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Clorox bleach on skin

I thought I had poison ivy. so I used an old trick to dry it out – I poured clorox bleach on it and did not wash it off several times over two days.
The rash became worse and very painful.
My doctor diagnosed it as shingles. but it has been spreading.

What effects are there of putting clorox bleach on the back of my neck on open sores?
Can it eat away at my skin causing much pain and blistering?

Thanks, need to figure out what I have – shingles, poison ivy or something more sereious like MRSA

Chlorox is composed of sodium hypochlorite, which is a strong oxidizer. Products of the oxidation reactions are corrosive and may burn skin and cause eye damage, particularly when used in concentrated forms. Household bleach and pool chlorinator solutions are typically stabilized by a significant concentration of lye and skin contact will produce caustic irritation or burns. The effect will be dependent on the concentration you used.

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