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Hoxsey diet

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Actual Cases of Cancer Victors
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This website provides an unbiased analysis of the major alternative-cancer clinics, treatments and therapies. It explains the theories of how these treatments work and where to locate doctors, practitioners and natural-health clinics. It also provides case histories of patients who have benefited from these non-conventional approaches.

We show you how important diet and nutrition are to your immune system, and how to prevent cancerous cells from developing. The types of treatments that are or soon will be covered in this website include: metabolic therapy, holistic approaches, Laetrile, 714X, vaccines, Angiostatin, Shark Cartilage, Cancell, Essiac, Budwig diet, Gerson, Hoxsey, hyperthermia, hydrazine sulfate, metabolic therapy, MGN3, Oxygen and Ozone therapy, vitamin therapy, nutrition and enzyme therapy, Biological Response Modifier Therapy, DMSO, Immunology, Rife generators, zappers, amygdalin, Vitamin B17, antineoplastons, green tea, mistletoe/iscador, ganoderma, and more. We will research new therapies and report on them.

These treatments can help all cancers, including breast, lung, brain, skin, ovarian, malignancies, and tumors, even when conventional therapies, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery have been tried and failed.

We discuss many alternative-medicine clinics and doctors including: Oasis Hospital, Stella Maris Clinic, Issels Clinic,Santa Monica Hospital, Dr. Brodie’s Center, Burzynski’s Clinic, ITI, Hufeland, IBC, Sanoviv, Schachter Center, and more.

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