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After years developing world-leading power technology in drought-stricken NSW, Vast Solar is to build its commercial plant elsewhere due, in part, to a lack of sun.

From your next smartphone to your car, digital devices rely on rare-earth minerals, but a threat from China to strangle the global supply could reshape the world as we know it.

A proposal to develop privately-owned eco-lodge villages in a Kangaroo Island national park threatens an island once considered Australia’s ‘Noah’s Ark’, local parks volunteers say.

New drone footage and high-resolution satellite imagery allegedly shows evidence of illegal work being done at Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine project, according to environmental group Coast and Country. Adani denies the allegation.

Three Tasmanian mayors discuss the impacts of climate change on their patches, where some residents are taking matters into their own hands to save land from erosion.

The Trump administration insists climate change is not a big deal, but the Pentagon can see its bases going under water with its own eyes. This is how it’s fighting back.

The use of plastic to make recorded music has plummeted since streaming came along. But greenhouse gas emissions have actually increased, according to a recent study, suggesting new challenges for music fans and platforms.

In Queensland’s coal heartland, a number of locals are trading in their mining jobs to work in the renewables sector.

An election promise by Tasmania’s Liberal Government comes unstuck after a scheme to allow free entry to parks for Tasmanians over 60 has to be widened to all Australian seniors, due to the constitution — blowing out the cost to the budget.

A private company wants to build a major new water storage facility and 10,000-hectare farming precinct near Darwin.

By 2030, with the Adani project still in its relatively early stages, most developed countries will have stopped using coal-fired power. So what’s the thinking behind investing in Adani?

It’s home to as much biodiversity as the Great Barrier Reef, but this remote area of Western Australia has been largely a mystery to scientists, until now.

With towns across New South Wales at risk of running out of water within months, there are renewed calls for an urgent upgrade of water storage infrastructure.

A fault on land has cut supply from the undersea Basslink interconnector cable which links Tasmania to the national electricity grid, but no date has been given as to when it’ll be fixed.

A koala joey, only months old, is defying the odds after being rescued when her mother was hit by a car in Port Macquarie on the NSW mid-north coast. Pixie is now in home care and being carried in a makeshift pouch 24 hours a day.

In the shadow of mass fish kills at the start of the year, residents of Menindee in NSW are now worried for the rich and rare birdlife that relies on the area to breed.

A regional New South Wales town is set to become a major player in oil production and the renewable fuels market with a plant using world-first technology to recycle thousands of used tyres a year.

Over the past year, I’ve been trying to cut my carbon footprint by 75 per cent through a different experiment each week. This is what I’ve discovered, writes Jo Clay.

With whale season upon us, all eyes are on the east coast of Australia in the hope of spotting Migaloo the albino humpback on his 30th birthday.

The death of a close friend in a mountain climbing accident led to life changes for Brisbane doctor Andrew Peacock. Now he spends half the year globetrotting on grand adventures.

The recycling industry says it is ready to capitalise on election promises made by the Morrison Government to tackle Australia’s waste crisis, but is warning they only address half the problem.

Australians are being encouraged to adopt a totem to protect plants, animals and landscapes.

Whale shark experts from around the world gather in Exmouth to explore the latest research and management of the world’s biggest fish.

More than 40 sawfish die in the Fitzroy River catchment, known to be the world’s last stronghold for the species.

The owner of a beachside cafe has come up with a waste-busting idea to swap buckets of rubbish for a scoop of gelato.

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ABC Central West: Donal Sheil

Vast Solar project director Kurt Drewes has worked throughout the world developing cutting-edge solar power technology.

The recent HBO miniseries about the 1989 disaster has bought it back into public notice.

Footage of the incident showed passengers who had been waiting at a wharf in San Basilio-Zattere fleeing for safety as the huge ship, its horns blaring, crashed into the much smaller, moored “River Countess” boat, which had 110 people onboard.

ABC North Coast: Leah White

Whale researcher Wally Franklin, Byron Bay tour guide Glenn Sanders and photographer Craig Parry will be among the Migaloo fans keeping an eye out for a glimpse of the albino humpback this whale season.

Malaysia says hundreds of tonnes of imported plastic waste will be shipped back to where it came from, insisting the country did not want to be a global dumping ground.

Plastic imports to Malaysia have tripled since 2016, to 870,000 tonnes last year, according to official data. The influx has sparked a rapid increase in the number of recycling plants, many of them operating without a licence and with little regard for environmental standards.

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