerative colitis. Georgia isnt up to par with other states yet but maybe one
I just wanted your advice as too what you have had the most success with aiding with the pain using the MB2?
Thanks, Jeff Ga

Hi Jeff, firstly welcome to the club brother. You are out there in God’s country and I wish you blessings in your journey to healing.

My advice is quite simple – follow this tutorial but use the most potent Afghanicas you can find. I’m talking Black Domina, Afghani #1, Herijuana (Especially Herijuana for insomnia/pain relief), Afghan Kush, Grand Daddy Purps, DJ Short’s Blueberry, Bubba Kush, Master Kush, Northern Lights, LA Confidential, Romulan etc.

My two really stand out choices for medical relief for our symptoms (spasm and pain relief, anxiety relief, bowel easement (lower frequency), anxiety reduction is in this Afghani magic of Black Domina or Herijuana. Those are heavy hitters for sure man and probably the best I have found. Don’t hesitate to explore but when I found Black D and Heri I was like WOW. This is medicine for IBD patients.

Some good places to look are @leafly and ranker for indica superstars:

Hit up my recommended and move from there. Grab that MB2 and toss in some crystally goodness your caregiver provides with love. 1 oz meds to 2 cups ethanol. You will be very satisfied and I’d love to hear how it effects your system.

With colitis my main techniques to keep the guts at ease are. Regular sleep cycles, Green Diet, regular jiu jitsu training and trying to not keep life so serious and know when to say fuck it this shit ain’t worth worry about. Our bodies are a bit more sensitive to environmental changes so check out my post:

My eBook will be dropping shortly and give a more step-by step and delve a bit deeper, stay tuned for that and sign up for out newsletter if you haven’t, we will keep you posted bro:

God bless and you’ll be in my prayers for recovery.

On tincture out of mb2e, is it ready to dose immediately, or best to store for a few weeks b4 use. I’ve heard 3 is a good time, but I was thinking that was more for people going a slow extract, & bog for peeps sigh the mb machine

With these hot tincture methods, the tincture is ready immediately and will not get more potent over time. A matter of fact right when you are done pouring into bottles, I’d recommend having a warm sample. It is a matter of tradition… Like when you bake cookies or something you gotta eat the dough as a sample 😉

Good luck, have fun and I wish you wellness!

If the MB2 has a decarboxylation cycle why does this recipe have that extra step?

This recipe has the extra step because the decarb cycle works with the liquid and herb together. This means it doesn’t work as well as if we decarb the bud the traditional way. I have found the tincture slightly more potent with a manual decarb at first. However, I have heard there are some medicinal properties which may be better without a decarb.

I’ve done both, they both come out potent – but when manually decarbing it was a bit more potent IMHO.

Will you please do a similar recipe for THC infused coconut oil capsules?

Hmmmm that is a good suggestion. The Canna-Caps with coconut oil seem like a lot more work but I just may be up to the task sometime :).

From my preliminary reading size “00” caps you can fill to nearly 1 mL. About .9 mL or so… Thus they should be close the exact dose of a dropperful of tincture as per my recipe.

I’d do the same exact recipe with some additional equipment. 1 oz Meds to 2 cups Coconut oil. Looks like that will fill around 500 “00” capsules as 2 cups = 473 mL. The problem is manually filling all those dang capsules, they have machines and I ebayed a 400 capacity “00” filler that looks to be

Capsules are cool, no doubt but I think Tincture is going to win the edibles game over when it comes down the simplicity and convenience. For a small batch of caps, it would make sense but 500 at a time, i’d rather just mix it up in big ethanol solvent and do a tincture. Easy peezy. I’m going to look into this more. I may mess around and do a tutorial. Please shoot me an email if you haven’t heard.

I am one of those MB2 users who got sludge on the first attempt of a tincture with Grave’s and and ounce of AK. Following MB2’s manual, I decarbed, put in MB2 with 3 cups of Graves…set the temp and time….opened up to find sludge and a half cup of brownish juice with zero potency. Afraid to attempt again due to cost of wasting another ounce. Any words of wisdom??

Sure, do the same thing and set temp to 160 degrees and press the 4 hour tincture button. With 1 oz of meds and 2 or 3 cups of Graves Grain you should be left with WAY more than a half cup of brownish juice.

Was the alcohol exposed to open air for long? Was there a spill/leak? Was your starting material measured correctly? Also don’t pre-grind the material, put the solid buds in and pour the 3 cups of alcohol over them. Also filter and squeeze the sludge as it will have a good amount of tincture in there as well.

Let us know how you make out bro, I wish you the best of luck.

I was reading that a bunch of people are getting sludge. According to, it’s because of high altitudes, so people in the mountains & any high altitude need to add water or way more than 3 cups of alcohol to account for the extra evaporation from being in a high altitude…im close to sea level & have ran as long as 8hr for tinctures in my mb2 & the least I’ve ever yielded was 14oz of tincture (3 1/2 4oz bottls)

Ahhh good point Es_Jay. I’d say follow my tips above and if you are concerned, use a full liter of Graves Grain/Everclear or fill to max line. At worst you get a less potent tincture, which you can always double or more the potency by reducing the volume in a double boiler over the stove (electric when dealing with volatile solvents please)

I just made my first batch from MB2 with vegetable glycerin and 1 oz of herbs running through 8 hour tincture. My question is… what is the difference in results if I use vegetable glycerin or 95% grain alcohol for tincture.

My goal is to make capsules for my partner who has cancer. She hates the taste of herbs and she requested to have her “treatment” in caps. She is starting with 1 capsule of tincture a day and build up from there and I am not sure how to identify the side effects of the tincture whether if she had too much or too little. She is not looking for a body high or anything like that, just a way to cure her cancer. How often and how much should she take? 1 pill is about .5-.7 mL. (sized “0” and I will use “00” sized caps for the remaining of the tincture after she manages her starting dose).

I have plenty of tincture left so I do not think I will be making another batch for a while unless she takes larger doses and run out quickly. The next batch will be made with grain alcohol, so I can compare between both batches.

Hope you can help! Thank you

Stone (Yes that is my last name)

Ethanol should give you a more complete extraction. I’m not an expert, doctor or anything on cancer treatment. The most I know about the subject is that this tincture can really help with dealing with the side effects of chemo, but I’m not so sure about the ‘healing qualities’ for cancer.

