Helicobacter Pylori Infection -how long should it take for Helicobacter Pylori Recovery?

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Helicobacter Pylori Infection -how long should it take for Helicobacter Pylori Recovery?

I was diagnosed in April and treated with amoxicillin, clarithromycin and omeprazole for 7 days. 2 weeks after the treatment was over I had a stool antigen test to confirm eradication. It came back negative. It has been over a month since the treatment ended and everyone says I should be feeling better soon. But no such luck. I am still having problems. I do not have diarrhea anymore (like I did while I was infected). But my stomach still feels bloated all the time, I never get very hungry, and occasionally the upper part of my abdomen hurts and burns occasionally. I also get this feeling of pressure building up in my throat a lot, especially if i try to exercise and after i eat. I think its gastritis from the ordeal. I have an endoscopy scheduled on the 22nd. I have been taking probiotics during and ever since treatment ended. i eat lots of fresh fruit like bananas, apples, blueberries, and strawberries. Also i have not been eating spicy, acidic, or any foods that would cause me problems. and lately i feel like my discomfort and current condition is getting worse.

But my question is, is all of this normal? has anyone else experienced this? is it really a matter of months before I get 100% again? will i ever be 100% again? this is so awful, I want it all to stop so badly. all of this has taken so much out of me and i never feel good anymore. today i bought L-glutamine, mastic gum, DGL, aloe vera juice, and digestive enzymes to try and help my stomach heal. My doctor has also told me to take 20mg of prilosec before bed each night for the next 3 months, then to move down to zantac for another month.
Thank you

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The aloe juice and digestive enzymes may help. I had a mess up in my work insurance, and wqs due to have these tests. Out of desparation, I started the aloe juice, it helps with that pain you mentioned, has NOT helped me with the pressure issue thoug, but I am so glad the pain after eating stopped shortly after I started the aloe. Best of luck, sorry I didn’t have answers to all your questions. Patti

Thank you for your response.

I took the antibiotics for 14 days strait. 2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon and 2 at night..after that everything improved but I still get a little bit of stomach pains. I just want to know how long will it be till I dont feel the pain. Its a pain that I can handle 100% it is not bad but I just dont want it because I’ve had it for about 2 months now and its annoying.

Is your pain completely go away? Are you come back in normality like before ,the infection? I can’t belive that my stomach will be like before my infection!i have forgot the feeling to be normal ,without pain!

In the h-pylori support group, they recommend pylera (quadruple therapy in one pill) or quadruple therapy.

Since you are seeing your gastro doc on the 22nd, I would be sure to tell him of all these problems you are experienceing. I would have thought the antibiotics would have helped with the H-Pylori, but apparetnly you are producing too much acid. I would (after checking with your doctor) take the priosec in the morning before putiing anything else in your stomach including coffee if you drink it. It is known to cause stomach upset. I have to take omeprazole every morning because I produce too much acid. I have tried to stop taking it, & every time I get horrible acid reflux. You might want to ask your doctor about this. They may want to re-scope you to see what is goin on now. I also take a good probiotic every day to keep the level of good bacteria in my system. Just my thoughts. Mary

When coffee is brewed the acid in the beans comes out in the coffee. Try cold brew. The acid in the beans doesn’t come through the filtration system. Also H. pylori produces ammonia, which is a base, to neutralize the stomach acid in your stomach. To create a better environment for them. Smart little dudes in there. The esophageal sphincter is triggered by acid but the low acid in your stomach gets pushed up by gas, food, laying down. Plus H. pylori causes food sensitivities like gluten sensitivity. Gluten is a protein which takes a lot of acid to break down. I supplement with Betaine Hcl with Pepsin. I’ll never take PPI’s again. They should be called hydrogen inhibitors. It takes salt and water to produce stomach acid. But those PPI’s inhibit the hydrogen in H20 to mix with chloride in sodium chloride producing Hydrochloric Acid. Which is what breaks down our food so we don’t develop a nutrient deficiency causing more problems.

i had been feeling real bad for 8-9 months. dr. did endioscopy. stiil feeling bad. 1 week after, i called dr. about nausea & vomiting. said i tested postive for h-pylori. dont know how i got it but i’ve had pnuemonia before & i thot i was gona die. lost 15 lbs in 14 days(i only weighed 85. since they told me i had h-pylori on antibiotics but every time i take these i feel much worse than i did before. i feel like it is poision to my insides. dr. said i may need 3-4 rounds of these antibiotics. dont know if i can do this. anyone else having this problem?

