Fequently Asked Questions About Redbarn Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Redbarn Pet Products, we take pride in the care and attention that goes into each and every treat and food item. We welcome your questions and hope you find these answers helpful. Don’t see your question answered here? Contact our customer service department.

General Redbarn Information

Why Does The Packaging Look Different?

As a brand celebrating their 20th Anniversary in 2016, we’ve grown a lot over the years. We started with one product and now manufacture over 200! Redbarn decided to change our packaging and rebrand because we wanted to best represent our premium products. Times change and our company has evolved. As our customers changed their desires, we’ve worked hard to listen to them and provide more variety in our natural product options. The Redbarn Naturals line has over 150 products. We truly appreciate the customers who helped us grow our brand over the years and loved our older packaging. We loved it too! However, we felt that our packaging didn’t clearly communicate the benefits of our natural chews, treats and food to new customers finding us for the first time, and so we updated the color scheme of our packaging to better complement our new lines of canned food. As one of the only brands on the market that feature functional ingredients in both our treats and food, we wanted to help educate customers about the different solutions that help support their pet’s health needs across our whole product line. We still make the same, great products that we’ve always made—we just have a new look.

Are you a retailer wondering about our packaging changes?

Much of what we did with our packaging rebrand was to help you! We standardized the bag sizes for our products to help streamline your display process. All of Redbarn’s bagged Natural chews can now be set on shelf or hung, depending on your display needs. We also moved some items to different packaging types for a more consistent brand experience at shelf. Contact your sales rep to order our “New Look” point-of-purchase materials for your Redbarn display (limited supplies available).

Where are Redbarn Products Sourced?

80% of our Redbarn products are sourced and processed in the USA at our Great Bend, Kansas plant.

Here is a breakdown of which products are sourced where:

• All of our meats and poultry for our dog and cat foods are sourced here, in the USA from USDA inspected plants.

• Our chews-tendons, hooves, ears, and bones are sourced in the USA and processed at our plant in Great Bend, Kansas where we have strict quality assurance programs in place.

Due to the lack of bully sticks in the USA, we source our bully sticks from Paraguay where the cows are free-range, grass fed. Our company-owned plant in Paraguay has the same, strict quality assurance program in place as our Kansas plant.

Why Do You Use ________ Ingredient in Your Products?

Great question! Some ingredients in pet food and treats might sound scary, when in fact they are an important part of your dog’s nutrition. Many of the ingredients we feature in our canned and rolled foods are listed in our ingredient dictionary. Don’t see the ingredient you have a question about? Contact our customer service department. and we’ll add it to the list.

What does Natural Mean to Redbarn?

When Redbarn labels a product as natural or uses our “Redbarn Naturals” logo, that means that the product contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. In addition, that product has been processed without using any artificial chemicals.

Making natural products was a Redbarn priority since the company’s beginnings, and our Redbarn Naturals brand officially launched in 2004. We have always strived to use minimal ingredients and processing for our products labeled as Natural. The American Association of Feed Control Officials, AAFCO, developed a definition for what types of ingredients can be considered “natural” for pet foods. For the most part, “natural” is equivalent to a lack of artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial preservatives. By processing our natural products without artificial chemicals, Redbarn is exceeding the standards.

Why Don’t You Make Organic Food or Treats?

Great question! First, let’s get some background on the term “organic”. When organic is used on packaging, it’s actually regulated by the Federal government, specifically the USDA. Second, let’s talk about what the term organic means. According to the USDA, organic refers to the agricultural production standards of the farms where we buy our ingredients. Simply put, Organic means that crops are non-GMO and are grown with limited pesticides and harmful fertilizers. Organic farming of livestock means the animals are raised without using drugs , like antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic chemicals. The term organic does not indicate the quality of the product, only the growing and processing of the ingredients and the processing and handling of the final product.

Currently, USDA regulations do not allow pet food labels to display an organic seal or imply National Organic Program compliance unless they meet the standards for organic human foods. At Redbarn, many of our products are not suitable for human consumption. While we feel that many of our products would meet the certification standards regarding GMO’s, limited pesticide and fertilizer use, as well as drug-free and synthetic chemical-free animals, it doesn’t currently make sense for us to pursue organic certification. First, without a defined set of pet product standards, any money we spend in pursuit of certification might be rendered moot. Second, given that the standards are in place for human-foods, they don’t address many of the products that we make, like our bully sticks. At Redbarn, our focus is on supplying healthy products that will provide for a pet’s happiness and well-being.