The best direction i’d point you in would be RSO or Rick Simpson oil. I believe a lot of people use certain strains and whole cannabis based extracts to treat cancers. I believe when I watched the documentary one would use around a pound of medicine to procure a small syringe and the dose was around half a grain of rice at a time. If you are going the RSO route, i’d use ethanol over naphtha for extraction.

Again, I’m pretty ignorant in this subject but if anyone has any advice, please feel free to chime in. As for dosing, if she is using tincture I’d recommend you start off with the above recipe and start with .5 mL and go from there. She could redose every 4-6 hours i’d say. See how she feels and if symptoms improve, always start slow then move up slowly like doctors say 🙂

For more information about Rick Simpson Oil, please visit:

I’m trying to figure out my doses but I’m lost. What’s the equation? I used 2 cups vegtable glycerin and about 17 grams of plant all in my magical butter. It smells delicious but I’ve tried 3ml so far with no effect

Let’s get ya sorted here… There are a couple of reasons why your tincture could be weak and they are the following:

1. Too little herb
2. Too weak herb
3. You didn’t decarboxylate
4. You used glycerin as opposed to 95% ethanol (95% ethanol is much better for extraction)

The equation can be found below assuming 95% ethanol with the appropriate amount of solvent, heat and time – 160 degrees for 4 hours:

It ain’t rocket science, but the saying goes ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ We want solid quantities of high THC trichrome covered goodness, combined with a relatively pure solvent, heat and time to extract these goodies from our meds.

Thanks for the reply! I used 17 grams of Holy Grail and I did decarb for 25 min on 225 degrees. I’ll try my hand at the equation. Looks like next time I’ll deff use grain alcohol and more plant

You got it, do a full ounce with 2 cups grain alcohol 95%. That will do ya Randy 🙂

I would like to know how to make Cannabis Tincture using the 8-hour setting AND adding sunflower lecithin. I am currently making my tincture with Everclear, 1.5 oz. herb, and the 4-hour tincture setting. Just started making/using the tincture and it is AMAZING! Not that I won’t occasionally vape, but this is much more convenient for medicating. Thank you in advance!

Sunflower lecithin isn’t necessary with ethanol – it does a great job by itself. The lecithin seems to be better with butter/coconut oil. If you want to keep the same ratios for tincture I use, simply use 1.5 oz herb and 3 cups of grain alcohol. I’d just do the 4 hour setting but you can do 8 if you’d like (Although you may lose more due to spillage/and or evaporation)

Good luck and tell us how you make out!

It turned out great! Now, will it more potent as it “ages”?

The goodies are already extracted and suspended in the ethanol. ‘Aging’ of sorts shouldn’t make it more potent but it should be able to keep the shelf life for years and years.

A dark container in a cool and dark place will give you maximum shelf life. These amber bottles are perfect for protecting our meds from the light 🙂

I’m glad you enjoyed the tincture and wish you the best in your journey to peace and wellness Jenn.

This thing rocks, best money I’ve ever spent haha

I agree bro, definitely some good ROI with the MB2 and getting the most from our meds.

Hey Steve, every try infusing honey with the MBM?

Nope, but other folks have. If I was to do that, I think I would proceed as normal and then just add a pound or so of local honey :). Sometimes for seasonal allergies I’ll take a spoonful or two of honey in the spring in preparation for allergy season.

Alternatively, you could add the tincture to tea and put some local honey in it. I do that often.

You think using the same directions as glycerine would work out?

Using glycerin will not work nearly as well as ethanol. Ethanol is a better solvent bruh. You can go ahead and try both to compare – I think you’d prefer the ethanol and it is probably cheaper as well.

Thank you for the great tutorial and video, Steve! I am wondering what I might expect to pay for a 30ml bottle similar to the strength in your video? I am a medical patient in Massachusetts and have seen it for sale for $150 from one caregiver but want to know if that is too much? Until I get the magical butter machine I will need to buy this. Love medicating with this amazing tincture.

In Connecticut the prices were kind of outrageous for tincture. Here in New England prices in dispensaries or from caregivers are still high (depending on the caregiver). $150 for 30 mL if the strength is 10 mg/mL or so is WAAAAY too high. In my opinion this stuff should be $1/1mL at 10mg THC/mL. I think that is fair and compassionate pricing for patients.

A dollar a dose – compassion for all 🙂

Thanks for the reply Steve. I think $1 a 10mg dose sounds great. The cheapest I see ounces going for around Boston is $300. So using your recipe, if you’re purchasing an avg to low priced ounce, each 1/4 ounce of weed (30ml bottle’s worth) costs around $75 to make…not including the cost of the overhead (magical butter machine, grain alcohol, glass bottle, delivery, etc.). Is my math right? So Im wondering how anyone could afford to sell well made tincture like this at $30 a bottle.

On another note…one of the reasons I started using tincture instead of smoking was for the health benefits. I’m a big fitness guy, indoors and outdoors and like that I don’t have to inhale tar and smoke using tincture. Plus no smell and super convenient for an active and productive lifestyle who finds it annoying to have to light up every time I want to medicate. I’m guessing there are other people in and around Boston where I live who would also like to benefit from a well priced tincture like this one. I’d love to see one of the Boston delivery services have this for sale regularly on leafly where I get my meds from now.

I am big on fitness and holistic wellness as well. The tincture and Pax 2 vaporizer are pretty much all I use these days. I’m not a snob though, if there is a J or blunt going around I will inhale.

Using the above recipe, 1 ounce of medicine will make around 450 mL (after a little evap/spillage. So 1 ounce of cannabis translates to around 450 doses or 4, 4 ounce (120 mL) bottles. If we are talking the 1 oz bottle (30 ML) you could get 15 of these from this recipe.

What that means is we are really making our meds go far. If you are paying $300/ounce and getting 15 of the 30 mL bottles that is $20/bottle. Keep in mind this doesn’t take into economy of scale and wholesale prices available to medicinal users. Lot’s of medical growers give very high quality trim away for free or damn close to free. If you leverage these resources than your cost of goods can go down significantly. My best recommendation is to meet a compassionate caregiver. A quality caregiver will usually give ounces of top shelf bud for $200 – especially if you are purchasing your legally allotted amount of 2.5 ounces. If the caregiver is adept at cultivation and growing the right strains, the high quality trim is just about as good as buds for edibles and tincture. So in the end, let’s say you score 2 ounces of high quality super trichrome bud trim for free. Your overhead for a liter of Grain alcohol is $20 and the bottles are 12 4 ounce bottles for $12 ($1/unit and free shipping on amazon, the funnels are $10, the Pyrex 2 quart can be found for around $10. Even if we include the MB2 at $150/unit that is $182

We are looking at a $200 dollar investment for a mere 20 cents/mL. Let’s be a bit more conservative and account for some evaporation or spillage and say 25 cents per mL.

