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diet dr pepper sale

Dr. Sebi – Everything You Need to Know About Him, the Nutritional Guide, and His Alkaline Diet

About Dr Sebi

The inspiration behind this diet comes from native Honduran, Dr. Sebi (real name Alfredo Bowman), who acknowledges himself as an herbalist, natural healer, and intracellular therapist.

His methodology is rather interesting. He involves the use of natural alkaline plant foods and herbs to control acid levels in the body. This way, consumers’ bodies are protected against harmful mucus building up, which can lead to the development of diseases.

Dr. Sebi offers many nutritional guides that have brought large success to users. He is the founder of the USHA Healing Village based in Honduras, which helps teach his ideas to consumers.

Many users have claimed that this diet has improved their health significantly. Sebi’s thoughts about nutritional and herbal therapy continue to teach hundreds of individuals and promote healthy living.

Bowman is an inspiration to many as he has discovered a way to heal life-threatening diseases that have been considered incurable. He has been an herbalist for almost 30 years and claims to heal people from AIDS, cancer, lupus, epilepsy and diabetes among other things.

Nutritional Guide and Alkaline Diet

The Dr Sebi Diet is simply a vegan, plant-based diet that restricts man-made food and hybrids.

The diet is all about minimizing acidity in your foods and mucus in your body.

Dr Sebi (also known as Alfredo Bowman) believes that when you do these two things, you create an alkaline environment in your body that makes it tough for disease to live in.

The mucus reducing alkaline diet involves eating from a proprietary nutritional guide and food list that is based on 40+ years of research identifying non-hybrid, alkaline foods.

Naturally, most people lose weight when eating according to this plant-based, alkaline diet because they are eliminating waste, meat, dairy, and processed foods from their diet.

Often times people combine herbs and herbal compounds with the diet too to help with cleansing, healing, and/or overall well-being. In these cases, they usually consult with a doctor or health care professional.

Nutritional Guide

Many also contact Bowman’s LA office which is still open even after his death.

2807 La Cienega Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90034

The Black Health and Wealth site is not associated with any doctor or herbalist, but feel free to contact one if you have questions on your health.

Sticking to the diet long term is not that hard if you can get past the first few days.

The initial days can be challenging though as your body will still crave sugar.

It doesn’t help that there are fast food options everywhere and that most restaurants do not have menu items that fit this lifestyle.

As a result, you will have to get used to preparing a lot of meals at home.

To help with this, we created a recipe book which includes a product/gameplan that gives you all of the information you need to eat right, plan out your meals, and have fun, flavorful recipes that adhere to the diet.

With the 10 Day Plan, you do not have to put too much thought into what you have to eat because everything is mapped out for you…

The less thought you have to put into eating, the easier it will be to stick to the diet.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Remembers Dr. Sebi

In this section, the methodology on how the cleansing is done will be explained. Have you ever wonder how some ailments start to pop up just after you’re done with the first one? The answer lies within the synthetic acidic drugs you consumed.

Before science and technology have developed to provide the convenient solution to the public, there was traditional medicine. With traditional medicine to fight back the illness, it even has the ability to making other organs better. Most of the synthetic drugs are formulated just to stop the virus from spreading. As you continue to rely on such medication, the development of chronic inflammation then burst up. Whereas when you prefer the safer and organic option, it will not just eliminate the virus but also feed the immune system.

Having a healthy working immune system will lead to less sickness to experience each day. People who shared their personal experience and reflection to the changes are happy with the outcome. If an individual takes much of synthetic drugs each day then the toxins will keep on building up which then results in breaking down slowly the organs.

In conclusion, one must stop referring to any form of synthetic drugs. Although the decision depends on a person’s point of view and level of understanding, the alkaline cleansing methodology highly requires a sense of responsibility as the procedure may seem difficult at first. The thing is if you keep on taking acidic-based drugs, the pH balance in the blood of 7.4 may lessen, in a result for the body to sustain the balance, the system automatically consumes the other value by stripping some calcium straight from the bones. Thus, the mineral imbalance would turn out as another form of illness such as osteoporosis. Having a present condition of osteoporosis, it has the capacity to forming a harmful chain reaction of homeostasis.

Alkaline electric eating doesn’t allow meat because meat is acidic. To make it short, plant foods are by default alkaline or alkaline-forming once taken in the body. It means that some produce doesn’t carry the alkaline before consuming but may have the component in forming one later on. If we compare it with meat and dairy products, which are common everywhere, it won’t build anything but only acids as consumed. Thus, many of ailments today are connected and have roots from consuming too much of meat. In worst case scenario, some of the meats are even GMO-based. Now that’s something to be wary about.

Tips on Preparing Healthy Organic Meals

Various types of delicious meals are now shared online. Videos and recipes are just one click away to becoming present in your next gathering with the whole family. Since the most convenient and accessible foods we mostly eat each day are filled with nothing but preservatives and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), the best dinner we can get for our family is the organic version of it.

Observing how the products sold in stores are becoming more dangerous each year, it certainly has a negative effect on our lives. People keep on switching from one product to the other without realizing how the negative effects keep on building up. In result, ailments are also developing and less solution is found since the carriers are not taken down from the market’s demand.

A sad fact is once you step inside a grocery store, you are surrounded by products claiming to be organic when actually it is developed with GMO. Unfortunately, some of the government regulations are vague enough that it’s hard for us to trust which store sells only the organic produce to the community. To have a healthier twist to a planned get-together with friends and loved ones, check out these recipes.