Where Can I Get Coupons for Redbarn Foods and Treats?

Unfortunately we don’t have a corporate coupon program right now, but we invite you to connect with us on our Social Media Channels. We run fun contests where you can win free products. You can also join our email list where you can get exclusive access to special offers, coupons, etc.

How Do I Transition My Dog or Cat to Redbarn Canned or Rolled Foods?

Mix Redbarn gradually into your existing food over a three-week period as follows:

Week one: three-quarters old food and one-quarter Redbarn

Week two: one-half old food and one-half Redbarn

Week three: three-quarters Redbarn and one-quarter old food.

By the fourth week, your pet should be completely transitioned to their new food.

Can’t picture this? Visit our transition page for a handy graphic.

My Dog is on a Calorie Restricted Diet, How Do I Know How Many Calories Are in Your Products?

All of our products have a caloric content listed on our website. It can be found on the product page on the Guaranteed Analysis tab.

Why Don’t You Sell Products On Your Website Anymore?

Redbarn doesn’t traditionally sell products directly to the public. Our core business is to manufacture and sell our products to distributors across the United States so that you can find our products at a variety of retail locations. Several years ago, we decided to sell our products to customers directly via our website, in the event that there weren’t any pet stores nearby. In May of 2016, we decided to stop selling on our website. Today, we have many eCommerce partners that we trust to provide you with our products and even better shipping speeds. Removing this functionality gives us more time to focus on what we do best–creating better products that your pet will love.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact our customer service department.

Do You Donate Product to Events or Fundraisers?

If your pet related non-profit organization is having an event or a fundraiser, visit our Redbarn Cares web page for instructions to be considered for a donation. Please Note: While we would love to support every cause, we aren’t able to fulfill all requests.

Redbarn Chews and Treats

I Purchased a Redbarn Small Filled Bone and My Dog is Actually Eating the Bone Part – Is This Harmful

While we slow roast our bones at low temperatures to ensure the integrity of the bone and to reduce the possibility of breaking or splintering, we strongly recommend careful supervision while your dog enjoys any kind of chew (bone, tendon, ear, etc).

It is very important to choose a chew that is the appropriate size and type for your dogs’ chewing style. If your dog is chewing off pieces of bone, we recommend that you take the bone away from him. While some chews are digestible in small pieces, bones and large pieces of chews may not pass through your pet and may require veterinary care. If you are not sure which chew is appropriate for your dog, please consult with you vet for suggestions based on your dogs chew personality.

What are Chew-A-Bulls?

Chews-A-Bulls are a crunchy, high protein, low-fat dog chew. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Chews-A-Bulls recipe includes a mixture of potatoes and ground natural Redbarn Bully Sticks, covered with either a peanut butter or beef flavored coating. This premium dog treat is made in the U.S.A. and contains NO: corn, soy, or grains.

Has the formula in the Chew-A-Bulls line changed?

Our Chew-A-Bulls formula did not change. They are still made with our delicious Redbarn Bully Sticks. Our Bully and Peanut Butter Flavors contain functional ingredients like Salmon Oil, Vitamin E, Chondroitin, Cranberries, and Blueberries to promote Skin and Joint Health. We changed what flavor corresponded to each function, but all of our Chew-A-Bulls products contain functional ingredients that support both Skin and Joint health.

What is the difference between the Beef and Peanut Butter flavor in the Chew-A-Bulls?

The difference lies in the flavor of the coating. Both flavors contain a mixture of tasty potatoes, but our peanut butter coating is made with authentic peanut butter, while the beef coating has more beefy flavor added.

Where does the Chondroitin come from and why does my pet need it?

The Chondroitin, along with Glucosamine, in our Chew-A-Bulls formula is derived naturally from chicken cartilage. This is a premium dietary source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for dogs because it is natural. This natural anti-inflammatory may help dogs with degenerative diseases like joint pain and arthritis.

How do Chew-A-Bulls benefit my dogs skin and coat?

Our coating contains a recipe, which includes Salmon Oil and Vitamin E. The omega 3 and omega 6 in Salmon Oil support a healthy skin and coat as well as a healthy immune system, heart, and cognitive function. Vitamin E promotes a healthy, glossy coat.