That is how a 1 ounce tincture bottle 30 mL, get’s sold for $30. Because cost of goods is $7.5 for that bottle. Sounds low right… let’s talk real numbers.

Your initial investment in the MB2 and your equipment has been made, this costs around $200 total. Now all you need for future batches are ethanol and bottles.

That is $20 for the grain + $12 for the bottles – let’s account for some tax on the booze and call it $40 total.

$40/1000=.04. That is right, how does a nickel per mL sound? The ROI in purchasing the MB2 is through the roof – particularly if you know a compassionate grower who lets trim go for free or close to it. Lot’s of growers will give you 2 ounces of trim if you were to give them a bottle of tincture.

I think in general the New England area $10/gram or $280 and oz is fair. I also believe $1 per mL of 10 mg THC tincture is fair.

I have sent you an email to your personal email Kevin with more info to read up on. I wish you the best in your journey to optimal health and fitness bro!

Hi Steve, Thanks so much for all of the info here. I’m not great at math when it comes down to figuring out lots of conversions but referring to your original post along with your breakdown for me here I now have a solid understanding of how to figure out the cost per dose! You’re absolutely right the investment in the machine appears to be well worth it.

I’ve ordered the MB machine…was hoping to save the space in my small condo! I’m sure I can get a deal on two ounces to drop the price below $300. Since there are so few tinctures available for sale on leafly I think making my own is the way to go for sure. I like that I can pick the strains I’d like to make it with. Going to make a batch using an Indica for night use and a batch with a sativa for daytime. Plus…love that I’ll know exactly how much THC will be in each dose.

I’m really looking forward to going smoke free and all of the time I’ll save. Thanks for the PM and offer for assistance, Steve. Let’s keep in touch. If you’re ever in Boston hit me up..I’m right downtown. Thank you!! Thank you!!

If someone wants to bake can they just use the tincture or should they make the
“magical butter oil” out of the tincture first? >

If you don’t need MBO why bother ever making that. It’s a hassle to cook it down.

If you want to bake you can use butter, coconut oil, tincture etc. You don’t need to make MBO – that is more for medical users who dose like that IMHO.

Saw your Tincture video on YouTube and tried it using a borrowed Magical Butter machine (that had previously made perfect butter and oil) but at the end of the 4 hour tincture cycle the contents inside had turned to dust! (I used 2 cups everclear & 1 oz botanicals) Also, the handle on the machine broke; I can only assume it got too hot and the welds broke?

What did I do wrong?

Thanks for any help!

That is some odd behavior and I’d contact Magical Butter direct and have them make good on their warranty. They are some good folks over there. In regards to the dust and such… You need to make sure you fill the liquid at least to the min line, then add your botanicals. If this was done then it is the machines fault.

Sounds like your device malfunctioned. Better luck in the future man and let us know how it works out bro. We wish you good luck, once you do this a time or two you can do it in your sleep.

Pollyanna Infante says

My handle also broke and the company sent me a new top.
They said they were having a problem with them.

Sorry to hear that, glad you got it promptly resolved. These guys are ace at communication/customer service 🙂

I have had 2 magical butter machines now. I only make oil, butter or tincture about 1x per month. After approximately 6 months I noticed a crack in my handle. I babied it the whole time I was barely using it and it cracked for seemingly no reason.
Sure they replaced it but gave only 60 days warranty on the second one. And despite holding it with 2 hands whenever possible, not using the handle and babying it; the handle is cracking a second time. This item is defective and breaks too easily for something that costs so much and gets light duty. Not good!

That is unfortunate Laura and I have not had that experience. I’d give them a ring again and express your concerns. Customer service over there is pretty good. Best of luck!

Thanks guys for all the good questions and exposure this post has got on Google. I hope that people looking find out how to make strong tinctures right the first time by stumbling across this stuff 🙂

Living on south Africa 😀 just got my MB2.i thought glycerine was better than alcohol so I made 30 grams of about 15% Thc bud with 500ml vegetable glycerine. Is there any way I can still reduce the end product if it’s made from glycerine? I also bought an omicron vape pen and would love to have something that could be vaped in there.

Also, would it make my tincture more potent if I rerun it for another 4 hours with the already used herb ie it would basically have been in the machine for 8 hours.

Also ( lots of questions sorry), what’s the difference between MBO and tincture?

Thanks and peace

MBO is just tincture reduced until it is syrupy and thick. You could reduce the Glycerine further probably through boiling and evaporation but I’m not sure about the process – nor am I too sure about the whole vaporizer pen stuff. you can do a google search and see what you can find bro.

This tutorial was made for consuming the tincture with Ethanol or grain alcohol – NOT glycerin as glycerin doesn’t do as good of a job as a solvent as ethanol. This tincture is again for consumption and not for vaporizer pens. Consuming properly extracted cannabinoids via digestion is very medicinal in nature 🙂

Hope this helps Chris.

The magical butter machine oil recipe uses everclear and glycerine. Is it as good without the glycerine?

Everclear will always be better due to ethanol being a better solvent. I hope this helps :).

i’m new to all of this so I hope you can help. After following other tincture videos with no results and losing a lot of expensive MEDS, I’ve bought an MB2. Later I realized that chef butte’s video uses too much alcohol compared to all other recipes I’ve seen, so that was probably the biggest issue. Living in NC and being as discreet as possible, I never know what I’m getting outside of considering the cost differences. Can’t tell you the type or anything. With that said, is there a way to create tincture using low grade MEDS? Is Bacardi 151 okay to use? And is there any reason to save and reuse the botanical after making tincture, be it smoking, cooking, etc? Thanks so much! Your video has made more sense than any other to this novice!

Low grade meds are fine, in fact you’ll get more out of them by ingesting them via tincture rather than smoking. Bacardi 151 is okay – ONLY if you can’t can’t 95% ethanol likes Grave’s Grain or Everclear brands. The purer the ethanol, the better the extraction. That being said if you can only get 151, it isn’t the end of the world.

No sense in reusing the botanical after the extraction. Nearly all the goodies have been removed.

Hope I could be of help and best of luck!

