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A Doable, Lifestyle Medicine Approach For Losing Weight

Are Your Employees Eating Enough To Lose Weight?

How Full Plate Works: Watch this WELCOA Presentation

Why Wellness Leaders Turn To Full Plate

Full Plate Living offers online programs that teach employees lifestyle medicine principles so they can slim down, feel great and be healthy again.

Wellness leaders turn to Full Plate when they’re:

  • Searching for a simple way to encourage employees to eat enough fiber-rich plant foods so they can lose weight.
  • Challenged by how difficult it is to get employees to prioritize losing weight before it becomes a costly health problem.
  • Striving to find ways to increase employee participation.
  • Under significant pressure to find weight management programs employees will actually use & like.
  • Frustrated by offering programs with little to show for their efforts.
  • Challenged to find a weight management program that’s a good investment.

Full Plate Living is a non-profit whose services include a flagship program for weight management based on the New York Times bestselling book, The Full Plate Diet .

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