GenePlanet – DNA tests from the field of personalised nutrition

perfect gene diet

Diet tailored to your needs

A diet and lifestyle plan tailored according to your true nutritional needs. Find out what your optimal diet is or how to achieve different nutritional goals faster and more effectively.

Optimise your training

Find the optimal activity for your body with our NutriFit DNA Test. DNA testing provides an insight into your body characteristics and suggests personal action plans based on your objective needs.

Your personal journey to skin health, vitality and rejuvenation in tune with your genes. Adjust your nutrition and build skincare rituals that work for you!

GenePlanet NutriFit Line

NutriFit products represent DNA tests that will help you tune your lifestyle with your genes in the fields of personalised nutrition, sport, rejuvenation and health.

NutriFit contains 29 different DNA analyses from the field of nutrition, metabolic properties, sport and health that are presented through an individually tailored diet and lifestyle plan. Listening to your genes will help you achieve different personal goals more easily and more effectively.

NutriFit Premium

NutriFit Premium includes personalised recommendations based on 58 DNA analyses that will help you achieve your nutritional and sports goals or improve your health and prolong your youthful appearance with the help of your genes.

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