Thanks for your help! So far, I haven’t found a dose that is effective and the everclear I used was 151 proof, 75.5% alcohol. Last night I tried 5 dropperfuls with no effect. Can you tell me is the everclear was the wrong kind (thought there was only 1 kind). Also, is there a way to cook this down to make stronger? And how can I make capsules? Do you have a recipe for that? Desperately trying to find an effective and easy way for my insomniac Mom to use without smoking, vaping or eating. Thanks!

Dang man, are you cooking up some schwagg? You can put the tincture on a double boiler and reduce it by 1/2 or more to make it stronger… Or simply take more drops.

Your problem is that you need HIGH quality meds, or more quantity of the not so good stuff. The fact you can only get 151 proof isn’t helping but the real root of the problem sounds like it is the lackluster meds bro.

To confirm, you use 2 ounces of bud (no sticks/stems/seeds) in 1 liter of 151 and you still aren’t getting effects?

No, 1oz in 2 cups everclear (75.5% alcohol). Not sure what schwagg means…lol. Total newbie for medical reasons

Butrad – no worries. Schwagg is a slang term for bad marijuana. Get the best medical marijuana you can and the purest solvent (Graves Grain or Everclear) and your problems will be solved.

If you are using sub par flowers and less than pure solvent – your results will be substandard.

Hope this helps you bro and best of luck in wellness!

Is there anyway to salvage what I have by cooking it down? And I guess more dropperfuls used will give me a bigger chance of working, correct? Money and availability are 2 issues. There have been a lot of major busts in my area lately. So better stuff will have to be down the road. One last question…is any regular Everclear okay or do they make more than one type? You keep saying 95% alcohol and my everclear was 75.5%. Sorry for being such an idiot to this, but sciece isn’t my strong suit and neither is all this medicinal stuff. Thanks agaon. By the way, I’m a dudette. :-p

Perhaps where you are the max alcohol they can sell is 75%, they do that in some states (it is dumb). Here in the Northeast we have no problem getting 95% at the liquor store.

You can either take more of what you have to get the same effect, or look at my previous post about reducing the volume by half or more to make what you have stronger. At any rate, the root of your problem is crappy meds. Inquire around or move to a state with better laws that care about sick people.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but there is only so much you can do with lackluster meds and these extracts can only be as good as the starting material involved.

Best of luck and God bless!

Also for insomnia you should give you mom some Chamomile tea and Valerian works quite well. Basically Valerian is natures valium and works on the same GABA receptors. Celestial Seasonings out of Colorado has a tea called Sleepytime Extra which as chamomile and Valerian. Make a double batch of that for your mom and she should sleep well.

The best cure for insomnia is hard exercise during the day though. Get the heart pumping and work up a good sweat that way when the head hits the pillow it is lights out. These are wise words from my own MD.

Thanks so much. Mom is 86, had a stroke, but still goes to the gym 3 times/week. Have tried everything except chamomile. Will give that a go!

No worries, I have some additional tips if you’d like. Normally I do $100/hour consulting on the phone but you said you were short on cash. If you want to use the contact form, simply get in touch with me and I’ll give you a free 20 minutes session if you’d like.

WOW! I’ll wait until I’m going to cook down tincture and compile questions. Thanks so much!!

I recently purchased a mb2 with the purpose of making e-liquid using this recipe and was reading this thread of how everclear pulls more love from the product. I was wondering about using a 1cup/1cup blend of 100%VG and EC and then double boil off the EC would help with potency and keep it safe in the e-cig. I am using mostly sugar shake donated with a 1/4oz of fresh cured (not carboxed) bud.

That sounds good to me. I don’t know much about VG but the ethanol should probably boil off at a lower temperature. Please feel free to experiment and report back with your results. That is if mixing 50/50 VG/EtOH is worth it versus just straight glycerine.

Thanks for the kind words Es_Jay. As long as the alcohol is pretty pure, it doesn’t matter how it was derived i.e. corn, cane, grape (just get the cheapest which is probably grain at the liquor store). $20 for a liter around these parts.

In regards to your tolerance, you can get a little extra bang if you decarb first. BUT there is a wide variance in how this is going to effect people. I have a low tolerance and 1-3 mL is fine – like most people without a tolerance. However I know people who smoke all day every day and take like 5-10 dropperfuls. Which is very high, but tolerance is a bitch aint it?

Have a nice holiday weekend bro!

Do you have a recipe for vape oil made with the MBM?

Here is a link posted by Pedro, check it out and let us know how you make out. I am not about vape oils or dabs in the slightest. I am a flower guy through and through and for edibles I eat tincture. The reason behind this is that flowers are strong enough for me and I like to consume the medicine close to how it is in nature.

Thanks and we will look forward to hearing how it works for you 🙂

the newest Magical Butter Machine the MB2e has no decarb function. you must decarb first. that’s according to the company and to myself who destroyed my first batch because I didn’t decarb first.

If I have the older version that says you do not need to decarb, and should not grind herb first, what do you do?

same thing. do not grind first.. that is straight from the company. I was seriously confused.. so many videos on the market say do not decarb first.. then the new machines came out and they didn’t re-explain the decarb process in the instruction manual well. it was confusing. I was upset..

for the new machine, I decarbed 240 degrees well covered in a foil package in a pyrex bowl (using a toaster oven and a digital thermometer) 45 minutes.. turned the oven off and let rest for 15-20 mintues.. then I opened the odoriferous little package and DID NOT GRIND the buds… just tossed them into the Magical Butter Machine with my coconut oil and lecithin….. I’m a huge fan of raw honey so I place a pound of raw honey (melted first) into the machine with the coconut oil. you can enjoy the results in your tea or coffee, on a baked potato or dare I say in a hot buttered rum…

Thx for the decarb update. So are you recommending this for the older and newer MBMs?

no, I have no knowledge of the older machines.. I would contact the company.. they have amazing customer service… they will get right back to you, as they did for me. I make no claim to know what the older machines do, because I never owned one… I heard (the interwebs) that they had a decarb function built in.. the MB2e does not.. that is the extent of my knowledge… other than do not grind first, I would think that the not grinding is the example you should follow…

I did it. Found a single batch tincture recipe and finally used what is considered high grade in my outlawed stated, plus used 95% Everclear that my husband bought in another state. Only had to use 3.5 grams of nature’s best, which made it so much better since I’ve ruined several ounces using low grade and a little higher grade in 75% Everclear. I derived 1 oz of drops, which is what the recipe is suppose to make, and it works. With money being tight and having screwed up so many times, I was uber nervous! Thanks so much for your help and encouragement! My Mom hasn’t tried it yet, and I’m unsure I’ll let her since apparently the batch I bought tends to put me in la-la land, but not sleepy. So very much wish it was legal here because I desperately need to know what the heck I’m buying to address specific symptoms!!