Meatless Meatballs

Kids and adults love meatballs. But would it still be the same having it meatless? If you’re skeptical about the idea then have a look at the following ingredients then. You may need some wild rice to add volume to it, next is to include spices such as sea salt, powdered onion, oregano, and basil, also include pepper to have a taste.

Try grinding chickpeas to for the filler. If you are familiar with the procedure on cooking a meatball, just do the same for this alternative. Mix everything and mold into circles. Afterwards, prepare a heated pan and add oil. Once you’re done, serve it hot with wild rice or maybe store it as you’ll have vegan-based spaghetti later on.

Alkaline-based Noodle Recipe

Check and review the food list indicated above. Take note of the complementary ingredients which would work well in cooking a healthy noodle meal. Make use of various social media platforms as well in searching and learning possible new methods of cooking vegan alkaline approved recipe. You may get a hint of including a Spelt noodles. It’s actually available in the market; you just have to be patient in finding such thing though. Depending on your preference of ingredients to add, you can start from having an onion, cayenne pepper, ginger, tahini, lime, Brazil nuts and agave for a saucy sensation. If you are adventurous enough to try new combination then feel free to have a trial and error.

Fluffy Gluten-Free Waffles

From the usual waffle recipe where flour and milk are needed, both can be replaced with spelt flour added with hemp milk. For the seasonings to add there’s a chance of sea salt, grape seed oil and agave to include better texture and flavor for it.

The three recipes shared can still be mixed up and some ingredients can still be added. If you’re willing to learn more of vegan-alkaline recipes then have some time visiting many forum sites. Be sure to double check if the ingredients you soon will be cooking. Sometimes, the adjustment can be tough. For meat lovers to jump quickly on this type of meal plan, discipline and determination are needed. Most of the actual meal would taste blunt at first. However, if you really are eager to finally be on the right path towards healthy living then it wouldn’t be too difficult to switch on a new scheme.

A common misconception of people is how alkaline electric food is categorized. According to him, cooking your food in the microwave could kill the nutrients present on the organic options. From his point of view, the categories of all foods are as follows: live, raw, dead, hybrid and genetically modified. Out of all the categories specified his meal plans concentrate mostly on the live and raw foods by which is known as “electric foods”. Yes, the classification of electric foods isn’t those which must be cooked in appliances but rather the ones that are fresh and organic. Also, remember to avoid seedless fruits. By following the alkaline methodology, you may experience a drastic change in weight and appearance.

Eating clean is choosing the foods that aren’t processed in any way. The societies we have today are mostly composed of busy people. Busy workload and busy lifestyle result in less time spent in the kitchen to cook food. In other words, kitchen area today doesn’t have much of its purpose. Don’t forget that most of the family bonding in way back years is built in the kitchen. From time to time, spend a little time together with the members of the family preparing whole foods with best nutritional values in it. Let the kids know how important it is to incorporate balanced meal in every single day. Basically, the struggle we all suffer is how unhealthy products taste better than the organic ones, right? Children get easily drawn to the colorful and flavorful items sold in fast-foods rather than chewing fruits during snacks and filling the plate with leafy greens at night. Keep your children away from depending on GMOs and other dangerous fillers that foods from random stalls have. Start with the family and share the goodness it brings to other people afterwards.


Getting closer to the years of deteriorating health, deciding where and what to eat makes a person more confused. With lots of fast-food chains accessible even during the wee hours of the day, filling the empty stomach doesn’t seem too much of work for most of us these days. Yes, we all get excited hearing good news where a newly built restaurant is located. From ice creams, burgers, fries, fried chicken, cakes and much more, comfort foods make everyone happy. Unfortunately, comfort foods aren’t the type of consumables which makes a human body comfortable in growing old.

Options on where to eat are just at our fingertips. Applications are built to make the restaurants closer to our homes. Instead of going out to buy foods, developers have made another way of making everyone lazier than ever. Maybe that’s just one way of going with the flow and living the technological era. But, if we keep on staying such way without responsible consideration on how to live happily and healthily through the years, counting all the regrets as much as we could is something we must look forward to.

Considering the availability of applications and regimens coming from successful health-conscious people around the world, it better keep us aware on the possible effect of choosing toxic over organic goods. Based on the claims and success stories of the plan, the entire transformation should be bearable for those who want to try. Waiting for someone in your circle to try it first is a waste of time. Why would you want to see others do it first if you can start the change from your own efforts?

Whichever scheme you prefer on following, always consult a doctor no matter what. You can approach a particular physician or you can opt for having a second opinion in terms of health tips. Also, the internet is here to provide a wider range of possibilities for people like you. Be familiar with the pros and cons before indulging on a procedure. After you have found the right method, you must keep in mind that it won’t take just a week to change and you can go back to the older means of lifestyle you had. Keep pushing yourself to try better and do some exercises too. Even if some dietary plans won’t require an individual to spend at least 30 minutes at the gym, you still need to do some activities every now and then. In that manner, it wouldn’t just be your body which can benefit from the change but also your mental health too. In case the change you’re about to undergo would need some serious dedication, don’t take for granted the capacity of a written list to keep you motivated. Identify your goals and see what factors are holding you back. With the simple identification of your strength and weaknesses, things will seem a lot easier to handle in every way.

Start the change in small steps. Later you’ll get used to it. Don’t wait for the day when all you are left with is regrets. Do whatever is needed to supply the good food to your system. Along the way, you will see a concrete result and evident long lasting satisfying outcome.