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Welcome to the Gino D’Acampo website!

Gino has fast become a star of UK television through his appearances on countless TV shows including ‘This Morning‘, five series’ of the award-winning ‘Gino’s Italian Escape‘ and of course, everyone’s guilty pleasure, ‘Celebrity Juice!‘ Our favourite Italian chef is also a successful restaurateur with his ‘Gino D’Acampo – My Restaurant’ and ‘My Pasta Bar’ opening up around the country.

Gino is the master of modern Italian cooking and he is passionate about using fresh, seasonal ingredients in a straightforward and unpretentious way. Here, he brings you his favourite recipes so that you can try them at home. So let Gino inspire you to make delicious, real Italian food with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.

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Popular Recipes Get Inspired

Mezzalune Dolci Ripiene Di Ricotta Con Cioccolato, Arancia E NoccioleSweet Pasta filled with Ricotta, Hazelnuts, Orange and Chocolate

We love our pasta in Italy – so much so that we like to eat it for dessert too! These little halfmoon-shaped pasta treats are perfect eaten at the end of a meal or with coffee or a chilled glass of sweet white wine. The combination of nuts, honey and chocolate make them very rich and perfect for festive entertaining.




Involtini di Salmone con Mascarpone e SenapeWrapped Salmon With Dijon Mustard & Mascarpone Sauce

For many people, salmon is the king of fish – it has a firm, meaty texture and a beautiful pink colour. It’s really versatile, too – it can be baked, poached, steamed, fried or flaked into stir-fries, pasta or risotto. It’s known as a brain food because of its high Omega 3 content, as well as being rich in vitamin D and minerals. This is a delicious way to get all the family eating fish –.




Pennette gratinate al salmone affumicato, fontina e piselliPasta Bake with Smoked Salmon, Fontina & Peas

This is a fantastic way to use smoked salmon, and many people who don’t generally like fsh – such as my wife – love this recipe. If the béchamel and pasta are hot you can just pop the dish under the grill until the cheese melts, as I’ve done here. If you want to make it ahead, prepare up to the end of step 4 then reheat the dish in a preheated oven (200°C/gas mark 6) for 20–25 minutes.




Fillet of Cod with Spicy Red Pesto

If you need to make dinner in under four minutes, this is the recipe for you. It is so easy, you really won’t believe it. Once you have blended the ingredients together, that’s pretty much job done – it smells amazing too. You coat the fish and there you have it – ready to be cooked. You can cook it there and then or even prepare in the morning and cook.

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