Free Sensory Resources, And Next Comes L

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Free Sensory Resources

If you a subscriber to the Weekly Autism Planner, then you know how much I love to share free resources related to autism and sensory processing disorder. In fact, my Friday Freebies emails are always the most popular. And I know why. Autism can be expensive with all the therapy, sensory tools your child needs, etc. so having free resources available at your fingertips is extremely valuable to you, just as it is to me.

The free resources below are going to be a wonderful way to help you be better educated and better supported yourself. From planning and supporting your child’s sensory diet to understanding what sensory processing is, you’re going to find lots of helpful pritnables here!

Free Sensory Processing Resources & Printables

It can be overwhelming to search for information and resources on sensory processing disorder. These free printable resources are incredibly valuable whether you are new to the diagnosis or not.

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