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Top Nutrition Experts

Follow the food philosophies of the health and fitness industry’s most trusted leaders.

Customized Meal Plans

Get meal plans based on your age, height, weight, gender, eating preferences and more.

Hundreds of Recipes

Hit the kitchen with hundreds of healthy recipes that fit your lifestyle. Vegetarian, vegan and keto included.

Meal Prep Made Easy

Set yourself up for success with meal prep-friendly plans and grocery lists designed to streamline your nutrition.

Start Your Meal Plan Today

Ready to streamline your nutrition? Try Mealplan free for 1 week. Cancel any time.

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“I find the custom nutrition plan option very helpful in keeping your diet goals on point. Love it!”

“I‘m so impressed with the attention to detail and range of dishes. The app is getting the ratings it has earned.”

“Large variety of recipes. Very easy to make, fast. Well explained and delicious.”

“Out of all the meal apps, this one has to be my favorite and has the most delicious easy, hassle free dishes!”

“I have been prepping out daily week lunch meals. My husband and I love it. Thank you very much!”

“The meals look amazing and the way the app is organized makes it really simple to use!”

Keeping your nutrition on track can be a challenge — that’s why we created Mealplan. Mealplan helps you organize and streamline your eating, from your daily calorie targets and macros, all the way down to your weekly grocery lists. Each meal plan is personalized to your fitness goals, age, gender and eating preferences, so you can stop guessing and start cooking! Choose from hundreds of recipes curated by our team of Nutrition Experts, including vegetarian, vegan and keto.

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