Group Healing – Goodbye Lupus, Goodbye Auto-immune, Brooke Goldner, M

the lupus recovery diet

The lupus recovery diet

Goodbye Rheumatoid Arthritis!

Dr. Porto’s ANA was Negative after only 6 Weeks AND a 5cm Ovarian Tumor DISAPPEARED & another miracle – watch to hear what it was!

Goodbye Sjogren’s

Becky was unable to sit even indoors without sunglasses because of her painful sensitive eyes, and it hurt so much to breathe she couldn’t talk or sing (which she loved to do). 6 Weeks later she is literally singing for joy. Grab you tissues for this one!

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Goodbye Brain Lupus!

Mariana was having daily siezures in the throes of severe Lupus that was affecting her brain. After paritcipating in the 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group Mariana is thriving: no more daily sieaures, her antibodies are dissppearing and she’s feeling amazing.

Mary Doesn’t Need A Kidney Transplant!

When Mary joined Dr. Goldner’s 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group she had nothing to lose. She was already on the transplant list for a new kidney with only 14% kidney function left. By the end of the 6 weeks, she was up to 27% kidney function and no longer needs a transplant!

Goodbye Sjoegren’s!

Karen joined Dr. Goldner’s 6 Week Rapid Recovery and all of her Sjogren’s symptoms disappeared – just from changing her diet! She also reversed her anti-phospholipid antibody – no more stroke risk!

Tess Gets Her Life Back from Lupus Nephritis!

Tess felt hopeless, exhausted and lost because of Lupus Nephritis. After participating in Dr. Goldner’s 6 week Rapid Recovery Group, she has energy, enjoys her family and her life, and has hope for her future.

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6 Weeks Only $2995

Genie had been getting sicker and sicker for 5 years, finally getting a Lupus diagnosis. She couldn’t stick to the healing plan on her own because of a high stress home life. She joined Dr. Goldner’s 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group and found the motivation and support she need to go all out on her health. She is healing! Her anti-phospholipid antibody reversed in that short 6 week program – no more risk of stroke! She feels stronger than ever, has energy, more happiness, less stress and just look at her glowing skin!

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