History – SIBO- Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

scd diet cookbooks

Scd diet cookbooks

Although Dr Haas was a Medical Doctor and thus his Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a Medical treatment, it is not commonly known of or prescribed by Gastroenterologist’s today. Somehow his dietary approach to SIBO has been separate from the world of information being discovered by the current medical researchers. When I first focused my attention on SIBO several years ago, I was surprised to find that the SCD community (online support groups, websites and cookbooks) was unaware of the research on SIBO and visa versa. My objective over the last few years has to integrate these two worlds of information.

One missing piece in Breaking the Vicious Cycle and Dr Haas’s work was an explanation for constipation . It wasn’t until 2004 that constipation’s relationship to SIBO was discovered. Dr Pimentel and his team at Cedars-Sinai found that one of the gases produced by bacteria- methane, alters the motility of the small intestine and is highly linked with constipation. This is an astounding finding. Chronic unremitting constipation can be due to bacterial infection.

In Gottschall’s time, available antibiotics caused side effects such as diarrhea that made their use for SIBO unwise. Recently a new antibiotic (Rifaximin) was developed that has a low incidence of this problem. With an effective antibiotic available for SIBO, interest and research from the medical community increased. This has allowed us to include diet, antibiotics and a spectrum in between, as ways to deal with this problem.

These are just two examples that will be discussed in detail in my upcoming book on SIBO – stay tuned.

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