Dietitians – Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Dietitians

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The Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Dietitians consists of seven members appointed by the Governor to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. The Board regulates the activities of persons engaged in dietetic practice. The application of scientific knowledge relating to nutrition is important in the treatment of disease and in the attainment and maintenance of health. Trained professional licensed dietitians are found in hospitals, nursing homes, school districts, health departments, private practice and consultation. The Board regulates the integration and application of principles derived from the sciences of nutrition, biochemistry, food, and physiology to achieve and maintain client health.

Board meetings are conducted by Conference Call, with the meetings “Open Session” portion of each meeting being open to the public. Meetings may be attended by interested parties at the Office of Secretary of State, Professional Licensing Boards Division, 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia. Click HERE for scheduled meeting dates.

Verification of Licensure from other state licensure Boards may be e-mailed to the Georgia Board of Examiners of Dietitians:

Comparison Chart of Acceptable Continuing Education Activities (click here )

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