What recipe did you use?

If not, we are curious 🙂

I’m glad you had success Butrac. In fact, I think that tincture isn’t as popular as it should be because Cannabis is illegal on a federal level, thus leading to inflated prices. With meds being expensive folks are less likely to try new things because they don’t want to screw up.

I’m glad you had success and hope your mom gets to experience it if she is open. Perhaps start her on a half a dose if you are concerned.

Have a nice evening!

Hi Steve:
Love your site! Great information!
Your recommended decarboxylation method prior to using the MB2e for making cannabis tincture is different than what I’ve seen on the Internet. It’s a higher temp and way shorter time. Is that because the MB2e is known to partially decarb (at least they say it does when making butters) so you are factoring that in? The most scientific method I’ve found was in a patent by a pharma company and it states that a 2-step heating process is best. In short, this is the data for high THC cannabis (different temps/times for high CBD):
Step 1 Ideal Temp/Time: 221°F for 15 mins. Step 2 Ideal Temp/Time: 248°F for mins. I’m not into quick & simple; I want to use the best possible methods to get the highest quality for my efforts.

sheila danzig says

I have an unusual question. It seems easy enough to get HEMP CBD throughout the country, legally in every state. Is it possible to get HEMP to use in the MBM? Rather than the oils etc. that they sell? What part of the hemp is used and where would it be sold?

My knowledge is very limited here but I would expect the highest cannabinoid content (Aside from THC would be in the flowers). That being said, I’m pretty sure when hemp is grown there are just males and females abound pollinating each other. I’d recommend some extensive googling for raw hemp sources and directing your questions towards the farmers. Aside from that you can try things like googling or Amazon for ‘CBD oil’ – research hard and long on this subject and you’ll find what you need.

Alternatively you can get the CBD stuff at your local dispensary if you live in an MMP state. That would probably be best, these products tend to be expensive and some quite frankly are snake oil. So seek and ye shalt find!

Interesting. I live in a state where hemp is legal and I thought we were one 1 of three or four states where it is. My friend owned a hemp business and had to import most of his products from Canada. Legally it’s viewed the same as marijuana.

I have 2 MBMers and own a medical marijuana farm in Oregon with a full line of flowers, bud buddies, trim and edibles. I still have not found a superior or better tasting tincture than the frozen extraction method Golden Dragon tincture!

Peter – sounds like you are living the dream! As far as I know hemp had to be imported from Canada for the longest time but that may or may not have changed recently.

Step 2 was missing the time which is 60 mins.

Also I need to explain that I read about the MB2e being able to decarb to some extent before I bought it. Then after I bought it and read the manual, it says one should decarb first at 250F for 25-30 mins. So It was a bit confusing, but I figured I’d be safe a decarb first.

Hi Steve, I live in Canada and I am just about to receive my first prescription. Unfortunately the clinic that I have to deal with is very new and they are definitely very deficient when it comes to information on anything besides vaporizing. I have never used any marijuana products. I have Crohn’s disease in addition to chronic pain from a serious car accident. I have been researching like crazy to try and be as informed as possible about how to make the medicine as bioavailable as possible. With tinctures I have read that there are ways to enhance their bioavailability. Have you ever tried mixing your tincture with vitamin e? Another option that I have read is that if you add your tincture to unrefined coconut oil and put it in your mouth and swish it back and forth for a few minutes using an ‘oil pulling technique’ which is normally a way to remove toxins. By adding the medicine along with the medium chain fatty acids of the coconut oil instead of having to wait for the medicine to go through your GI tract that you will absorb the medicine sublingually and get an effect in about 15 minutes. The maximum bioavailability for a tincture using it either sublingually or having it go through the GI tract is supposed to be 20%. This is still an improvement over smoking or vaping but the best way is supposed to be by suppository. Apparently by mixing your tincture or oil with pure cocoa butter you can create a suppository that is 50-70% bioavailable which means this would give you by far the best bang for your buck so to speak. Since you have been using tinctures for quite some time, I was hoping that you or some of the people who follow you might have tried all or some of these methods and could give me some personal feedback. I have found lots of information on people’s personal experiences plus I have read a lot of organic chemistry information and medical research papers but it would be really helpful to have people who have experience with the medicine comment on these most recommended methods for use.
I was also wondering if you could comment on the ratio of THC to CBD. I have read conflicting information related to different types of IBD as to whether you want a ratio of 1:1 or 4:1 or 1:4. Unfortunately the way things are set-up in Canada, there is no direct contact between growers and medical marijuana users so the only product currently available for purchase is various strains of bud so there is no option of getting lower cost trim or other products. Everything has to be ordered online at $7.50- $9.00 a gram (28 grams to an ounce) plus 13% tax once per month. The only information I have is how much THC and CBD each strain has and at these prices I want to make sure that I am making good choices when ordering and that I am making the best choices as far as how to use the medicine. I know I have rambled on but I would really appreciate any information or suggestions you can provide.
By the way I have purchased the MB2. I also wanted to mention that in my research I have read that using lecithin with a tincture doesn’t affect the amount of medicine you get from the product but adding the lecithin will actually enhance your bodies ability to process the medicine.

You are thinking about this waaaaayyyyyy too much. Cannabis is a natural medicine that has been around since the dawn of time. It is one of the safest medicines known to man and has never killed anyone, ever. That being said, the psychological/physical effects vary greatly from person to person, so you may want to try a variety of strains to see what works best for you. Start small and go from there as I recommended in the above post.

As for THC and CBD you want an Indica or Afghani based strain. Don’t worry about the specifics and do not worry about bioavailability. The cannabinoids suspended in the Ethanol will work on your system in no time :). Take it orally in some tea and don’t worry about the lecithin. The price for cannabis is very reasonable where you are so be grateful!

Strains that you are seeking should be indica dominant to help with your GI issues and chronic pain. Simply ask the dispensary what their most indica dominant strain is and go from there. Some real good strains for our condition are: Blueberry, Grand Daddy Purple, Afghani, Herijuana, Master/Bubba/Afghani Kush etc.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. I can give you more information and I do consulting on the phone on the side.

Be well and enjoy your medicine!