Are Chew-A-Bulls fully digestible?

Yes. However, this product should be treated responsibly. If your pet is not used to this treat, test it out, and give in limited quantities. As with any dog treat or bone, do not allow your pet to swallow large pieces. Recommended treat size is slightly larger than your pet’s mouth. Feeding on upholstery or carpeting is not recommended. Always provide a fresh supply of drinking water.

Are Bully Slices made from Bully Sticks?

Our tasty Bully Slices are made from natural, cow hide, which are coated in our mouthwatering bully gravy and then slow-roasted to perfection! In fact, our savory coating is formulated to contain many health benefits for your pooch.

What benefits do Bully Slices have for my dog?

Our bully slices helps support joint health, a healthy immune system, and a bright smile. Even if your dog is a picky eater, our flavorful coatings will tempt them to indulge in a chew instead of your shoe. Not to mention, chewing on the tough texture can help dogs maintains dental health by gently scraping harmful plaque from dog’s teeth.

What are the healthy ingredients in Redbarn’s Bully Slices?

First of all, we like our food to be real and with minimal ingredients. Which is why our Redbarn Bully Slices are natural, grain free, and contain NO: soy, corn, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Although, each flavor of Bully Slices has a slightly different recipe, these are a few of the common ingredients: dried egg whites, chicken cartilage (which supports healthy joints), blueberries and cranberries (high in antioxidants), and salmon oil which is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. You can read more about our ingredients in our blog.

How do I know this is an appropriate treat for my dog?

We advise closely monitoring your pet during chew times and determining what kind of chewing style they possess. Redbarn Bully Slices are durable, with added health benefits, and intended to remedy the dog that loves to chew. However, if your lovely pooch has a tendency to swallow chunks as they vigorously chew through treats or chews, we suggest trying our Bully Sticks. Redbarn closely inspects each and every one of our products. Being based in the U.S., our HACCP certified Kansas based facility tests our products to make sure they not only meet, but exceed stringent U.S. Quality Assurance standards. We have pets, too! Which is why we care about finding and sharing the best.

How long can Bully Slices last in their package?

Equipped with a resalable bag for easy and safe storage our Bully Slices have a shelf life of 24 months.

Are Bully Slices all one size?

Redbarn does it’s best to evenly distribute all products. Keep in mind, that these chews are natural (there is no altering), and may not all arrive in uniform shape. In an effort to provide an accurate depiction of our Bully Slices, we have included transparent windows on the packaging. This allows our customers to view what’s inside from all four sides of the package without needing to open the bag.

What is the recommended treat size?

The recommended treat size is slightly larger than your pets mouth. A smaller sized treat could potentially pose a hazard to your pet. It is important to understand your dog’s chewing behavior. Caution is advised for pet parents with dogs that have a tendency to swallow chunks. We also recommend to keep an eye on your pooch as they indulge in this durable chew and to provide plenty of drinking water!

What are the benefits of rawhide?

Rawhide is a classic dog chew and loved by many dogs. It is a wonderful replacement for boredom and anxiety in dogs, as it satisfies a dog’s natural instinct to chew! A savory piece of rawhide helps keep your dog away from your furniture and out of trouble. Not to mention, it helps develop strong jaws and naturally supplements regular teeth brushing. The rawhide chews rub plaque away from your dog’s teeth much like an apple would to humans.

Is rawhide ok for puppies?

Yes, but make sure they have all their teeth in! Often, when puppies get bored they have a tendency to chew on many household objects. Although, not good for the pet parent, chewing helps puppies build and strengthen their jaws. During, this young stage of development (sometimes throughout their life) puppies have a natural instinct to chew. Luckily, rawhide has a flavor that is highly appealing to dogs and fulfills their chewing desire.

Are rawhide chews an appropriate treat for dogs?

The decision as to whether a treat or chew is appropriate for a dog must always be made by the pet parent, as they are most familiar with their dog’s eating and chewing habits. We are aware that every dog is different just like we are, and what works for most dogs-may not be suitable for others. Be mindful of your dog’s chewing personality. As with any dog chew or dog treat, choking can be an unforeseen hazard. Make sure the chew size is slightly larger than your pet’s mouth. We always recommend supervising your pet during treat times. Monitor your pet and remove the treat, if they are swallowing whole pieces. Rawhide treats are not advised for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Always provide plenty of drinking water.

