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Home Remedies For Eosinophilia

What is Eosinophilia?

The condition in which the eosinophil count in the peripheral blood gets increased is termed as Eosinophilia.

Eosinophils are white blood cells that are responsible for combating multi cellular parasites and certain infections in vertebrates, they also control mechanisms associated with allergy and asthma.

These Eosinophils also known as granulocytes are developed during haematopoiesis (the formation of blood cellular components) in the bone marrow before migrating into the blood.

On an average 5% – 7% of the white blood cells constitute of the Eosinophils, a higher count of which is an outcome of the disease Eosinophilia.

Eosinophilia is kind of bronchitis which causes an inflammation of the airways and results in blockage, cough and difficulty in breathing.

Causes of Eosinophilia

Due to wider range of probable causes it becomes more difficult to diagnose the root cause of Eosinophilia in children. Some of the reasons may be:

• Tissue Invasion By Parasites
Allergic State
• Malignancy
• Drug Hyper Sensitivity
Fungal Infection
Connective Tissue Disease
• Idiopathic
• Adrenal Insufficiency
• Eosinophilic Pulmonary Syndrome
• Penicillin
• Cholesterol Emboli
• Carbamazepine
• Sulphonamides
Food Allergy
• Eczema
• Carcinoma Especially With Radiation Therapy
• Scabies
• Eosinophilic Granuloma
• Myeloproliferative Disorders
• Parasitic Infection
• Strongyloides
• Hookworm
• Eosinophilic Leukaemia
• Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
• Loeffler’s Syndrome
• Vasculitis
• Pulmonary Infiltration With Eosinophilia
• Addison’s Disease
• Hyper Eosinophilic Syndrome

Symptoms of Eosinophilia

  • Symptoms With Asthma:

Symptoms With Parasitic Infections:

Common symptoms:

Rare symptoms to occur:

o Weight loss
o Night sweats
o Enlargement of lymph nodes
o Skin rashes
o Tingling and numbness due to nerve damage

The video shows the pictures of esophagus in normal case and when the person is suffering from Eosinophilia.

Natural Home Remedies for Eosinophilia

Follow these home remedies for Eosinophilia and you will notice a great improvement in your immunity.

    • Put few drops of eucalyptus oil in your steam water, this will help in softening and clearing the mucus.

• Add some freshly crushed ginger or some ginger juice to your tea to make help cure this problem, to some extent.

• You can also have a mixture of pepper powder and honey in water. With the intake of this solution twice daily you can improve your immunity too.

• Another valuable home remedy for Eosinophilia is drinking a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder.

Ginseng or ashvagandha is useful in reducing inflammation of all kinds.

• Above all, drink sufficient quantity of water.

• Gargle with 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds boiled in the water. This works as an effective Eosinophilia natural treatment.

Holy basil serves as a useful home medicine for Eosinophilia.

• Improve your consumption of green leafy vegetables and fruits to facilitate the process of healing.

• You may also try yoga which can help you in making your body healthy as well as increase your immunity.

• One of the best home remedies for Eosinophilia is found in Malabar nut. Prepare a juice of it and have it daily.


The best way to reduce Eosinophilia is to clear things that trigger the problem.

  • • Cut down your daily dose of beverage.
  • Avo >

Having Eosinophilia can be quite irritating and troublesome, but one can get rid of it with the above simple Eosinophilia home remedies and natural therapies.

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