Fitting into Cinderella – s shoes! Times of India

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Fitting into Cinderella’s shoes!

Irresistible story lines, construction of virtual words, characters with strong personalities, and the distinct presence of women storytellers- would this be a reasonable one line descriptor of our make-believe world of fairy tales.

Going a step ahead with the characters. They are mostly synonymous with a character embodied by a Cinderella personality- one who conquers her sad and difficult life or The Little Mermaid who possess freedom to make choices and more changes in their lives as she follows her dreams.

Dear Reader, this is not so much a paper on the fairy tale stereotypes. It is more of an individual lesson that can be drawn for each of us.

While fitting into Cinderella’s shoes is as much an individual’s pursuit, here are a few learnings that can enrich each of us:

NOT ALL PRINCESSES NEED TO WEAR AWESOME GOWNS: Come on girls, a true princess believes in herself. She need not wear a tiara or adorn a beautiful princess gown. She is in each of us.

NOT ALL VILLAINS ARE CHARACTERS: While the evil step mother or a witch are often termed villains in these tales, in reality, there are so many other evil forces around us. So many villains who need to be conquered: poverty, malnutrition, climate change, regressive socio-cultural belief system.

NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE DONE SOLO: Not everything can be done alone. Good friends, almost all the time prove to a wise option and come far more handy than the handsome prince. Take the seven dwarfs for instance.

NOT ALL GUYS ARE JERKS: Men can be seemingly more helpful, understanding and can even make you laugh. Do you remember the two male mice from Cinderella and the cute seven dwarfs from Snow White?

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