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Champagne brunch punch

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Champagne brunch punch is an easy, fruity, pretty drink recipe that’s perfect for setting out at a brunch party so everyone can help themselves!

We had quite the weekend here!

My son’s preschool had their annual carnival Friday night. Think hundreds of small children, 3 bounce houses, 2 ponies, a parking lot train trolley, face painting and more. We slept well that night!

And the next morning was my daughter’s 6th birthday party. 🎉

Think seven 6-year-olds running around our houses in princess dresses, having a dance party, playing dress-up and doing all kinds of crafts. And then of course, eating CAKE!

Here’s my little princess:

And you know what I could have used during that party? Today’s champagne brunch punch! 😂

So brunch parties are the new norm in our lives. We are parents of littles (just turned 6 and 3 1/2) and most of our friends have that or younger.

Plus, we’re all got a million other things going on and sometimes, a late-afternoon cocktail hour, when everyone will have to rush home to put the kids to bed, well, it’s just tough.

So we opt for lazy mornings together where the kids can play and pull out toys and run around and we can sip something fun, catch up, laugh and nibble on some brunch goodies.

And so when I heard this month’s Recipe Redux theme was cocktails and mocktails, I just knew I had to make something brunch-worthy!

And this champagne brunch punch, well, it makes the party!

No standing around pouring a hundred tiny little mimosas. (Which actually, we don’t do anyway. We serve everyone in wine glasses and just give them a double. Ha!)

But with a punch, you set it out and go about your mingling and chatting. Everyone can help themselves and trust me, they will.

This punch has the base of a mimosa with the flavor and volume turned up quite a few notches!

The orange liqueur adds an extra dose of orange flavor while also , the cranberry juice brings a pretty hue to the drink and the ginger ale gives it an extra hit of effervescence.

Plus lots of fresh fruit floating around to keep things fun!

(If you wanted to make a version for the kids, you certainly could omit the alcohol and have a separate pitcher for them. Just be sure everyone knows which one is which!)

Notes on champagne brunch punch:

  • If you don’t have cranberry juice on hand, feel free to substitute more orange juice. It’ll change the color a bit but will still taste great.
  • You can also substitute your favorite fruits and berries in this recipe. Oranges, raspberries, blackberries and mango would all be great here.
  • You can use champagne or your favorite sparkling wine.
  • You can serve this in a punch bowl or a pitcher, whichever you prefer.

If you want to make this ahead, combine everything but the ginger ale and the champagne. Add those when you are ready to serve so they maintain their bubbly.

You can freeze orange juice in ice cube trays to use to keep this cold. You can also use frozen berries if you’d like.

Also, you can see that I rimmed our glasses with some demerara sugar. That was purely for the photos 😉 Trust me, you don’t need any extra sweetness in this drink!

What you could add is some sprigs of fresh mint though – that would be a pretty garnish! 🌿

Cheers to brunching with friends – and to fruity punch to keep the party going 😉

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