Gluten free scones

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gluten free scones

I know that gluten free seems to be the current trend in eating at the moment. But for coeliacs and people with a sensitivity to gluten it’s not just a trend.

And actually I’ve decided we need to have afternoon tea on a sunday more often as we all found ourselves sitting around the table eating and talking. For a lot longer than was necessary for these photos. The kids had lemonade in their china tea cups and perfected their little pinky in the air.

And a proper afternoon tea needs scones. I’m a sucker for a warm scone with jam and cream. I can throw my entire diet out the window if I know that there will be warm scones with jam and cream. But I haven’t made gluten free ones before. The trick to scones is not overmixing your dough and not overcooking them. Mine might look a bit light on top but they were beautifully soft and perfectly cooked inside after 13 minutes in my oven.

And of course you can’t have scones without cream. I whip mine in the kitchen aid for a couple of minutes, I also like to pop icing sugar into my cream while I’m whipping it. Be sure to check that you are using pure icing sugar as icing mixture can contain gluten.

some tips if you need to avoid gluten

work out how to make your favourite meals gluten free

gluten free pastas are delicious and most of the time no one would know it’s gluten free

always read labels

if in doubt search the internet to see if it’s safe to eat on a gluten free diet

rice is a wonderful food that is naturally gluten free and kids love sushi, fried rice and more

tamari is a great replacement for soy sauce which contains wheat

gluten free biscuits and snacks are great to keep in the pantry for when a friend comes over

keep a loaf of gluten free bread in your freezer to make it last longer and then use it as needed

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