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Anna wintour diet

But other female cand >faring as well.

Until recently the Kurds seemed to be faring well, even expanding their territory.

At a taco truck in New York I asked how their lime stock was faring .

Magazines were going through a tough time in the face of a digital onslaught, but Vogue was faring better than others.

That her cand >faring as well as it is already is a sign of the bright purple Texas to come.

So I walked straightway to the well trough and drank, then sauntered to the house to learn how Pod was faring .

Then, as it was almost morning, he had thought best to return to his cabin, to ascertain how the boys were faring .

How is your former master, d’Ucello, faring with the Sienese in Orvieto?

It had burned there, never flickering, never wavering, through all the days of his faring into far and foreign parts.

Meanwhile, the 46th Battalion, on the right, was faring no better.

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