Flu-Fighter Garlic Soup Recipe, Eggless Cooking

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Flu-Fighter Garlic Soup


It’s that time of the year where almost everybody is sniffling and can be seen with a tissue box. Meat eaters have their chicken soup as a magic potion to feel better and comfort themselves. So what’s the option for us vegetarians in times like this?

The answer is “stinking rose” aka immune booster garlic. Include it in your diet as much as possible to not only fight this year’s flu but also because, it is an antioxidant, keeps your blood pressure under check, lowers cholesterol, slows down the progress of cancerous cell growth to mention just a few.

I always make it a point to include a lot of garlic especially in my soup recipes, so I was thrilled to see a soup recipe which actually highlights its flavor and benefits.

I found this recipe in the Vitality magazine. People in Canada, don’t forget to pick a copy of it whenever you are in the library or any natural health food store.

Because getting quality information about health and related issues for free should not be missed. I also learned from the article that it is best to consume garlic crushed and raw or when it’s cooked minimally. That’s the reason for adding crushed garlic just before serving in this soup recipe.

Because not everyone likes garlic flavor, I have mentioned that it’s optional but I highly suggest including it as instructed in the recipe. Since I’m not the person who follows a recipe as it is, I used quinoa instead of lentils and also included a good bunch of kale to the recipe to boost up the nutrition even more.

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