Gosh I feel so so bad for you! I wonder if you have been on anyPPI medication for a long period of time or any medication for a long time? Let me know and perhaps I can give you some insight as to what happened to me after taking Lipitor and also another medication called Omeprazole, a generic for Prilosec. I will wait for your response.

Hang in there I felt the same I just got done with mine trust me it was the wrost feelin ever I thought I was gonna die too. Now im just tryin to see how long it will take for me to get 100% better I feel better than before thou

I hope you can just bear with it as it’s worth taking the antibiotics rather than suffer constantly. Just an advice but of course, it’s up to how you feel, but please weigh the consequences because in the long run, you will benefit from eradicating the bacteria. In my thoughts and hope you will make the right decision.

AquarisAnnCA: You commented on Lipitor, long term use, I’ve been on Lipitor going on 10 years have now just got the H Pylori, please tell me what you meant about the long term use of Lipitor and other such drugs, I now take the generic of it.

I feel bad as well I did treatment of 3 different sets of antibiotics and I could finish any of those , unfortunately the medication my family doctor prescribing all 3 sent had tetracycline in it which after all I find out latter my body rejects ! Right now I’m on the set number 4 and I’m taking it or 3 days already the curse 14 days thou! It’s seems strange because as I now that antibiotics more then 7 days and they ad for you but the doctors in Canada seems only learn how to put you on medication instead of treat the problem .

Anyway so I’m taking right now metronidazole 500mg ,clarithromycin 500mg and pantoprazol to control acid for 14 days as I said before , I feel better with this set but the metal taste still pretty strong in mouth and I experiencing something new now I can’t sleep ! Not feel tired at all its second day and I haven’t really sleep at nite ( 1-2 hours) and all day wide awake ! Also my poop weird too it’s like diarrhea after taking medication in. About 30 mins , Poop looks like wipe cream or like bad milk clots and there is with it something like watery buggers which stretchy and long it’s weird . I’m suffering for 5 years with this infection and I do feel like all of you like I’m not living I’m surviving !

I just finish taking my antibiotics, you have to eat,before taking med,drink lots of water,,

listen what you need to do is get you some fermented vegetables are in sauerkraut preferably cabbage juice boiled cabbage juice and some cranberry juice 100% and some dried cranberries and then come back and let me know what the doctor say about H. pylori.

Good Morning sms08h,
First, I am wondering why this question posted on May 15th 2012 and we are just getting to answer it. My answer to this is that the answer will be in the endoscopy test you have probably already taken. Please let me know and perhaps I can give my answer if you have not already been told by your doctor what the problem is. I have a hiatal hernia which causes the GERD problems along the acid reflux and took omeprazole for 15 years after the bout with Hyplori but now found that the medication has caused me so many other problems. Went off the Omeprazole and the acid reflux is so bad and doctor suggests the procedure to have the hernia tucked around the stomach but I am concerned about having it done. Please let us know if the test was done and how you are today which is November 11, 2012.

dear Aquarius Anne, although I have Not had the procedure and I can’t remember exactly which old community member did, someone here did have the tucking procedure done and they said it fixed the GERD. I think it is called a fundiplification, I am sure I spelled that wrong. If you will join the hiatal hernia group, and then look at the bottom of that support group page, it should have old questions and answers for that group, scan thru those and you may be able to get more info specific to this. I am in the exact same boat, had a colonoscopy and EGD and I strongly suspect I have a hiatal hernia as the cause to most of my feelings of pressure, choking, and continued GERD symptoms. Have an appt with the gastro dr 12/14/12. This site is a bit difficult for most new posters, heck,even older members like me have trouble at times. It is not that you just now can answer this question, it’s that is lets people answer even old posts until they are considered resolved.

On the page where you can ask questions, it will say, under the answer some questions section, Most Recent Questions, if you want a fresh or newer question, click that. It should also say unanswered questions and popular questions. You can always click those too, but if you want to reach people here who are still active, click Most Recent Questions. This site is great about leaving profiles up, long after the person got an answer and became inactive, but if they set their email alerts properly and have the same email address they registered with the site, you could possibly get them by private questions. I sure hope this helps your bit. Welcome to the site. Patti

Hi Patti,
Thanks ever so much for all the info you so graciously gave to me! I will read it more in detail and follow what you are suggesting. I did notice sometime ago there are areas where there are unanswered questions and perhaps this is where that question fell into. I just wonder how that person made out. I don’t know how to create a friend yet either as I would like you on that list of My Friends. You were so so helpful regarding the procedure to correct the hernia (I don’t know the spelling. is it “fundiplication”?) anyhow, you did give me some encouragement about having it done since this is the answer to this type of problem and not a long term medication, but only if the procedure works. There is a new procedure with magnetic balls used to keep the muscle tightened in the esophagus so that there is no reflux.

