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Coca-Cola sales surge after Diet Coke reboot

Coca-Cola maintained its outlook for organic sales growth and earnings per share for the full year.

24 Apr, 2018, 08.20PM IST

Diet Coke, Coke Zero cans & bottles to now have Coca-Cola’s trademark red packaging

The one brand strategy reinforces that Coca-Cola is one b.

30 Oct, 2017, 11.53PM IST

Coke launches non-carbonated drink Aquarius

The introduction of Aquarius follows launch of Vio (dairy drinks) in 2016 on the heels of the lau.

27 Dec, 2016, 06.41PM IST

Coca-Cola plans aluminium bottles for India

While Coca-Cola and other cola makers widely use cans made with metals, aluminium bottles came into existence in 2005 and soon found its way on eBay, fashion magazines and the shopping windows of luxury retailers owing to its breakthrough and stylish design.

Coca-Cola is seriously worried about Diet Coke sales plummeting

Sales of Diet Coke are dropping so precipitously that Pepsi-Cola surpassed Diet Coke to become the number two best-selling soda brand in the US .

Sugar-free fizzy drinks record 39% growth in a year; Coke Zero leads revival

Sugar-free fizzy drinks have hit their highest-ever sales figures in India, bucking a downtrend seen in the overall soda market in the country.

Nicole Braganza & Neeraj Kanitkar share their thoughts on Diet Coke’s new ad

Will the campaign please the ghettos and the galleries alike? Our young brigade here gives their verdict on Diet Coke’s latest

Days of explosive rural growth over: Venkatesh Kini, Coca-Cola

Kini says for Coca-Cola, the balance between urban and rural market is nearly equal and the present need is to increase distribution and get the products and prices right.

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