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International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative

Food Testing Methods

IDDSI recommends the following testing methods for texture modified foods. Click here to read the details of the tests below.

Fork Drip Test

Thick drinks and fluid foods can be tested by assessing whether they flow through the slots/prongs of a fork and comparing against the detailed descriptions of each level.

Fork Pressure Test and Spoon Pressure Test

For hard or firm food, a Fork Pressure Test is best used to assess foods in Levels 4-7 and transitional foods. The slots/gaps between the tines/prongs of a standard metal fork typically measure 4 mm, which provides a useful compliance measure for particle size of foods at Level 5 – Minced & Moist.

Please note that the size differs for young children ; click here to read the details.

Chopstick Test

If forks are not available, chopsticks can be used to pick up and break apart food to determine its characteristics and behaviour.

Finger Test

Finger tests have been incorporated in recognition that this may be the most accessible method in some countries.

See detailed descriptions, testing methods and evidence document for Food: Levels 3-7 and sample videos below for demonstration.

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