Redbarn Natural Bones

Is the Mammoth Bone made from a real Mammoth?

You may be confusing Mammoth with the extinct Wooly Mammoth that lived during the Pleistocene epoch. We use the term here to refer exclusively to the size of the bone, as it is giant sized bone. The Mammoth Bone is a femur bone with two knuckles that is sourced from cows and bulls.

What makes the Meaty bone “meaty”?

Redbarn’s traditional Meaty Bones are slow-roasted and cooked without any artificial processing. Each beef bone has a delicious, all-natural beef coating which is savory enough to entice the pickiest of eaters.

How does Redbarn source its bones?

Our commitment to providing the best quality ingredients, in every facet of the word, is always a top priority at Redbarn. We have high standards, so if we wouldn’t give it to our pets, we wouldn’t give it to you. The sourcing of items from the United States is important and contributes to high-quality pet products. However, we find that the importance of sourcing U.S. products can vary by ingredients. At times, ingredients from abroad can be found to be of higher quality than ingredients found in the United States. Some of our bones are sourced and manufactured in Ireland at a company that we hold to the same quality assurance standards as our Kansas-based facility. United States food safety laws require international food and pet food factories to have the same safety and quality assurance standards as a United States based facilities would.

What is the best way to give my dog a bone?

They are great for teething, reducing stress, or boredom in a dog. Bones should not replace a meal and should be given as a treat or chew. Monitor your pet while giving natural chews and give in limited quantities, especially if your pet is unfamiliar with this treat. Do not allow your pet to swallow large pieces and discard pieces that could be swallowed by your pet. Always provide a fresh supply of drinking water!!

What does Redbarn do to make sure your bones and treats are safe?

We believe our customers deserve to feed their pets the safest products that have undergone extensive safety measures and standards of preparation, as well as, thorough processing and handling in order to ensure an all-around, high-quality pet product. Every day, we challenge ourselves to provide better and safer pet products. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. Our HACCP program includes multiple required programs specifically designed for our facility and the pet treats and foods we produce. Product and raw material analysis, production and environmental monitoring, and facility audits support the HACCP program.

How do bones improve dental health?

The dental health benefits of dog chews and dog bones are great because of the natural mechanical action. As dog’s chew, they help strengthen their teeth and naturally reduce plaque and tarter buildup. Although, it won’t replace regular brushing or visits to the vet, dog chews and bones can be helpful in preventing serious dental problems.

Are Redbarn bone’s natural?

Yes. All of our bones are slow-roasted and naturally cleaned. There are no added flavors or chemicals to our bones. You can feel good about giving your dog a delicious Redbarn Naturals Bone!

Redbarn Rolled Food

How Do I Store the Redbarn Rolled Food?

You do not need to refrigerate the food rolls until they are opened. The shelf life for our unopened food rolls is one year from the production date. If you do plan to store the rolled food for a prolonged time, we suggest storing in the refrigerator for optimal freshness. To serve, slice through the wrapper for your desired serving size. Leave the casing on the remaining product and seal the open end with plastic wrap, foil or in a zip-top bag and refrigerate. Opened sealed rolls will remain fresh in the refrigerator for one-to-two weeks.

Can I Freeze Redbarn Food Rolls?

Yes. Redbarn Premium Rolled Food freezes very well. Simply slice into sections and wrap individually before freezing. Thaw at room temperature before serving.

The Serving Size on the Redbarn Rolled Food Seems Quite Small From What I am Used to Feeding. Does My Dog Get Enough Food with Such a Small Meal Size?

The answer is yes. Our rolled foods contain a lower moisture content than many rolled or canned foods so you can feed less while still maintaining optimal nutrition. To meet AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) approval as a full meal, the food must contain caloric density or energy required by your dog based on his body weight and the recommended daily serving amount. By meeting AAFCO approval, REDBARN provides a sufficient amount of energy for your dog based on our daily feeding recommendation.

Feeding a smaller, nutrient dense meal, it is easier on your dog’ss digestive tract. It also reduces the amount of waste your have to clean up in the yard.

What Are the Feeding Guidelines For Redbarn Rolled Foods?

To feed your dog Redbarn Rolled Food, follow a couple, simply guidelines. Slice the rolls and then cut into 1/8″ to 1/4″ cubes. Remember, all dogs metabolize differently, so please adjust the amount you feed your dog as needed to maintain proper weight and physical condition.

