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Stallone diet

For the Wolverine Diet, what’s important isn’t only what types of food he eats, but also when he eats. How the heck could a person like Jackman consume that many calories without putting on hardly ANY fat? In recent interviews, Jackman claims that he implements a “16-8″ dietary routine. What this essentially means is that Jackman fasts for 16 hours and eats during an 8 hour period.

Intermittent Fasting

The Wolverine Diet that Hugh Jackman is on utilizes the concept of intermittent fasting. As described above, you fast for 16 hours and eat during an 8 hour period. What are the benefits of this type of eating schedule compared to a traditional diet approach?

Better Mental State

Dieting is hard work. By only eating during an 8 hour period, you can focus on

Increased Growth Hormone

Hugh is 44 years old and to develop a muscular physique at that age is astounding. As many studies have shown, it is harder to improve your physique as you get older because your metabolism slows down and less growth hormone is produced. In this case, this is why you see many older guys taking steriods (*cough* Sylvester Stallone *cough*). In Hugh’s case, he chose to utilize intermittent fasting for the growth hormone benefits. According to a study by the University of Virginia, growth hormone secretion increases significantly by fasting.

Burn More Fat/Increase Muscle Size

Take a breather for a second. This isn’t some hokey pokey infomercial diet craze. Intermittent fasting has actually been shown to allow individuals to burn excess fat and pack on more muscle. However, you must be training in a fasted state, just like Hugh does in the early morning hours. According to a study by the Research Center for Exercise & Health out of Belgium,less glycogen is burnt during fasted training with higher amounts of fat being burned off.Because you are left with more glycogen, you
have more energy while reducing your body fat percentage.

According to another study by the Department of Biomedical Kinesiology,your body receives a larger anabolic spike with your post-workout meal following fasted training. This means that your muscles may grow more quickly in a shorter period of time, but you’ll see better performance in the gym.

Nutrition on the Wolverine Diet

In order to lean out while putting on pounds of muscle, Hugh’s nutritionist had him on a high-calorie diet that was moderate in carbs and low in fat. The important thing to keep in mind is that fact that the majority of Hugh’s carbohydrates during meals came
from vegetables. If you can imagine, that is a ton of veggies. He was only allowed brown rice with his meals every once in awhile.

*An example of Hugh’s second meal of the day that he Tweeted while on the Wolverine Diet*

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