How does 18: 6 fasting work exactly: intermittentfasting

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How does 18:6 fasting work exactly?

Does this mean you don’t eat at 12AM then wait for 4PM to eat and eat for 6 hours?

For example if I haven’t eaten since 10PM of yesterday would it still be considered a 16 hour fast if I eat at 2PM?

For 18:6, you have a six hour eating window that can take place at any time of the day. It starts with your first bite and ends with your last bite. You can theoretically eat whatever you want within this window, but if you have a specific goal like weight loss you may still need to count your calories/macros.

My typical 18:6 schedule is to eat lunch at 2pm and finish dinner by 8pm, but again, you can move your eating window to whatever fits your schedule. If you want to do 16:8 instead of 18:6, then eating from 2pm-10pm is fine.

There are several popular styles of IF and they are commonly referred to by an abbreviation using two numbers, such as “16:8”, or “5:2”.

If the numbers add up to 24, then it is a daily IF routine and the numbers refer to the hours in the fasting and feeding windows. So 16:8 means 16 hours of fasting and a 8 hour feeding window.

If they add up to 7 then it is a weekly routine and the numbers refer to days of normal eating and days of fasting, although their position is reversed. So 5:2 means a routine where you would fast for two days per week, usually not consecutively, and eat normally for five days of the week.

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