10.5oz Roll: Full Feed Rolls per Day

Less than 10 lbs: Slightly less than 1/2 roll per day

10-30 lbs: Approx. 3/4 of a roll per day

30-50 lbs: Approx. 1.5 rolls per day

50-100 lbs: Approx. 3 rolls per day.

2lb, 3oz and 4lb Rolls: Full Feed Inches Per Day

Less than 10 lbs: 1/2″ to 1″

10-30 lbs: 1″ to 2″

30-50 lbs / 2″ to 3″

50-100 lbs / 3″ to 5″

I am Surprised at the Long Shelf Life on Your Rolled Foods When You Claim “No Artificial Preservatives”. How is That Possible?

Redbarn rolled food is preserved naturally by using ingredients that “bind” the water to reduce the water activity (Aw) to a level where harmful bacteria cannot grow. It is further preserved by natural ingredients with antioxidant properties such as Flax seed, Rosemary and Tocopherols (Vitamin E source)

How Do I Read the “Best By” Date That is on the White Sticker on the Roll?

The “Best By” date is read as MM/DD/YY and the last digit is an internal batch number.

Redbarn Canned Food

What Are the Feeding Guidelines For Redbarn Canned Foods?

Curious about storing your Redbarn Canned Food? Both our cat food and dog food can be stored at room temperature for 36 months. If you’ve opened the can, refrigerate unused portion for up to a week. As you’re feeding Redbarn Canned Foods, make sure to adjust the feeding amount for your pet’s body condition, lactation, growth and gestation.

Dog Feeding Instructions:

Feed 1 can per day for 10 lbs. of body weight for an adult dog.

10 lbs. = 1 can per day

25 lbs. = 2.5 cans per day

55 lbs. = 4 cans per day.

Cat Feeding Instructions:

Feed 1.5 cans per day for an average 10 lb. cat.

I Keep Reading That Cats are Carnivores and Don’t Need Grains and Many Carbs. What is the Percentage of Carbohydrates in Your Canned Cat Foods?

Our Redbarn Canned Cat foods are all grain-free. They all contain approximately 4% carbohydrates.

I Keep Seeing “Ash” Listed on My Pet Food’s Ingredient List. What is it and Why is it in My Pets’ Food? What is the Ash Content of Your Cat Food?

Our Redbarn Canned Cat Foods contain approximately 1.9% ash (on a wet basis).

Ash, as listed on pet food labels, is pretty much what it sounds like: the inorganic material that remains after organic material is burned up. Don’t be alarmed, it is a measurement of non-organic mineral content, including calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and other essential minerals.

The FDA mandated a food composition test in which producers determine how much fat, carbohydrate and protein are in certain foods by burning each organic element out of it at different temperatures. All that is left after a test like this is ash.

While it seems strange, ash is essentially a measurement of minerals that have to be in foods, to some extent, since your pet needs calcium, phosphorus, sodium and several trace minerals. In general, dry pet food is always going to have ash content (look for something under 8%) while wet food will occasionally have it too, in smaller amounts (typically 2% or less).

Is Redbarn’s line of canned food for all dogs?

Yes. Redbarn Canned Dog Food has a recipe that is consciously created by our product specialists, which is cooked to be fully balanced and meet the nutritional requirements, established by the AAFCO Dog Food Profiles, for all life stages. AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials, a non-profit organization which sets the standard for pet food in the U.S. In other words, we take the worry out of having to find the “perfect” dog food because any and all dogs can satisfy their hunger with Redbarn. Now that’s a delight!

What is the difference between Redbarn Pate and Redbarn Stew?

Both, Redbarn Canned Pates for Dog and Redbarn Canned Stew for Dogs are natural, grain-free (GF) (which means: NO grain or gluten), and are Made in the USA. In addition, they both have 13 ingredients or less (plus added vitamins and minerals) and contain premium fruits and vegetables to support optimal nutrition.

The Redbarn Canned Pates have a unique recipe which supports canine health needs – like a healthy immune system, skin, and weight management. Another difference with the Pates, is that they are crafted with a seasoned premium quality protein, which is ground, and combined with multiple natural ingredients to create a healthy recipe for your dog.

The Redbarn Canned Stew is made from a healthy recipe which combines savory chunks of premium quality meat and an all-natural delectable gravy. This natural dog food is designed to tempt picky eaters or for the dog that likes variety.