I have what seems like an obvious question, but i have not seen it asked. Does the everclear in the tincture have as much of an effect as the extracted meds? I mean everclear is strong by itself. I have an mbm2e and am trying to decide between the everclear and glycerin based recipe. It is for medical use by my grown daughter, but we dont want to get drunk. Using only high CBD strains.

Brent – this question has been asked MANY times. I don’t want to sound like a dick, but the answer to this question is no – you will not feel the alcohol at all. A shot of alcohol is 44 mL. With this tincture you will take 1-3 mL. This is a very small amount – too small to perceive. Like a sip of beer… Definitely use the ever clear, it is better at extracting than the glycerin.

Best of luck Brent and tell us how you make out 🙂

Recovery after error help please. Ok I made a great oil last week but today was so smashed when I made my tincture with 1oz high grade herb and 500ml spirytus that I accidently set the temp at zero heat for 4 hours. I put all the material and herb back into the machine and set at 160 for 4 hours. Can I salvage this batch or should I just give myself an uppercut, throw into the local ladies auxiliary club xmas dinner punch and start again? Please help guys dumb aussie.

This batch will be fine. All you did was grind the product for 4 hours with no heat. Now you are grinding and heating the material for 160 degrees for 4 hours. Heck it could even come out a little more powerful as it is more homogenized.

If I were you I would smoke a joint and smile. All is well buddy, simple mistake but no problem. God bless.

Hey Steve, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love the tincture method you have up here on this website. One thing I have always wondered though is if you can continue to evaporate the alcohol in a double boiler after it has been through the MB2 to get like a wax solvent?

You will make Rick Simpson Oil that way, if you continue to evaporate it, you can make a hash – but it may be harsher as it has plenty of time to absorb the chlorophyl and such from the plant. I’d recommend looking into bubble bags if you have extra time and want hash. It is all natural and super freaking potent. A lot of people even prefer bubble hash to butane hash oil or honey oil. Best of luck Khalifa and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Hey Steve, I’m 21 and I suffer with very bad arthritis especially in my back. It’s pretty shitty as it prevents me from playing lots of sport and been as active as I can. Anyway I’ve smoked weed since I was 17 and I’m trying to give up smoking since last year because the smoke it affecting my chest. I’ve been smoking cannabis oil threw an e-cig and it’s much better for my chest and my arthritis pain. The downside is it costs €70 for one ml and I can’t afford to buy enough to do myself which means I have to go back to smoking. Anyway long story short I’m just wondering is this tincture stuff the same stuff that I’m smoking threw the e-cig? It looks a lot like the oil I’m buying. Anyway if you could let me know it would be great. And if you have any links to do with healthy eating that I could look up would be great also. Fair play to you helping people your a saint.

Sorry to hear about your arthritis, when I am flairing (colitis) I get bad arthritis in my knees particularly and a bit in the elbows. This is an oral ethanol based tincture which is not the same as the oil you are consuming which is made with PG. If you’d like to go that route I would recommend either getting a flower vaporizer like the Pax 2 or following a Magical Butter E-Cig juice guide like this one.

Also for your general inflammation please try Boswellia Serrata. I take this stuff and give it out to arthritis/colitis/crohns sufferers who definitely say it makes a difference.

Stay tuned for my eBook. I just had my good friend from the best dispensary in my state edit it and I’ll have it available soon. It covers diet extensively. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email personally and we can talk on on the computer or the phone.

God bless bro and thank you for the kind words.

How’s it going Steve thanks for the feedback. I read up on the link you gave for making the magical butter e-cig and sorry just to confirm, so making e-cig juice is similar but you use the VG instead of the everclear? And then I no it needs to be mixed with PG afterwards. I also seen it says the weed oil is not as strong as hash oil and I think it’s hash oil I’ve been using at least the guy I’m getting it from calls it hash oil. So I’m guessing weed oil wouldn’t be nowhere near as strong as a joint? Sorry to hear about the knees and your other issues man I know what it’s like to be held back. I’ll definitely try the Boswellia serrata and I’ll be keeping tabs on that book as they say your health is your wealth.
Thanks Steve you da man

Hash or weed oil should be much more potent than a joint. If we are hand making this stuff we can tailor it to our needs.

I’d google around for various guides on this subject. I may write a guide myself, I’ll be honest I don’t have much experience in the ecig or liquid vape arena but I had a disposable Sour Diesel pen the other week and it rocked. So I may look more into this stuff.

I’m just more of a simpleton so I like the pax2 for flower, my mobius ion matrix bubbler or a joint for flowers. My buddies like dabs (BHO) and bubble hash but that stuff is too strong for me. Bubble hash is super simple to make and requires no harsh solvents so I dig that.

Got a question I don’t think I’ve seen an answer to yet. Got a strain (Avidekel) for my dad who has a fatal pulmonary condition (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis), which is lung scarring that is irreversible. This strain is 17% CBD and no to little THC. I’ve read that CBD strains should NOT be decarboxylated. I’m thinking of getting the magical butter machine to make tinctures. Any instructions or alternations to the method to make such a tincture for CBD-only tincture with the machine? I’ve tried Crockpot butter, but for whatever reason, it’s not potent or effective at all. Thanks!

Hey, Steve!
I have a friend who made cannabis tinctures using the MBe2, Sweet Island OG, and food grade VG. He has had it stored for the past 2 months in his pantry in a green mason jar glass that he flips upside down every morning.
He said he thinks he may have done something wrong because every morning when he’s about to flip it over, it seems as if some darker residue sinks to the bottom half. Is that the way it’s supposed to be?
He said from start to finish he used this process:
Took 1 oz of Sweet Island OG and decarbed it. Waited for it to cool down and put it in the MBe2, emptied just over 16 oz of food grade VG, and put it I’m the 8 hour cycle with the recommended temperature settings for tinctures. After the machine finished, he used the filter provided in the MBe2 package and filtered it into the green mason jar glass.
He said he used VG because he wants to vape it and he wants to keep the THC because he likes the high it gives him.
Can you give us any info on what we may have done wrong or if that’s the way it’s supposed to be? He hasn’t tried the tincture yet because he wants to have it sitting for another month. We greatly appreciate any help.

1 oz to 2 cups isn’t going to be strong enough for vaping IMHO. It depends on the grade of cannabis he is using and the specifics. I get a lot of questions about making vaping oils for the MB2 but I focus on tincture.