I also read that contrary to what we think about acid reflux, we do NOT produce extra acid as we think, it is that the acid is not flowing in the proper place thus causing the acid reflux. when we take the PPI’s we stop producing acid that is why we no longer get the reflux but not producing acid is a detriment to our bodies. we need it to fight infections and lots of other reasons. I was having shortness of breath, gout, nausea in the morning, spasms in my throat, pain in my bones, and lots of other horrors from Omeprazole. I ended up in the hospital with my lungs that looked like shattered glass as the lung specialist called it and he never knew why it occured. I think it was from lack of acid in my body. Just my thoughts!

WOW, you know many things I am unaware of. Thanks for the info. I had not heard of the magnetic balls being used. I had heard the theory that too much acid is not the real problem. One person told me to drink apple cider vinegar, NOT a good thing for me. The fire in my belly from that experiment I can still imagine. Go to Wikipedia.org and look up GERD, it may have the correct spelling for the procedure name, then you can also do some research on the procedure, you can look here to see if they have a group for it, or on Wikipedia for info. TO Friend a person, click on their avatar or name and it takes you to their page, where you should see a prompt saying, “Add Friend,” and then you can check your own profile page to see if they friend you back. Give it times, since today is Sunday, many of the regular active members are busy with family and religious services, and will be back most likely this evening. Thank you for your input, I am impressed, and empathetic, I literally feel your pain. Patti

I have the hiatis hernia too. the dr. said i was all inflamed from my esosphgus thru my intestines to tail. out of 8 boxes of diagnosis, 7 were checked and other was duedist and the test results are not all in.

AquariusAnnCA: You mentioned long term use of Lipitor, which I have taken now for 10 years, now on a generic version, and have just been diagnosed with H Pylori, which is awful. Is there a connection between Lipitor use and H Pylori? Thank you

I was having bad abdominal pain with nausea and my doctor did a breath test it came out positive for H. Pylori. I was on triple medicine for 14 days, finally finished with the medicine but still feeling horrible!! I lost weight and hardly have an appetite with pain in my abdomen. Is this normal and can anyone give me some suggestions on what I can do for the pain? I read manuka honey helps.

Yes. I’ve used Manuka honey after being diagnosed with H pylori and treated with triple antibiotics. The Manuka honey did help the discomfort

I have been diagnosed with peptic ulcer caused by h pylori last week .the diarrhea doesn’t go away despite using h pylori kit. i also have mouth ulceration.what can you recommend i do. is it normal?

i have been diagnosed with h pylori 3 weeks ago, a finished the antibiotics a week ago, not feeling better, pain in my lower right abdomen but it bounces around to the left, and discomfort at the lower tip of my ribs as well as muscle spasms, i am so sad and discouraged and have no insurance, ive been doing aloe vera juice, caluiflowers, probiotics, yogurts, quit smoking and quit caffeine, eating salads and fruits and cereals, no relief yet, im still on pantaprozol to control the acid reflux, cant sleep on right side, gotta sit up straight or be standing up to not feel the pain, im planning on getting an endoscopy soon, dont know what else to do.

It’s always a good idea to have endoscopy as I’ve done this and also found h pylori, which gave me relief due to almost a month of various symptoms. You should also be checked for gallstones as the symptoms may often be similar. Sometimes, 1 week course of antibiotics won’t treat it, so better to ask your specialist. Hope you will feel better soon.

Hello. Cmabsi10 I’ve been had h-pylori for along time its so stressful,off balance sore gas feelings,worri fear,its like everysince i had my daughter my body has been out of shape,u need to change your diet drink lots of water,do 1 cup,every hour that’s to get rid of h-p the natural way,flushing all of that acid out of u and message your tummy daily,have Faith,stay prayerful and u will be alright

sgra: Tell me about what you have done with your H Pylori. the water and so on. I’ve just been diagonsed and it is just awful, and I’m worried.

I just finished taking my 2week course of antibiotics 3days ago And my stomach is still feeling gasy, I’m taking pro bio tics and eating yogurt, but I get very nervous when my stomach acts up your not alone, sending prayers for all

pls try mastic gum and manuka honey

i m just wondering if u feel any better? i have the same case nd I m really really hopeless!

