Demi Rose shows off curves in bikini in Tunisia photo shoot, Photo

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British model Demi Rose poses in ‘nude’ bikini

You’d be forgiven for thinking this Instagram star was completely naked. But Demi Rose has actually posed in a barely there “nude” swimsuit.

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  • April 26th 2019
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Model’s stunningly skimpy bikini. Picture: KP Pictures Source:Supplied

A British Instagram star has turned heads after posing in a barely there “nude” bikini.

Demi Rose posed for a sexy shoot in Tunisia recently, flaunting her figure in a revealing swimsuit that at first glance, looks as if she’s not wearing anything.

The 24-year-old model slipped into a nude two-piece dripping in jewels and went barefoot for the photo shoot in a temple, The Sun reports.

In the racy images, Demi showed off her booty in the skimpy bikini, which features gold chains and dazzling diamonds.

British model Demi Rose has posed in a tiny ‘nude’ bikini in Tunisia. Picture: KP Pictures Source:Supplied

While at first glance she appears naked, the skimpy flesh coloured bikini is actually adorned with jewels and diamonds. Picture: KP Pictures Source:Supplied

The swimwear model, who is known for her Kardashian-like behind, told the publication that her secret was “genes, a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication in the gym and a good well balanced nutritious diet”.

She’s trained by Dean Delandro, who previously opened up about the star’s gruelling workout schedule.

He said: “Demi’s progress has really skyrocketed in the last two months with her new training program. I currently train her four to five times per week depending on her workload and always squeeze a Saturday morning class together at Barry’s boot camp or equivalent.”

In a previous interview with the outlet, Demi gave further insight into how she makes the most of her body.

The 24-year-old is known for her infamous booty, regularly sharing images of it with her 9 million followers. Picture: KP Pictures Source:Supplied

She explained: “I have a Nike trainer and I train with him in Birmingham. We do lots of glutes work and abs work, 30 mins each. It’s hard work, and I eat quite healthy too. He trains a lot of footballers.

“If I’m in Birmingham I try to go to the gym three to four times a week. I don’t really have much carbs, basically nuts, nuts, nuts.

“For breakfast it’s usually eggs, lunch it has to be something light like a chicken or prawn salad with a superfood.

“For dinner I like protein, like fish with vegetables or sushi. Then more nuts. My guilty pleasure is chocolate nuts or salted nuts!”

The “belfie shelfie” has been taking Instagram by storm and is a combination of stars showcasing their curvaceous bottoms while sitting on a ledge or shelf.

As you can see, Demi is a huge fan of this pose.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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