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Hawaiian Punch Recipe

Here’s an easy baby blue Hawaiian punch recipe that is a perfect boy baby shower drink you can make that everyone will love! It’s simple and cheap to make this blue baby shower punch with sherbet in mason jars with fruit ins >If you’re planning a boy baby shower it is fun to serve blue punch!! I’m all about easy so this one is no different. It’s an easy baby blue Hawaiian punch recipe with sherbet that’s a yummy twist and inexpensive to make too! Jazz it up with some mason jars and everyone will be impressed. Here’s an easy blue punch recipe for a baby shower and a lot more dollar store baby shower decoration ideas below too to throw the perfect party that won’t break the bank. (originally published 4/16)

Blue drinks for baby shower parties are super cute served like this too right?? I love mason jars and use them every chance I get.

It’s a great way to jazz up a “drink bar” or a fun way to serve salads and desserts too. In this case we are using them to serve up our non alcoholic blue punch recipe for a baby shower…..or any party with a blue theme!

All you need are a few ingredients for this blue sherbet punch recipe. You can leave the sherbet off too if you prefer, it’s very flexible. If you were having an adult party you could add some alcohol as well.

You can find all the ingredients at your local grocery store or if you’re like me and order everything online here is what you need to grab to make this Hawaiian punch recipe

  1. Hawaiian punch
  2. Blueberries
  3. 7-up
  4. Sherbet – this orange cream is great
  5. You can find mason jars in bulk online or at your local Walmart many times.

You don’t have to use this just for a baby shower of course, this hawaiian punch recipe is perfect for a little boy’s first birthday party as a drink, or just for fun when people come over.

  • Kids love punch and it’s kind of irresistible for adults too with the sherbet and fruit floating around. 😉
  • For another popular party punch recipe you can make in any color you like we have that for you too!
    • Blue margaritas are great too.

If you are planning a shower though I also have a bunch of easy DIY baby shower decorating ideas you can use as well as this one that could serve as a cute centerpiece if you got a cute glass punch bowl to serve it in and put ribbons around the mason jars.

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