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Health : Diet : Weight Loss

Computer Printer Picture Graphics – Printable Health Charts : Diet Charts : Weight Loss Charts ( FREE PRINTABLES : HEALTH : DIET : WEIGHT LOSS )

Print the charts and then place them in a sheet protector for use. Write on, wipe off and hang anywhere. Remember to set your printer margins to “0” when printing.

Allergy Chart (Food, Medicine, Etc. Allergies)

Doctor Visit Charts

Surgery History Charts

This area of health is in two sections. One for general health below and for
Exercise, Weight Loss and Diet Charts

Medications Charts

Keep track of medications taken (medication name, amount taken, time, temperature, reactions, etc.) each month and/or day.

Sugar and Sweets Health Charts

Keep track of the sweets you eat so you don’t overdo it.

Salt Health Charts

Keep track of your salt intake (mg of sodium) each day or several times a day.

Blood Pressure and Diabetic Health Charts

Keep track of your blood pressure and/or diabetic info (glucose readings, time medicine was taken, etc.) each day or several times a day.

Asthma Health Chart

Keep track of asthma info (peek flow meter reading time, reading #, medication, etc.) each day or several times a day.

Women’s Monthly Charts

Keep track of that time of the month (track mood, flow type, cramps, etc.) each month and/or day.

Sickness Charts

Keep track of stomach virus symptoms.

Health Records And Treatment Charts

Write down your symptoms before visiting a doctor, record your medical history and health information, and medical expenses. Use the pain tolerance chart to help rate any pain. For children, use the treatment for minors chart for camping, school, etc.

Vaccine Reaction Charts (If you vaccinate) – new!

NOTE: this site is not here to promote vaccinations or campaign against them. The fact is, that some people get vaccinations. So, these charts are simple tools for people who do vaccinate. Recording reactions can help a doctor determine important side effects and take the necessary steps to find solutions.

Keep track of any reactions you have to vaccinations. Before getting a vaccination, you may prefer to be in good health and research information about the vaccines so you’ll be knowledgable about any symptoms or signs you should watch for. You may even consider spreading out vaccines rather than getting a bunch of different ones all at once, especially for young children. If that is a choice you have.

Healthy Eating Charts

Keep track and encourage healthy eating habits. From making sure you are drinking enough water each day, getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables to keeping track of daily foods.

Daily Foods Chart | Daily Foods Chart (plain with 3 meals & snacks) | Daily Foods Chart (plain with 6 food groups)

Hygiene Charts

Exercise Charts

Keep track of exercise with the walk/run chart and click the link for more exercise, weight loss and diet charts by
Walk / Run Chart

Exercise, Weight Loss and Diet Charts

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