Diet For Stage 5 Kidney Failure-Kidney Failure

2gram sodium diet, diet for stage 5 kidney failure

Diet For Stage 5 Kidney Failure

It is quite possible and common for one with stage 5 kidney failure to have different diet with other patients who are also suffering from end stage renal failure, and this is because diet arrangement for stage 5 kidney failure patients depends on their specific illness condition. Also, this is the reason why we can not found an exact diet plan that is suitable for all the ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) patients.

Stage 5 kidney failure patients have different diet from healthy people, as foods they eat have an effect on their illness condition. The followings are the several factors that stage 5 kidney failure patients need to put into consideration while arranging a diet:

Protein: Protein is a nutrition needed by all the people, not matter we are kidney failure patients or not. Insufficient protein intake will lead to poor immunity and affect both physical development and mental development. Seeing from this angle, ingesting enough protein is very important. However, for stage 5 kidney failure patients, due to the impaired kidney function, they need to adjust protein intake, so as to avoid bring extra kidney burden and worsening kidney condition. In general, for these who have not started dialysis, 0.2grams of protein per pound of body weight per day is ok and for these on dialysis, 1.2gram of protein per pound of body weight per day is recommend. In addition, 60% of these protein should be high quality protein which is contained by egg white, lean meat, fish and milk.

Sodium: Salt is the most common source of sodium in our daily diet. Stage 5 kidney failure patients need to eat less salt, as too much salt will elevate their blood pressure and trigger fluid retention. For kidney failure patients with high sodium level, 2 grams of sodium is recommended a day.

Potassium level in blood: Check test report to see if serum potassium is in the normal range. Stage 5 kidney failure patients run high risk for elevation of potassium level in blood. And for these whose potassium level has been elevated, foods like raisins, prunes, potatoes, apricots, dates, bananas, watermelon, spinach, mushrooms, soy and soy foods should be avoided.

Phosphorus level in blood: High phosphorus level affect body from consuming enough calcium, so for stage 5 kidney failure patients with elevated phosphorus level, they not only need to avoid foods high in phosphorus like almonds, beef, brazil nuts, dried fruit, chicken, cheese, herring, legumes, halibut fish, lentils, liver and peanuts, but also need to add foods like quinoa, almonds, kale, blackstrap molasses, sardines, oatmeal, swiss cheese and dried figs into their daily diet.

Fluid intake: For stage 5 kidney failure patients who are suggested to limited fluid intake or on dialysis, soup will be calculated into the proper fluid intake. Patients are allowed to drink different wastes according to the exact illness condition, so talking with doctors for proper fluid intake is necessary.

Diet therapy plays an important part for stage 5 kidney failure patients to mange their illness condition very much. Therefore, make sure you know well about the diet if you happen to be a stage 5 kidney failure patient.

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