I have never tried this method but this looks like a good start:

I’m making tincture in MBM2

I have read and watched numorus videos on how to and why it’s best 2 Decarb the flower before putting into MBM2

Question is :what is the correct way to Decarb flower? Everyone says something different

I have f*cked up this before and it has cost me $300 in product

I broke up flower put on sheet in oven covered in tinfoil bake 240 75 minutes
Took out.. Let cool
Add Decarb flower in MBM2 with 2 1/2 cup Grain hit 4 hour tincture button

My tincture came out tasting very alcohol strong
But could also taste the goodness ( just over powered by the taste of alcohol)

I need to poor about 2ml of my tincture into glass then add whatever chaser to feel the effects of my tincture

I then added maple syrup and honey into the 2ml tincture bottle and seem to help

I’m assuming I put to much grain 2 1/2 cup) vs only 1/2 oz is why my tincture came out alcohol strong?

My next batch will be exactly what you suggest for a very strong tincture

I have 1oz of Green Crack and 1 full bottle of grain alcohol and a MBM2

Curious on the Decarb method and the amount of Booze

I know you will say 1 cup booze per 1oz
But I tried a half oz and 1 cup on my very 1st attempt and after the 4 hours I had no liquid only muck
I assume it’s bc I didn’t use enough liquid is why my 1st attempt failed

Thanks for your time

Now I used 1/2 blue dream 2 & 1/2 cups grain

Yes basically a good method is one ounce of meds per cup of ethanol but keep in mind you need at least two cups to hit the min line. In your previous batch two and a half cups of alcohol and a 1/2 oz is going to be weak unless you evaporate it after the fact to get around the 1 cup booze/1 oz cannabis ratio.

These days my go to is simple and metric so I don’t have to do math. 100 grams of decarboxylated cannabis to 1 liter of ethanol. No math needed to calculate the strength, just look at your weed THC percentage. If it is 16%, then for every mL you will have approximately 16 mg THC. Easy peezy. To properly decarb simply follow MB’s instruction manual, page 6 Decarboxylate your Botanicals:

Basically 250 degrees for 30 minutes in a covered pyrex then let it cool completely and use it in your machine.

Let us know how you make out, i’m sure you’ll be very impressed this time.

Don’t mean to butt in on this thread but I rough chop my bud, then decarb for 20 minutes at 200 then 5 minutes at 250 then turn the oven off and leave it in the oven until it’s cool enough to remove the pan. Always worked great for me.

Hey Damien, we still need to have that discussion on Golden Dragon Tincture!!

I haven’t made tincture with bud in a while now. Just grade A frosty trim, no chopping required :). Thanks for the tips tho Peyer. I know the MB folks say you don’t have to fine grind or anything but a rough chop probably allows you to fit a whole lot more herb in there than normal.

Well … I’m a medical grower in Oregon and grow in large quantities, my trim is most people’s decent bud. I call them bud buddies.

Props bro. I’m a MMP here in RI and we have the best MMP laws on the east coast currently. Maine, RI and DC are states where they actually let folks grow a respectable amount of meds (12 in veg/12 in flower her for a patient). It’s getting better everywhere for patients and I’d predict by 2020 it will be nationally legalized. There is a bill up for legalization in RI as we already have decriminalization and a great MM system in place.

Are you an outdoor grower or indoor Peter and what strains do you like? I began indoors in soil, but once I discovered deep water culture and the simplicity of it when dialed I was hooked. I’m more nerdy so I like to know specific EC content and I’m very attracted to the cleanliness and efficiency of hydro. The simpler, the better for me and I love how in DWC plants can drink as much as they would like.

If we were allowed to grow outdoors i’d go all organic as that is how I grow my fruits and veggies. No reason not to be practice sustainable horticulture when there is plenty of manure and cheap ways to grow killer crops.

Indoor however, i’m all about efficiency and getting the most out of the wattage we use. It’s interesting because most people who consume cannabis are environmentally friendly but indoor growing requires a ton of electricity. Hopefully with new tech moving forward and things like solar and wind power we can all leave a lower CO2 footprint for cultivating fine meds.

I grow both indoor (Flood to drain hydro) using 3 Kind 1,000 watt LED’s) I have a 12KwH solar system that helps with the footprint big time!! As well as organic outdoor both in a 30×48 greenhouse and straight outside.
Last year I ran Chem Dawg, a pure Lebanese landrice, G-13, Obama Kush, Cinex, Lily Koi ( Green Crack), Blue Magoo and Oregon Diesel.
Indoors right now I’m running Blueberry and have about 115 seedlings and clones started and in my greenhouse ( with supplemental light) a bunch of my seedlings are crosses I pollinated myself last summer.

Steve, I want to use a half oz of dank for my tincture process how much cups of grain alcohol do you suggest?

also how do i remove the alcohol from the tincture so its less harsh?

Vlad if you are only using a half ounce, use the 2 cups or enough to get you to the min line. Then use a rice cooker or double boiler (over electric NOT gas flame) to reduce the 2 cups to a single cup to increase the potency.

Don’t worry about removing the alcohol just drop 1-2 mL of tincture in some orange juice. Kush and orange juice – just like the Wiz Khalifa mixtape ;). Alternatively you can put it in some water, tea, soda, beer, etc. It really isn’t too harsh, these days I’ll just swish around some spit in my mouth and down it with the saliva.

That’s the OG gangster method, just kidding. Have fun bro.

When going from 2 ups of grain to half z
After in rice cooker to go from 2 cups to 1 cup what do you do?
Leave the entire tincture (2cups) in rice cooker ?
Or do you mix it
Or will it just go down to 1 cup overtime
Also what heat ?
Should it boil?

Good question, this part is quite simple. All we are doing is reducing the volume of tincture via evaporation/gentle boil to increase the potency of our green goodness. Just pour your 2 cups of tincture in the rice cooker and press the button. I like the Black and Decker model because it is so damn simple. You just press one button and keep an eye on it and it will be down to 1 cup in no time. If you’d like it more potent, simply reduce it further to a half cup or whatever you desire.

You don’t need to worry about heat or boiling as this unit only has one heat setting. While boiling off a flammable solvent like ethanol, do it by a open window or a big room. It’s really not that dangerous so long as you keep basic safety in mind. No smoking, no open flames and you’ll be ready to rock and roll in no time Damien.

Here is a link for a solid cooker. $19.99 with free shipping from Amazon Prime. I freakin’ love Prime 🙂

Peace and love brother. Let us know how you made out. My girl just actually had some tincture today and last night with her pops. It’s a very good way of using medical marijuana and I love how back in the day this was the standard for medicating. You’d go to the pharmacy and cannabis didn’t come in flowers, just an easy to use tincture.