For more information about our Functional Ingredients click here.

I only want the best dog food. What ingredients are in your wet dog foods?

All of Redbarn canned and rolled dog foods are natural and the first ingredient is always: real meat. Both, our canned and rolled dog food contain: NO artificial preservatives or flavors and NO additives.

We care about the health of your pet which is why our unique blends are free from harmful ingredients like: corn, soy, carrageenan, and animal by-products or fillers. Redbarn selects only premium meat, chicken, or fish and natural fruits and vegetables for its products.

How much food should I feed my puppy, adult dog, or senior dog?

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” measurement for every dog. Our feeding gu >

How frequently should I feed my dog?

That depends on a variety of factors: age, breed, activity level, weight, and whether your pet is pregnant or lactating. Start with feeding your adult dog twice a day. Monitor your dog’s behavior, appetite, and activity level. Then, increase or decrease the frequency based on your observations. Overfeeding can sometimes occur, watch closely to see if your dog’s stomach appears swollen or if your dog’s ribcage can easily be felt (underfeeding).

Our experts recommend: feeding puppies between the ages 8 weeks to 6 months = 3-4 times a day until they are over 6 months, where the frequency should decrease to 2 times a day. (For example: Typically, a 20 lb. adult dog requires 2 cans of food every day. A puppy who is less than 6 months and expected to weigh roughly the same amount when they reach adulthood, should eat 2/3 of a can three times a day.) It is important to discuss feeding instructions with a trusted veterinarian as there could be factors about your dog that could require adjustment.

Is my dog considered a puppy, adult, or senior?

There is no exact age range applicable to all dogs. The breed, size, and metabolism all play a part in the aging of your pet. Roughly speaking a puppy is classified between 0-2 years, adult is 3-5, and senior can be 6-10 years. Do consider that smaller dog breeds reach adulthood faster but often outlive many larger dog breeds. In comparison, large dog breeds have a tendency for their bodies to grow faster but reach adulthood much later.

Can I use canned food to give my dog medicine?

Yes. Wet dog food is an easy and tasty way to influence your pet to take their medication. We also recommend trying our rolled dog food for this purpose. Our rolled dog food can be cubed with your dog’s medication inside, which contains real meat. Your dog will be too busy savoring its food to notice the medication.

Does canned food need refrigeration after opening?

Yes. We recommend covering and refrigerating any unused portions of food, and to use within 5-7 days. Discard any uncovered dog food after two days, as it can easily become contaminated. Unopened cans can be stored at room temperature for up to 36 months.

Is wet or dry food better?

Moist and Semi-Moist diets for your dog’s offer higher moisture content than traditional dry food. So, Redbarn Canned and Rolled Pet Foods are more appetizing for your pet because the meat is left in a more palatable state. If your pet is reluctant to drink water, a wet food diet might be a healthy choice!

I am following the guidelines, but my dog is gaining weight. Why?

We recommend speaking to a veterinarian to rule out any medical issues before proceeding to adjust your dog’s diet. If all is in the clear, you may want to try our Ocean Fish Pate for Healthy Weight.

What do I do if my dog is still hungry after being fed?

We suggest feeding your dog healthy treats in between meals. You can find affordable and healthy treats straight from your pantry like carrots. It may also be that your dog is bored and may want something to engage with. Another natural alternative is bully sticks. They are a popular boredom busting dog treat that dogs of all ages can enjoy. (Read more about the benefits of Bully Sticks here)

How To Purchase Redbarn Products

I’m a Retailer– How Do I Purchase Your Products?

We typically don’t sell directly to retailers. We have relationships with distributors across the country. Please reach out to the distributor in your area to purchase Redbarn products at wholesale. Visit our Wholesalers and Retailers page.

I’m a Customer, How Do I Buy Redbarn Products?

You can use our store locator to search for a store in your area that carries Redbarn products. Because our product portfolio is quite large, we suggest calling ahead to be sure the retail store carries the particular product that you wish to purchase. If you’d like to buy our products online, please visit the product page and click “Buy Now” to find a list of preferred eCommerce retailers who carry that product. Questions? Feel free to contact our customer service department.

I am a Distributor, How Do I Purchase Your Products?

We would love to work with you! To get started on this process please fill out the form on our distributor page.

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