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verb (used with object), com·bat·ed, com·bat·ing or ( especially British ) com·bat·ted, com·bat·ting.

verb (used without object), com·bat·ed, com·bat·ing or ( especially British ) com·bat·ted, com·bat·ting.



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On Wednesday night, when Pres >combating ISIS he said … what?

Winstead explained that, “ combating fear and lies with humor and truth is the best job in the world.”

The cost of combating these swarms to prevent a public health crisis could be enormous, he adds.

Instead he spoke about combating the stigma attached to PTSD.

Importantly, ATX-101 offers the possibility of combating double chins without surgery.

In this you think you are combating prejudice, but you are at war with Nature.

Thus Freemasonry, under the pretext of combating ignorance, wages a deceitful and implacable war against religion.

In combating the coalition, he was fighting battles for them all.

Now, we think this supplies a reductio ad absurdum of the doctrine we are combating .

He has gained insight into the way of combating his tics, and his self-confidence is on the up grade.

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