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Decide. Decide that you want to eat healthy. Decide that you want to live longer, sleep better, look amazing and show the world that you are not subject to the processed mess that the world is trying to feed you. Decide that you want culinary trained chefs to cook for you. Decide that you have better things to do than be in a kitchen. Decide that you want Evolve.

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Order. Now you gotta do it. Ordering is simple. Just log on by Friday at 10am. Order what you want. You can dip your toe in the Paleo pool by ordering a la carte with no minimum or go whole hog by getting a weekly meal plan. It really is your call. Choices are good… Only Evolve gives you the options to choose HOW and WHAT you want.

  1. Meals
  2. Juice
  3. Snacks

or delivery

Enjoy. Your food is being prepared. Our culinary trained staff is whipping, mixing, chopping, pureeing, peeling, sautéing, steaming and getting things ready for you. You can come pick it up at 10am on Sunday or we will bring it to you. While you’re waiting you can tell a friend, we would like that… and your friend will too.

  1. Meals
  2. Juice
  3. Snacks

About Evolve

Evolve Paleo Chef has undergone many changes since its inception. You can say we have “Evolved.” Originally created to be a small home personal chef service, Evolve has since become a leader of the Paleo Pack. Based in Kansas City (Go Royals!) owners.

Learn how evolve has changed lives!

I’ve had Chron’s disease since I was 18. I thought I’d have to go on disability from my job. I began eating paleo because of my health but I went to it kicking and screaming. Now, I’m not sick, I don’t dread getting out of bed in the morning, and all my symptoms have been greatly reduced, and it’s a blessing and a miracle. I have a new freedom of feeling good. Evolve takes all the guesswork out of it. For a little bit more than a frozen meal, you get something that was made in the kitchen that is fresh and wholesome.

It’s easy, it’s fantastic, it’s great service, and it makes me feel good. It’s fun to have simple food taste so good. I travel a lot so it just works. It’s so nice to be able to get good food, heat it up, eat it, and be done with it. I didn’t initially buy into the “diet makes you feel better” but that’s the honest truth. I now have energy. it’s a great experience.

So far, it’s been life changing. I’m noticing a difference in my mood; I sleep much better; it’s an amazing experience to eat food and not have it fight back. It’s like fine dining – it’s not a TV dinner – every dish is fresh. Evolve is convenient and so simple to order. It’s so delicious, it’s a no brainer!

Evolve is stupid easy. LOVE IT. IT’s super fresh, very tasty, well seasoned, and never boring. I save money in groceries and I save a lot of time. In a way, it’s a decadent treat and I feel like I’m indulging myself. I love it.

Before I was introduced to Evolve, I was trying desperately to get my husband to agree to eat a couple of frozen dinners a week to get me a break from the kitchen! Evolve has been a lifesaver for me. And I find really it’s more economical than buying groceries for the week as I sometimes don’t get around to cooking what I wanted and I have to throw out fresh vegetable and fruit. My favorite aspect of Evolve is the nutritional value of the food in a convenient form. Since I started Evolve, I no longer have to take blood pressure medicine. even the cardiologist is amazed as I’ve taken medicine for 9 years.

The greatest thing about Evolve is the minute I get home, we have food on the table in 3 minutes and we get something fresh every night. The staff really know you, they’re always so eager to help, so accommodating and flexible, Evolve is a model for other businesses. I had high cholesterol, asthma, and acid reflex, and after eating Evolve, all those things went away. Evolve is fantastic.

The service that I received from Evolve is above and beyond. It tastes good but it’s also healthy. Evolve is my savior for my business schedule.

Grocery shopping for Paleo is not the easiest thing to do. I found myself going to 3 or 4 stores a week. Going through Evolve would be the easiest way to transition to Paleo. The best part is that the whole entire days’ worth of food is taken care of. My energy levels went up, my workouts started improving, and my blood work showed a major improvement. Evolve is conveniently delicious.

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