Sherry Rogers in her book No More Heartburn, recommended pept o dismal as a very effective cure for h pylori. I recall dosage was 4d\day for 2 weeks. I’ vs used this along with Mastic gum 2G/day and Klaire probiotics. I have empathy for anyone with this bacteria and it can cause many nutrient deficiencies that can take a while to correct.

I am so sorry for your pain and is experiencing the same pain

I am praying to God everyday that this pain go away because I know that He is the only one that can fix it

I just completed 14 days of H. Pylori meds about a week and a half ago and yes, I am still having bloating & acidy stomach problems. My doctor said to continue on 20 MG of Prilosec twice a day for 6 weeks following treatment and wow do I need it. Stomach is still so acidy! I also continued Florastor Probiotic 1 capsule, twice a day.

I will do stool sample test this week, I am kinda squeamish when it comes to such things, ugh!

I’m right there with you, recovery wise. I too have been asking when or IF this will ever be over and whether I will ever be whole & healthy again. I am taking action to control my Anxiety that developed during treatment, and I also met with a Registered Dietician today to make sure what little I can eat is healthy and providing what I need nutrition wise.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

It might be better to be tested for acid refux as this might be your cause. There are other options to treat this aside from medicine.

I was also diagnosed with h.pylori so I know how it feels. My GI specialist said that 1 week course may not be sufficient so from my research, they would usually give another 1 week course but should prescribe totally different antibiotics. But after that, though the bacteria has been eradicated, you might still some symptoms due to swelling but will eventually subside. Hope you will feel better.

So I have been suffering from symptoms for 7 years and went through many of doctors (some threw fiber at me and some just said it’s IBS and to change my diet) until one actually listened and cared tested me. I finally found out that I have H pylori. I don’t get heartburn but I get really bad pain under my ribs and in my back so I don’t know if that’s heartburn or what. Most of my symptoms are weight loss, bloating, gas, pressure, nausea, constant sugar drops and diahrrea. I loved being pregnant though, my syptoms would go away during my pregnancies but come right back when I stopped nursing. 🙁 I’m currently taking antibiotics now. I’m on the last day. thank God. I feel just as sick but I guess that’s expected since the antibiotics are probably ripping my stomach a new one.

I can’t take the heart burn meds though it makes me super sick like vomiting and diahrrea so I just don’t take them. Since I’ve read that H pylori can cause stomach cancer I requested my doctor do a endoscopy just to make sure none of my ulcers have caused cancerous tumors. I’ve had this for seven years. kind of scared to see what damage these bacteriums have caused to my guts. So maybe check for tumors. or cancer. 🙁 not to freak you out!

I too have been told it was IBS for at least 5 years. Mine has finally manifested as constipation resistant to laxatives. They finally biopsied my endoscopy – if they had done it two years ago with the gastroscopy I maybe couls have been better by now. I just started the dose pak. My stomach hurts. I lost 12 pounds then just figured out how to eat sugar which is bad for me but doesn’t hurt. I had ALL of the symptoms and no one listened to me – wrote me off – I don’t know what I will do if this new treatment doesn’t work. I am at the end of my rope. Oh yea, I have redundant colon which no one seems concerned about but having twice the amount of colon of a normal person seems pretty serious to me.

sounds like a hyaltial hernia w/ gerds. thats what they diagnosed me with

Hey i was wondering did u ever get better? Im barely just took my second round of medication and i only feel a little better only the black stool stop . But i feel like my throat has a hard time swallowing my spit. And every morning my stomach burns . Im desperate for a cure

It is awful, been there done that. be careful what you eat. fruits can be very acidic. I believe apples are, I did cut them out. Go online and just search for acidic foods or what to eat or not eat with gas in the stomach. I cut cold turkey all caffeine, no decaf, no pop, basically water for liquids and a very , very blan diet. also try walking every day, seems to help a little. every morning now in like a magic bullet type thing I put in spinach leaves, 1/2 bannana, peanut butter, blueberries, yogurt and milk and drink it. stuff like that. eat yogurt, if you can’t try the shake above, tastes very good actually. no ice cream, limited dairy. hope this helps. best of luck!
You are not alone, you are not losing your mind, it is awful!

Hello everyone, first time in the forums.

