High Protein Effect on Kidneys: A high-protein diet can affect your kidneys, How Much Protein Damages Kidneys

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World Kidney Day 2019: A high-protein diet can affect your kidneys

How can protein negatively affect kidneys?
Our kidneys filter waste compounds, excess nutrients and liquids out of our bloodstream. This further helps in urinating. But your kidneys have to work really hard to clear the metabolites of protein from your body. So, the more protein you eat, the harder your kidneys have to work.

A high-protein diet for a long time can worsen the kidney function, especially in people who are already suffering from kidney disease. This may cause trouble eliminating all the waste products of protein metabolism from your body.

If you have an existing kidney problem, you must limit your protein intake. Also, proteins are found both in animals and plants, so you can make a smart move by choosing the right combination.

Protein requirement by the body
We need 1 gram of protein/kg ideal body weight. But diets these days rely heavily on protein for weight loss. These diets may work by making you lose weight but lead to harming you in the long run.

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