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Fresh thinking

Losing weight and getting fit isn’t about cutting back on everything, it’s about eating the right thing. We want to help you along your journey with some insight on what’s good to eat, why it’s good to eat, and how to make it even better. We want to inspire you to make the most of fresh seasonal produce, and suggestions on how to create healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Seasonal Inspiration

You’ll be amazed

It may be dull outside but your plate should be bursting with colour. Did you know that the colour of foods are associated with different health benefits? Learn about the benefits of enjoying a healthy, happy, rainbow-ranged diet this year.

Use this quick guide to see the reasons why you should be adding colour to your diet.

Every product helps you in some way but it’s always best to mix and match to get the full range of benefits.

A great way to add colour to your everyday diet is via homemade smoothies.

You control what goes in and what doesn’t, so add as much colour as you want and leave the bad stuff in the cupboard.

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