I also went through H Pylori treatment, although prior to being diagnosed I had an eye surgery then I had to take a steroid eye drop to heal my eye (Prednisolone Acetate). I started with a multitude of symptoms: Burning in the stomach, heart palpitations, acid reflux and anxiety attacks. I was given drugs for anxiety it made feel a bit better, but stopped taking them because I didn’t believe it was the root cause. After seeing several doctors, one finally tested me for H. Pylori and came positive. Took Amoxicillin (500 mg) and Clarithromycin (500 mg) 1 each in the morning and again at night with 1 Omeprazole (20 mg). Like others above, the treatment was horrible, my stomach felt so badly inflamed and was hard to eat. During this time, this burning would flush my system out every morning and felt I had to eat right away.

I then developed food allergies, I couldn’t eat starch, gluten and dairy. These foods each have me different symptoms. I had acid reflux, small intestine pain (celiac kind of reaction, gluten), joint pain and restless leg syndrome. All this was believed to be Leaky gut (intestinal permeability) which was tackled with a protein diet with salad and a few select vegetables along with a leaky gut treatment by Apex. I did this for about 3 months and my food allergies went away. I also did 8,000 iu of vitamin D a day, I was vitamin D deficient. My problem now is Excess acid secretion. I think this was the problem from the beginning only it got out of hand since I didn’t know how to control it. The only thing that controls it is the PPI (antacids) pills, I take Pantoprazole 40 mg, twice a day. I still feel horrible, if I don’t eat every 3 hours, I get this tension around my eyes and some weird burning like head ache. From what I was told by my GI, There’s no cure for this it can only be controlled with the PPI’s. This is horrible, if anyone knows how to get rid of this, I definitely want to know. Thanks and good luck.

I was finally diagnosed with h pylori after many doctor and emergency room visits. I was treated and later tested negative. I now have food sensitivity to almost everything I eat. I can’t have anything with sugar, anything that’s processed, have preservative, gluten, nuts and the list goes on. I am still not able to work and don’t know when I’ll start feeling better. I was also diagnosed with low vitamin D, hiatal hernia and chronic gastritis. Hover my main problem is the food sensitivity. It affects my whole body. How long did it take for you to get over this. What exactly did u do?

What do you feel with your food allergies?

I use to like a burning in my head when I ate rice and potatoes. I had small intestine pain/crams when as gluten passed by. I was on chicken, turkey, meat and green salad for about 4 months with an Apex treatment for leaky gut. This treatment included Repairvite, clearvite and probiotics. I was taking HCL during this time as well, but now I learned that taking HCL was a mistake. Be careful if you try HCL (hydrochloric acid). My acid symptoms worsened and then I dumped the diet and the supplement. I tried gluten and luckily it seemed it was gone. I didn’t feel the pain in my small intestine until the 4th day. But I was eating too much, so I must have over done it. I was eating a sandwhich in the morning or waffle then a chicken sandwhich in the afternoon. If you are able to heal, try not to over do it. Take a little at a time. This treatment was for leaky gut and SIBI.

I never knew if I had either but I was tested for SIBO with a breath test, after the treatment and it came out negative. From what I read, there’s no test for leaky gut so never knew that either. The food allergies is a symptom of both SIBO and leaky gut. Joint pain is a symptom of leaky gut. (I also know that it could mean other conditions so that’s why you need to rule them out by seing a GI).
Now I have this acid that I feel I can’t live if it wasn’t for my protonix. I use to have a lot of joint pain, I would still get it here and then but not as bad as before. I notice this minor joint pain when I don’t take the pill and start producing too much acid.

Hope this helps, do you have acid problem?

I don’t have too much of a acid problem. However when I feel a mild burning in my stomach I chew Tums and I’m fine. My main food allergy symptoms are headache, not feeling like myself. I’m usually irritable. Muscle pain down my arms and legs. Usually a mild burning pain. Foot pain especially the sole of my feet. Joint pain, muscle twitching. Intestinal pain and lower back pain and gas. Feeling real tired after eating, usually fall asleep on the couch. Whenever I eat I usually have the sensation that my throat is closing. I try to alter my diet but now I don’t even know what I’m reacting to. My GI doc. Can’t give me any answers so I’m trying to get an appointment with a new GI doc. I haven’t been working since September and try not to drive due to the brain fog. I’m taking probiotic and L glutamine but I don’t know if it’s even working.