I think tomorrow I’m going to shoot an updated video on how to do this stuff even more simply. My ebook should be out by month end so I’d like to have some excellent videos and such to link to in my ebook. If you haven’t already, please sign up via my email newsletter and tell your friends. I don’t spam and you could probably expect 1-3 emails a month. Nothing crazy, but it will keep you abreast of whats going on here at Green Diet 🙂

Back again with some more questions for you. So I got the rice cooker you suggested for $20 (thx amazon prime)

I have made a “prototype” tincture and at first when i made it, it tasted too much like ever clear. now it tastes more like it should(i think). I added some citrus extract too it and have added it into gaterade to drink haha.
So the question this time( and please be as detailed as possible for me)

Im thinking about using a half again I know the process using the MB2 but where does the rice cooker come into play.
Ive never used one before so please be detailed with how it should all work?(ya i dont eat much rice at home)

Lol, this is an easy one. Simply put your tincture in and press the button. There is only one heat setting, so press that button and evaporate to your heart’s desire 🙂

If making tincture same way with cooking oil (preferably coconut oil)
Do u use the same 1 cup per oz
And do you use the 4 hour or 1 hour setting?
Also can you burn off extra oil ( like with grain) to make tincture stronger? Or bc it’s oil not booze it doesn’t matter?

It depends on the recipe and how much oil it calls for. I keep it simple and use Ghiradellia Chocolate Triple Fudge Brownie Mix. I replace the 1/4 oz of water and 1/2 ounce of vegetable oil with 1 cup of cannabis infused coconut oil. Here are Amazon links so you can save some dough. A 12 pack of brownie mix costs just $2/box here:

Here is a link for the big boy 54 ounce Nutiva Coconut oil for just $25 per 54 ounce bucket (you get 2):

This stuff should have you set for a while bruh.

Depending on how much sugar leaf or bud you have on hand you can make the oil as strong as you’d like. It all depends on tolerance. For me and my girl 10-20 mg THC does the trick but I have a buddy who needs 100-200 mg of THC to get the same effects because he smokes real heavy.

For personal edibles I usually use a quarter ounce of meds to 2 cups of coconut oil. If you use a cup per batch this is an 1/8th of meds in a cup. Usually you get 9 big brownies in a 9×9 pan.

This makes the dosage .38 grams per brownie. So that is really easy to dose. If you are new to edibles eat a quarter of a brownie which make it more like a brownie bite and will be about .1 grams of meds in there. If your bud is 15-20% THC you’ll be eating 15-20 mg THC in that brownie bite. Then go from there.

To answer your questions specifically. Use coconut oil, use ghiradelli triple chocolate fudge mix, use an 1/8th of an ounce of meds per cup, use the 4 hour setting. Don’t burn off or try to burn the coconut oil.

These will taste fucking delicious as the ghiradelli is a great mix for a great price and the coconut gives it a real nice texture/taste. Enjoy man and tell us how you make out.

Major thanks for your attention to this blog. I read them all as I’m waiting for my machine delivery. What are your thoughts about adding a decent amount of mint leaves to the tincture to make the taste better?

I’m all for it brother. I like how the tincture tastes naturally, it just has the alcohol bite. If you don’t dig the taste feel free to add that mint concoction to a mint tea… Bet it would vibe perfect. Be well Gary and thanks for swinging by 🙂

I am in the middle of my first batch of tincture. How cam I add flavor and what flavor do u suggest. I am using mb2. Can I burn off anything I added 2 cups.
Thanks for all the posts I amean new to this and your posts made it simple thanks again.

No problem Craig, sorry for the late reply. You can add flavoring if you’d like but I wouldn’t. Just use a chaser after or put some lemon in your mouth or something 🙂

Hope I didn’t lose a good batch of good bud, but here’s what happened: I followed all the directions you gave for tincture: decarbed for 30 min, placed the buds in the MB2 along with 2 cups of Everclear, set the temp to 160, 4hour button. when the final buzzer rang, I opened the lid and all that was left was powder! (and a scorched bottom). I live in Montana, elevation 4500 ft. Probably should have lowered the temp to offset my elevation. But can I do anything to this “dust” to retrieve the THC? Can I place it in a cup of Everclear and freeze it for a week?

I’ve heard occasionally with elevation this can occur. Moving forward add double the alcohol and evap after. You can add ever clear to the goop and salvage stuff. Good luck Neil and sorry to hear about that.

Sorry, but I forgot to thank you so much for steering so many folks to better heath through the wonder drug cannabis !! So appreciated

Thanks Neil, God bless bro.

Hi Chris.
I am wondering if you have ever added cinnamon or dried mint etc into the MB at the same time to flavour your tincture? I have a MB1 and was told to use the butter setting twice. Any thoughts on these?

I don’t add flavorings Amber. With the MB1, I forgot about the settings but you can run it twice if you’d like. I do 160 degrees for 4 hours with the new one.

This is an amazing website. Thanks!

One quick question: Last night I made tincture with the MB2. I used 16 oz of VG, and one ounce of home-grown blue dream. 8 hours.

It came out great, with a perfect maple syrup consistency.

To strengthen, I am going to take this tincture and add one more ounce of blue dream, then run back through the MB2 again.

I am not adding more VG. Just my tincture and another ounce of weed.

Question: Since it already went through the 8 hour cycle with the first ounce, should i only do a 4 hour cycle for the 2nd ounce? I want to make sure it is as strong as possible, but don’t want to over-cook it! Thanks so much!

Sorry for the late comment but I’d just run it for 4.

Good luck, sounds like you’ll have some potent juice on your hands bro.

Hi. I’m a total newbie and have a Magical Butter machine. But here in New Zealand the best I can get is Bacardi 151 or Absinthe at 89.5% alcohol volume.
Can I use the absinthe??

Absolutely, I love Absinthe and it is super high alcohol. Get the 89.5% and rock on brother.

Hi Steve, i ordered th Magic Butter machine and just received it. I bought 7 grams of herb and the rest of the ingredients. Now I find out that I need 28 grams for the recipe?? This would be outrageously expensive. My goal is good it is to concentrate to make gummy bears. Do you think I would just be wasting it if I tried to use only 7 ounces is there a way to make this work?

Thank you.

Simply use the math I have in my newest Tincture post and adjust accordingly. I responded to your email as well Coop 🙂

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