It does sound similar to what I’ve been going through. Although I constantly have acid reflux, not to mention if I have tomato. I can’t eat tomato at all, or else face some serious burning that not even the protonix can stop. My GI has told me it may or may not go away. If you find a good GI, or if anyone does, I want to know. My problem right now is that I’m insured with Kaiser and can’t see a doctor outside of Kaiser. From what I’ve read, some peoples allergies go away up to a year or two later (with diet). When I started my starch free, gluten free and processed food free, I noticed my symptoms started disappearing almost by the 3rd day and was feeling almost symptom free after a week. I think you are in a better shape then I, I would stick to the diet (I know is difficult) and do for at least 6 months before you bring back the regular foods. Oh, I forgot to mention to avoid fried food too. Where are you located? I’m in Los Angeles. Good luck.

I have the answer for you Siberian pure pine nut oil you have to order it on the internet my husband suffered with this for 6 months stomach ulcers and digestive problems gastric problems he start taking Siberian pure pine nut oil and he feels a lot better please try it

I had the overfull feeling, the burning, the large weight loss due to not being able to eat at all because it felt as if my stomach was being stabbed. I also felt awful. I had been prescribed. Prilosec which I couldn’t take and then Nexium. This was after I had been on Zantac for a year and a half. My stomach also felt bloated and felt as if it was causing a huge pressure into my chest.The doctor said I didn’t have H-pylori though. I was told to take the Nexium and Carafate. I read that the side effects of Nexium and Prilosec weren’t so good and decided to see what I could do for myself. After much research I chose to try a natural product called CarnoSooth that I purchased from Amazon. I began taking 2 pills a day to coat my stomach much as the Carafate had done and to help with the healing. I also bought a high quality aloe vera capsule (True Aloe) from NatureCity.com.

A good quality aloe vera will not cause diarrhea so it is really important to invest in a good quality product. I take two capsules daily to help with the healing. These two products along with drinking water and no caffeine have in only six weeks almost completely gotten rid of the symptoms I was having. I have been able to eat again though not as much as before and am putting weight back on. I still suffer a little heartburn and for that I am taking 150 mg. of Zantac twice a day. Zantac will not cause the problems that the other drugs do. (For example severe rebound heartburn and causing your body to not absorb calcium leading to bone breakage and osteoporosis) If needed you can increase the CarnoSoothe and Aloe in the beginning. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. I had good days and bad days. If I got busy or forgot to take the CarnoSoothe I definitely knew it. It took way to long for me to find answers and doctors aren’t willing to look at any alternatives outside of pharmacy’s. I hope this will help someone else. I do encourage you to do your own research. Good luck.

It was feb 14 2014 when i experience burning and bloating in my stomach it takes 2 months for me before i go to gastro and took endoscopy i was diagnose with H pylori and inflammation of stomach. I take prevpac and delixant for 1 week then see my doctor he stop the antibiotics already and prescribe me to takr 2 prevacid, 3 domillium and 1delixant a day. It will be taken for 1 month i ask him if i will be fix and he says thats nothing your bloating will eventually subside just be careful about ur diet.. Someone experience this too?? Ur not alone im here feeling the same as u.

Hello, I was diagnosed also of h,pylori last 2 months and done with my medicine and retested came back negative, but why until now I’m suffering of stomach pain chest pain and I cannot eat well,soft stool but not likely before,

How are you now?? Are you feel better now?? And back to 100% better?? Plss hope you will reply

I finished the 14 day h-pylori regiment almost 3 weeks ago.. I survived. It was awful. This is my 2nd full week off antibiotics will be 3 weeks out on Sunday.. I still feel awful. I tried ice cream, that did a number on my stomach so I have stopped all diary again. I eat no soy whatsoever. I have cut back on all wheat products again because I feel sick. Last night I had a small glass of wine with diet sprite, never again. Today, I met a friend for coffee, when I arrived she had ordered me a mocha, I have stopped all caffeine but did not have the heart to tell her that I was not drinking caffeine so sipped about 1/3 cup, I’m still paying a heavy price with stomach cramps. I thought I was going to start feeling better but I’m not. I sure hope that some of you that have had it are feeling at some point. I need hope that this will pass at some point but for now I am miserable. I have lost weight, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, no energy.

I went to see my regular interest and she said to just hang in I have taken Align faithfully, tried another probiotic, going back to Align. She prescribed Dexilant 60 but recommended that I try to go back to omelprazole if I could. I’m going back to Dexilant and Align. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.

Hello, I have a question. Hope someone can give me an answer. Is it possible that i am infected with H. pylori, but it’s not active (dormant) on me, and I can still pass it on to someone and it becomes active on him?

In the support groups they say it can be asymptomatic but passed on.

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